Munting Heredera

Munting Heredera
Munting Heredera
Format Drama, Romance,
Created by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan
Written by Michiko Yamamoto
Directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes
Starring Gloria Romero
Camille Prats
Mark Anthony Fernandez
Katrina Halili
Mona Louise Rey
Kyle Danielle Ocampo
Barbara Miguel
Theme music composer Gary Valenciano and Joy Nilo
Opening theme "Ang Aking Munting Bituin" by La Diva
Ending theme "Sa Isip Ko" by Rachelle Ann Go
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 145 (as of November 25, 2011)
Executive producer(s) Nieva M. Sabit
Producer(s) GMA Entertainment TV Group
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30–45 minutes (approx. 25 minutes w/o commercials)
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original run May 9, 2011 – present

Munting Heredera (lit. Little Heiress) is a family oriented Philippine drama created and developed by Maryo J. delos Reyes for GMA Network. Playing the lead role of Doña Anastacia, a rich widow in search of her “munting heredera”, is no less than multi-award winning actress and one of the original Queens of Philippine cinema, Ms. Gloria Romero, who now makes her television debut with the said network.[1] The show premiered on May 9 on GMA Network and on May 11, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV. [2]

The TV series is filmed and shot in Hi-Def 720p, as GMA Network plans on standardizing all of its shows to have and use HD cameras by the end of 2011, although is re-converted back to 480i for standard definition as digital television has not yet been activated in the Philippines. Worldwide, via GMA Pinoy TV, the quality of the picture is much finer but is still at 480i, just that it has been mastered digitally.[3][4][5][6]

The TV series is extended for five more weeks than its original plans, but after one week the show extended again for additional five weeks for the second time. For the third time was extended again of 10 weeks.[7]




Doña Anastacia (or simply "Ana"), a rich widowed businesswoman and a loving grandmother is in search for her rightful heiress, but 3 young girls Jennifer, Michelle and Calila, born and grew up in different ways and has each distinct story of her own, claims to be the one Doña Anastacia is looking for. But in the end, fate will lead the true heiress to where she truly belongs, and claim what is rightfully hers.

Cast and characters

Main cast

  • Gloria Romero as Doña Anastacia "Ana" Montereal[8] - The grandmother of Jacob. Grew up in extreme poverty, but due to her hard efforts and diligence, became a very rich successful businesswoman. She wants to find the missing child of Jacob, who will become the heiress of the family.
  • Camille Prats as Sandra Santiago/Susan Velasco - A woman who had shown unconditional love for Jacob. But, fate will change her life because of a tragedy. She will lose her memory and will be known in her new identity as Susan. But when she regained her memory, she lived in the Montereal mansion. She is the mother of the true heiress.
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Jacob Montereal - The one and only grandson of Doña Anastacia and the supposed to be husband of Sandra. He is the father of the true heiress. He was hostage by Simeon, with the betrayal of Desmond. Later, Simeon accidentally shoots him and was buried in a shallow grave.
  • Katrina Halili as Lynette Sarmiento † - The ex-wife of Jacob who has also a relationship with Philip. She got pregnant by the latter and she will give the responsibility to Jacob because of the family's riches. When they find out that Calilla wasn't the true heiress, she was driven out of the mansion. She was unintentionally Killed by Philip.
  • Mona Louise Rey as Jennifer Montereal - The real child of Sandra and Jacob. She will be adopted by Manny and will grow up without knowing her true identity. She doesn't know that she is the one that Doña Anastacia is looking for. She is smart and kind, which is why Doña Ana likes her very much, even more than Michelle. She is also the best friend of Calilla and Tonton
  • Barbara Miguel as Calilla Arboleda - Daughter of Lynette and Philip, but was introduced as the daughter of Lynette and Jacob. Everyone thought that she died in the tragic accident. However, she will return again and will claim that she is the one they are all looking for. She will claim to be the heiress to Doña Anastacia’s wealth. She is really kind (since her mother was the one manipulating her) and was reunited with her true father. She is the younger sister of TJ.
  • Kyle Danielle Ocampo as Michelle Velasco - The "child" introduced by Simeon to "Susan" as their offspring. She will grow up wanting and lacking in many things in life. Through an unexpected unfolding of events, she will be mistakenly known as the long lost daughter of Sandra and Jacob and because of this, all will think that she is the true heiress. She constantly bullies Jennifer which makes her said-to-be-mother, Sandra, to scold her sometimes. This habit puts her at odds with Calila. She has become very boastful just because she has bodyguards. It is later it was revealed that she's not the true heiress.

