Montalto di Castro Photovoltaic Power Station

Montalto di Castro
Montalto di Castro Photovoltaic Power Station is located in Italy
Location of Montalto di Castro
Country Italy
Location Montalto di Castro
Coordinates 42°21′53″N 11°32′25″E / 42.36472°N 11.54028°E / 42.36472; 11.54028Coordinates: 42°21′53″N 11°32′25″E / 42.36472°N 11.54028°E / 42.36472; 11.54028
Status Operational
Commission date November 2009, December 2010
Developer(s) SunRay
Solar farm information
Type Flat-panel PV
Photovoltaic modules 78,720
Land area 80 ha (0.8 km2)
Power generation information
Installed capacity 84 MW (DC)

The Montalto di Castro photovoltaic power station is a photovoltaic power station at Montalto di Castro in Viterbo, Italy. The project was developed by the independent developer SunRay that was later acquired by SunPower. The largest PV project in Italy, and among the largest PV projects worldwide.

The project was built in several phases. The first phase with a total capacity of 24 MW was connected in late 2009. It uses SunPower solar panels as well as its tracker systems.[1]

The Montalto di Castro solar park, developed by SunPower, is located in the Lazio region of Italy near Rome, where the 20 MW (AC) first phase was connected to the grid in November of 2009. The 8 MW (AC) second phase was commissioned in 2010, and the third and fourth phases, totaling 44 MW (AC), were completed in December 2010.[2]

In December 2010 SunPower has completed the sale of Montalto di Castro solar park to a consortium of international investors. SunPower designed and built the solar power plant and will provide ongoing operations and maintenance services for the new owners.

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