Beth Sholom Congregation (Frederick, Maryland)

Beth Sholom Congregation (Frederick, Maryland)
The sanctuary at Beth Sholom's community center location

Beth Sholom is an unaffiliated synagogue in Frederick, Maryland, founded in 1917.[1] In 1923, the synagogue was dedicated at the town's former Elks Club.[1].

Yehuda E. Perkins was the rabbi in 1959.[2] In 1961, Morris Kosman became the congregation's spiritual leader.[2] In 1994, the congregation moved into a new building [3]

In 2003, a group of members, mostly Reform Jews, split from the congregation to form a new one known as Kol Ami of Frederick.[4] There is also a now Chabad congregation in Frederick.[5]. There are presently 4 Jewish congregations in the Frederick area, the others being a Chabad synagogue and another in nearby Damascus.[3]

Spiritual leaders

Rabbi is Morris Kosman, a Detroit native who served the as the congregation's spiritual leader since 1961, retired and assume emeritus status in 2010[6]. At that time, Murray Singerman became the congregation's new spiritual leader, with Kosman continuing to be a part of the congregation in a different role.[7] Singerman resigned after just a year and a half on the job for a reason not made clear to the public.[3]

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