B Company

B Company-The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)
Country Canada
Branch Army Reserve
Type Rifle Company
Role Light Infantry
Size One Company
Part of The Lorne Scots
Garrison/HQ Brampton, Ontario
Motto Air son ar duthchais (For our heritage) (Scottish Gaelic)
March Quick: The Campbells are Coming
Slow: John Peel
Mascot Boar
Engagements South African War
First World War
Second World War
War on Terror
Colonel-in-Chief HRH The Duke of Kent
Tartan Campbell of Argyll

B Company-The Lorne Scots (B Coy) is a company of the The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment).

Bravo Company of The Lorne Scots is based out of Brampton, Ontario. B Coy has sent members to serve in many UN and NATO Operations such as the War on Terror. B Company is a Rifle Company, its members use weapons such has the C7 Rifle, the C9 LMG, and the C6 GPMG.



B Coy traces its roots back to the 36 Peel Battalion who eventually evolved into The Peel and Dufferin Regiment before they joined with Lorne Rifles (Scottish) to become The Lorne Scots in 1936. The Peel and Dufferin Regiment sent numerous battalions to war during World War I. The Lorne Scots served as HQ defense platoons for each brigade during World War II. After World War II The Lorne Scots provided soldiers for many NATO and UN missions and operations. B Coy is co-located with Regimental Headquarters.


B Company members train every Thursday night as well as many weekends. B Company is a Light Infantry Rifle Company and as such its training is combat focused. B Company will train with A, C, and Adm Companies on Unit exercises as well as other Regiments from 32 CBG on Brigade exercises.

All new members to the Company will first complete all required Canadian Forces training starting with Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) leading into Soldiers Qualification (SQ) and then become a fully qualified Infantry Soldier with the Basic Infantry Qualification (BIQ) before they can fully participate in all training. Training is completed primarily with 32 Canadian Brigade Group 32 CBG Battle school, or Land Forces Central Area Training Center LFCA TC. The BMQ is 20 Days or 12 Weekends Long. The Soldier Qualification is 20 Days long and teaches the soldiers the core basics of soldiering which include basic patrols, C6 and C9 familiarity shoots. Dress and deportment as well as discipline are held to a higher standard than on BMQ.

The Final Course DP 1 Basic Infantry Qualification teaches the Soldier everything he needs to know to serve as an Infantry soldier. Once fully trained, the new private is awarded his Primrose Hackle and is able to complete all training conducted, which includes full participation outside the scope of general duties staff.

The B Company Armoury, despite being the largest company of the Lorne Scots, is a fairly old and dilapidated building, built in the early 20th century.

Apart from the regular forces cadets also occupy the regiment.


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