Extended cast

  • Roderick Paulate as Manny Mejia - A kind-hearted Mathematics teacher. In his desire to have a child, he literally adopted a baby. He will be the one who will take care of the true heiress, Jennifer, teaching her to be kind, until she grows up.
  • Kristofer Martin as Tim John "TJ" Navarro † - A scholar of Doña Ana. A former deputy of a child-laboring syndicate that once had Jennifer within their ranks after her caretakers were tricked into signing her up for. A brash young man he was initially mean towards Jennifer, but later showed a kinder side; he now acts as Jennifer's de facto guardian . He is also the son of Philip who left him and his mother years ago making him Calila's half elder brother. He later know the secret of Lynette when he overheard him. Lynette tried to murder him, after her death is later shot to death by a henchmen who was hired by Desmond so their secret would not be exposed.
  • Joyce Ching as Kyla Montereal † - The only daughter of Claire and Desmond. A spoiled brat and a social climber. She likes TJ. She also knows Lynette, Claire, and Desmond's secret. She was unintentionally killed during the assassination of TJ.
  • Krystal Reyes as Gemmalyn "Gemma" Sarmiento - A poor but smart and obedient girl. One of Doña Anastacia's scholars and Lynette's younger sibling. Her first love is TJ. Her best friends are Kyla and TJ.
  • Gabby Eigenmann as Desmond Montereal- Jacob's unproductive cousin who has no ambition in life. He is the husband of Claire. He and his wife know that Calila is not the true heiress. They want a share of Doña Ana's wealth. He is considered 'palpak' (failure) by Claire and Lynette. He was shot by Simeon.
  • Luz Valdez[9] as Marya - The best friend and secretary of Doña Anastacia. She is friendly and hospitable.
  • Ynez Veneracion as Claire Montereal- The ambitious and manipulative wife of Desmond. She wants to get Doña Ana's wealth through Lynette so badly that she even forgot her daughter, Kyla. She claimed that she did these things for her due to life before.
  • Leandro Baldemor as Dr. Philip Arboleda - Lynette's lover, a compulsive gambler who works as a doctor. He later changes for the better, becoming not only a more responsible family man not only to Lynette and her sister, but also a father for Calila and TJ.He accidentally killed Lynette.
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Simeon Velasco - Has secret feelings for Sandra. He will rescue her in the tragedy and will claim her as his wife. He kidnapped Jacob on Sandra and Jacob's wedding day. Sandra thought that Jacob changed his mind and does not love her anymore so he did not go to the church. He betrayed the three later.
  • Migs Cuaderno as Tonton-The son of the driver of Doña Ana, Tobi who is the friend of Jennifer. The more assertive of the two, Tonton often defends Jennifer from the persecutions of Calila and (later) Michelle. They were the first to know Calilla's secret.
  • Robert Arevalo as Enrique Lobregat- He is Dona Ana's suitor.
  • Boots Anson-Roa as Ingrid Spencer-Lobregat- The ex-wife of Enrique. She became a stock holder in Dona Ana's company.
  • Bobby Andrews as Stanley Lobregat- He will help his mother to pursue her plans.
  • Andrea del Rosario as Kate Lobregat - She is the wife of Stanley.
  • Ramon "Monmon" Domingo as Allen Lobregat - He is the son of Stanley and Kate

Guest cast

  • Matet de Leon as Helen - The friend of Susan at the time she worked at the hospital, before the tragedy.
  • Deborah Sun as Tiya Meding - Manny's cruel and malevolent aunt, who mistreats and abuses Jennifer, especially while Manny is away in Manila to earn money.
  • Sharmaine Arnaiz[10] as Maritess / Nanay Lulu † - She claims that she is the true mother of Jennifer. However, she is just being paid by Simeon to do that, so, Susan can let go of Jennifer.
  • Elijah Alejo as Abigail - She helps Jennifer to let go of Maritess and see Manny

Montereal Family

  • Doña Anastacia Montereal
  • Jennifer Montereal
  • Jacob Montereal
  • Sandra Santiago-Montereal/Susan Velasco
  • Melanie "Kyla" Montereal †
  • Desmond Montereal
  • Claire Montereal

Arboleda Family

  • Lynette Sarmiento-Arboleda †
  • Dr. Philip Arboleda
  • Calilla Arboleda
  • Gemmalyn "Gemma" Sarmiento
  • Tim John "TJ" Navarro-Arboleda †

Velasco Family

  • Simeon Velasco
  • Edna Velasco †
  • Michelle Velasco

Lobregat Family

  • Ingrid Spencer-Lobregat
  • Enrique Lobregat
  • Stanley Lobregat
  • Kate Lobregat
  • Allen Lobregat




  • The main theme song of the soap opera entitled Ang Aking Munting Bituin (lit. My Little Star) is sung by La Diva. It was originally performed by Gary Valenciano. Lyrics by Rollie Navarro, Music by Gary Valenciano and Joy Nilo.
  • The love scenes theme song of the soap opera entitled Sa Isip Ko performed by Rachelle Ann Go. It was originally performed by Agot Isidro and revived by the other singers Jay R and Sarah Geronimo before Rachelle Ann Go revived the same title of the song.

Production Team

  • Created by: GMA Entertainment TV Group
  • Executive In-Charge of Production: Wilma V. Gavante
  • Supervising Producer: Lilybeth Rasonable
  • Assistant Vice President for Drama: Redgie Acuña Magno
  • Program Manager: Redgynn Alba
  • Executive Producer: Nieva M. Sabit
  • Associate Producer: Cristina Tolentino
  • Creative Consultant: RJ Nuevas
    Dode Cruz
  • Creative Director: Jun Lana
  • Head Writer: Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan
  • Episode Writer: Michiko Yamamoto
  • Production Designer: Bing Santos
  • Lighting Director: Jun Gonzales
  • Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes [12]


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