Musical Mornings with Coo

Musical Mornings with Coo
Country of origin USA
Original channel PBS Kids Sprout
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Musical Mornings with Coo was a television program block introduced on September 26, 2007 on PBS Kids Sprout. The show started at 6:00am Eastern time each weekday morning and had a CGI host Coo the Cuckoo Bird who lives in a cuckoo clock.



  • Coo is a cuckoo bird who lives in a cuckoo clock. She loves to sing a lot.

Guest hosts and other characters

  • Elizabeth portrayed by Elizabeth Balzano, is the singer and guitarist for the children show, Bounce!
  • Ballou is a CGI character and Elizabeth's sidekick for Bounce.



After August 21, 2009, Musical Morning with Coo was discontinued and replaced with Wiggly Waffle with The Wiggles.