Mula Sa Puso (2011 TV series)

Mula Sa Puso
Format Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Written by Wenn V. Deramas
Directed by Wenn V. Deramas
Starring Lauren Young
JM De Guzman
Enrique Gil
Opening theme "Mula Sa Puso" by Jovit Baldivino
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, English
No. of episodes 98
Executive producer(s) Mark Anthony Gile
Adjanet Rase
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original run March 28, 2011 – August 12, 2011
Followed by Maria la del Barrio
Related shows Mula Sa Puso (Original)
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Mula Sa Puso (lit. From the Heart) is a Philippine remake of the original 1997 TV series that starred Claudine Barretto, the late Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo airing on ABS-CBN. The 2011 remake stars Lauren Young, JM De Guzman, and Enrique Gil. The show is directed by the same director of the original series, Wenn V. Deramas.[1] This is the second soap opera remake of the network after its initial success and high ratings of the 2010 remake, Mara Clara. The show's original airing was at 6:00pm in 1997-1999 and was used again broadcasting this 2011.




Mula Sa Puso is a remake of the 1997 television series, Mula Sa Puso. It starred Claudine Barretto as Via, the late Rico Yan as Gabriel and Diether Ocampo as Michael. Two years after the series had its finale in 1999, it was adapted into a film where the whole cast reprised their roles. On March 2011, ABS-CBN announced that they had decided to remake the television series after the success of Mara Clara.[2] The remake will star Lauren Young as Via, JM De Guzman as Gabriel, and Enrique Gil as Michael. Ariel Rivera and Eula Valdez, who were both part of the 1997 series and the 1999 film, respectively, are set to join the cast playing different roles this time. Wenn V. Deramas who directed the 1997 series and the 1999 film is also set to direct the remake. The series adaptation is part of Kapamilya Gold, ABS-CBN's promotion for its upcoming series such as Nasaan Ka Elisa?, Maria La Del Barrio, and Hiyas.


Via has been treated like a princess by her father, Don Fernando, a millionaire. On Via's eighteenth birthday, her hand was given to her childhood friend Michael for marriage, although she does not have feelings for him like he does for her. Amid this drama, a revelation will begin when Via's aunt, Selina plots her personal retribution on her brother, at the expense of Via. In the process, Via will meet Gabriel who will save her from her heartache and become her hero in disguise. She will also cross paths with her real identity of her real mother Magda who happens to be Gabriel's adoptive mother.


Main cast

  • Lauren Young as Olivia "Via" Pereira [3] - the main protagonist of the story. She is the good daughter of Don Fernando and Magdalena Pereira. Olivia's real name was Angelica, given to her by her biological mother, but as she got raised by her father and her father's wife, she grew up with the name Olivia, or "Via" for short. Later she married Gabriel.
  • JM De Guzman as Gabriel Maglayon - he is the son of Rocco. A kind hearted and hardworking young taxi driver who will do everything to earn the trust of Don Fernando and to prove his love for Olivia Pereira. Later he married Via.
  • Enrique Gil as Michael Miranda[4] - Via's childhood friend, he had special feelings for Via
  • Dawn Zulueta as Magdalena "Magda" Trinidad-Pereira[5] - the lost mother of Via. She fell in love with Don Fernando and she has a scar face after surviving an acid attack by Selina. Later she married Don Fernando.
  • Eula Valdez as Selina Pereira-Matias† - the main antagonist of the story. She is the sister of Don Fernando, however she is not his biological sister. She is clever, quick-thinking, and intelligent, but at the same time evil, greedy and merciless to others especially having deep revenge, and a grudge she held over Magda. She perpetrated the acid attack which left a scar on Magda's face. She married Ysmael and had a daughter named Nicole and an older son named Gilbert. Until one day trying to kill Via, she saw Nicole in the bus with bombs and she was killed instead. Selina got severely burned after finding Nicole inside the exploded bus. In the end, she was killed by a speeding truck while showing her pride and quarreling with her neighbors. As she was dying bloodily, the flashbacks of the painful past happened to her and horrible crimes she did were seen.
  • Ariel Rivera as Don Fernando Pereira[6] - He was Via's father

