Modular propeller

Modular propeller

A modular propeller is a forged propeller using complex composite materials that has replaceable parts.



The purpose of a modular propeller is to provide more user control on boat rally speed. Each modular propeller made of composite materials has three main parts: the hub part with a front-end cap, a set of replaceable blades, and a rear joint to the shaft. The propeller blade parts assembly into slides of the hub requires not professional assistance, but desscrewing a high quality bronze to remove cone.[citation needed] The blade` bottom joint part of composite blades must be compatible by manufacturer design to overall license the blade assembly for use.

In-use performance

Modular propellers offer boaters several advantages a fixed-pitch propeller. The ability to change blades allows boat to make adjustments in pitch for various performance needs or a change in altitude. Carrying spare blades for this purpose takes up considerably less space then carrying a complete spare propeller. The ability to replace blades also offers the advantage of replacing damaged blades while still on the water, and saves long term repair costs. Other options include adjusting pitch for altitude, water sports, cruising, and quick turnover time.

A virtualisation to render the blade pitch yawning is through car gears. Through an integer yaw pitch of 0-13 degree operating is same: low speed, and more power and acceleration by up gearing the leaver slide. The upper gear of normal cars is comparing to a propeller with a pitch angle of 17+. Good acceleration and top end speed is offered at 21 pitch. A pitch higher than 21 is dangerous because lowering shaft of gearbox back to #1 position stalls engine and blades may crack due to watter pressure. (read lugging of engine here!) The best estimate is that for every 2-inch pitch increase equal wide-opens thrust increase step of approximately 400 RPM. An increase in pitch will cause the rpm-gauge to drop, and an increase in pitch will raise RPM.

When changing the prop`s pitch it is important to read pictures for range of diameter propeller to engine pin and check slide conformity of blades` rotor to engine is matching.

The platic shaft joint is supporting the blade set and further on it fits the boat by manufacturer engine design.[1]



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