Apple Monitor II

Apple Monitor II
A Apple Monitor II
Apple Monitor II
Manufacturer Apple Computer
Type Monochrome CRT
Size 12"
Introduced --
Discontinued --
Model number A2M2010
Fixed Resolution NTSC
An Apple Monitor //.

The Apple Monitor // was a CRT-based green monochrome 12-inch monitor manufactured by Apple Computer for the Apple II personal computer family. Apple didn't manufacture the monitor until halfway through the lifespan of the II series. The business-line Apple /// had its own Apple Monitor /// long before. Many home users of Apple II computers used their televisions as computer monitors before the Monitor // was released. It featured an inner vertical-swiveling frame. This allowed users to adjust the viewing angle up or down to suit their taste without the addition of a tilt-and-swivel device. The Monitor // was widely adjustable for the time, as it included adjustments for the size and location of the image on the screen. These adjustments had a very small influence on the picture, however, much to the disliking of some users. The Monitor // was designed for the Apple II+, but was used widely throughout the Apple II product line, most recognizably on the Apple IIe.


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