Supporting cast

  • Charee Pineda as Katherine "Kate" Dela Cruz/Sister Katherine - She treats Ninong as her father. She later fell in love with Gabriel. One-year later she's a nun.
  • Alex Castro as Thaddeus - The new bodyguard Via hired. The person that protecting Via no matter what happened.
  • DJ Durano as Ysmael Matias - Selina's husband. He always follows her because he loves her very much.
  • Paul Salas as Warren - he was raised by Magda. He treats Gabriel as his brother.
  • Tyron Perez as Gilbert Matias -Ysmael's son,and Nicole's half-brother.His love interest is Via.
  • Cris Villanueva as Rocco Amarillo† - The biological father of Gabriel who saved the life of Magda. He died after being shot by Selina. He is buried beside his wife at the family ranch
  • Sue Anna Ramirez as Nicole Matias† - Ysmael and Selina's loving daughter, towards the end of the series, she rebels against her parents and joins Via. However, she tragically dies on a bus on the way to Baguio, after an explosion, which was supposed to kill Via. The bomb was placed directly near their seat, thus killing everyone on the bus and scarring Selina permanently, after she was looking for Nicole's body on the burning bus. Nicole would've lived if Selina's hench men had told her Nicole was on the Bus.
  • Devon Seron as Mariel - She is the maid at Don Fernando's house and was Via's best friend.
  • Beauty Gonzalez as Wendy - works as a GRO and is vocal about her romantic feelings for Gabriel.
  • Eagle Riggs as Priscilla aka Precy - Magda's loyal best friend who is gay and ever reliable.
  • Rubi-Rubi as Tindeng - the mother of Mariel who works as a maid of the Pereira household.
  • Minco Fabregas as Atty. Samuel Miranda - The father of Michael who is a friend of Don Fernando.
  • Rochelle Barrameda as Mrs. Miranda - The mother of Michael.
  • Bobby Yan as Lando
  • Phytos Kyriacou as Neal
  • DM Sevilla as Gerry
  • Manuel Chua as Abdon
  • Gary Lim as Kabo
  • Neri Naig as Jaja Fajardo/Fake Selina† - She was used by Selina to copy her face and stay in jail while Selina doing her evil plans and later she is now with Magda. She died in the explosion of her bomb vest.

Special participation

  • Assunta De Rossi as Criselda Pereira
  • Alicia Alonzo as Minerva Trinidad
  • Lito Legaspi as Luis Vergara
  • John Arcilla as Don Fernando Pereira Sr.
  • Isay Alvarez as Blanca Pereira
  • Kristel Fulgar as teen Selina Pereira
  • Mark Sayarot as teen Don Fernando Pereira Jr.
  • Sophia Baars as Young Olivia Pereira
  • Joseph Andre Garcia as Young Gabriel Maglayon
  • Izzy Canillo as Young Warren
  • Lou Veloso as Taxi Passenger
  • Tess Antonio as Lucy

Changes From The Original TV & Movie Version

  • Ysmael did not die in the series and he was also seen in the double wedding of Don Fernando & Magda and Gabriel & Via. In the original version, he was killed by his wife after he saved Via and Magda. In the movie, he was killed by Michael.
  • Nicole dies in a bus explosion in this series. In the original version, She dies after being shot by Magda's brother Manuel. In the movie she was killed by Abdon in a church wedding of Michael & Via.
  • Gilbert is now a half-brother of Nicole in this series instead a full brother in the original version. Also, he was not mentioned in the movie version or in the remake for future episodes for his short appearance on the show.
  • Selina is now adopted by the Pereiras in the re-adaptation of the series. In the original version, she's a half-sister of Don Fernando also in the movie version.
  • Rocco Amarillo is a new character in this series. He's the biological father of Gabriel. In the original version and the movie, Gabriel has no biological father. Corazon is the biological mother of Warren in the original and movie version.
  • In the readaptation did not have more characters as the original.

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  • List of shows previously aired by ABS-CBN


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