Modern equipment of the Pakistan Army

The equipment currently in use by the Pakistan Army is divided into the following main sections: small arms, armour, artillery, aircraft and air defence systems.


Small arms

The Heckler & Koch G3 is the Pakistan Army's standard assault rifle, shown here is the G3A3 model.
The M4A1 with SOPMOD package, including Rail Interface System (RIS) and Trijicon ACOG 4x.
Weapon Comments
Glock 17
Glock 26
Steyr M9A1 Recently acquired by the SSW.
Sub-machine guns (SMG) and carbines:
Heckler & Koch MP5 Manufactured by POF.
Heckler & Koch MP5K Also in use by Airport Security Force and personal security detail of VIPs, manufactured by POF.
FN P90
Assault rifles
Type 56 Chinese-manufactured AK-47.[1]
Type 81 Improved version of Type 56.
M4A1 carbine
Steyr AUG
FN F2000
Battle rifles
Heckler & Koch G3 The PA's service rifle. G3A3, G3P4 variants in service.
M67 grenade
Sniper rifles
Dragunov SVD [2]
HK PSG1 [1]
M82 Barret
Steyr SSG 69 [1]
Machine guns
FN Minimi Para
MG3 Manufactured under license by Pakistan Ordnance Factories.[3]
Grenade launchers
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
Mk 19 grenade launcher
RPG-7 Manufactured under license by Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Type 69 RPG


Al-Zarrar MBT
Vehicle/System/Aircraft Firm Number in Service Status
Main Battle Tanks (MBT)
Al-Khalid II  ?? Al Khalid II is poised to become the Pakistan Army's backbone main battle tank from 2012; thus replacing 1200 obsolete Chinese T-59 and 300 T-85IIAP; is a very extensive upgrade of the current Al Khalid I. Other reports suggest that it will be an entirely new tank based on Western designs.
Al-Khalid, Al-Khalid I ~300 In service, production and deliveries ongoing. 300 Al-Khalid ordered initially, later orders for upgraded Al-Khalid I.[4]
T-80UD 320 320 delivered by Ukraine between 1997 and early 2002, incorporating re-designed T-84 turret.[5]
Type 85-IIAP 300
Al-Zarrar 350 Upgraded form of Type 59-II.[4]
Type 69-II 200+ Produced under license, armed with 105 mm guns.[6]
Type 63 50 Amphibious tank
Type 59 500 Being phased out
Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC)
Hamza Infantry Fighting Vehicle  ??? Being procured
Al-Fahd Infantry fighting vehicle 140 In Service
Talha Armoured Personnel Carrier 400+ Final number to be around 2,000
Sa'ad Armoured Personnel Carrier  ??? Currently in production
M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier 1600+ In Service
BTR-70 Armoured Personnel Carrier 750 In Service [7]
Mohafiz Light Armoured Personnel Carrier  ??? In Service & Additional APCs being procured
Otokar Akrep Light Jeep 1260 In Service
Al Qaswa Logistical Vehicle  ?? Being procured
M88 ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle  ??? In Service
Armoured Bridging Vehicles
M60A1 AVLB Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge  ??? In Service
M48 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge  ??? In Service

Artillery inventory

M109 self-propelled howitzer
M115 towed howitzer
Vehicle/System Calibre Quantity Comments
Self-propelled artillery
United States M110 203 mm 60 Tracked chassis.[8]
United States M109A2 155 mm 200 Tracked chassis.[8][9]
United States M109A4 155 mm 300 Tracked chassis.[8][9]
United States M109A5 155 mm 115 Tracked chassis.[8][10][11][12] Final batch of 48 delivered February 2010.[13]
China NORINCO SH1 155 mm ~90 6×6 wheeled chassis.[14]
MRLS-Multiple Launch Rocket System
China A-100 300mm Confirmed during the recent Azm-e-Nau-3.
China WS-1B 400mm Classified, not declared yet by Pakistan Army
Pakistan KRL-21 122 mm Truck-mounted. Kahuta Research Laboratories from Pakistan have developed a rocket launcher that is very similar to the North-Korean BM-11
Towed artillery
United States M115 203 mm 40
Turkey MKEK Panter 155 mm 30 Auxiliary power unit can propel the gun at up to 18 km/h.
United States M198 155 mm 119 95 plus 24 delivered in 1997.[15]
United States M114 155 mm 60
United States M59 155 mm 30
China Type 59I 130 mm 200
China Type 54 122 mm 400
China Type 60 122 mm 200
United States M56 105 mm 80
United States M101 105 mm 300
China Type 56 85 mm 200

Aircraft inventory

Vehicle/System/Aircraft Role Quantity Comments
AH-1F/S Cobra Attack helicopter ~16 One squadron supplied in 2010.[16]
AH-1S Cobra Attack helicopter 17
AH-1F Cobra Attack helicopter 20 [17]
Aérospatiale Puma Transport helicopter 30 [18]
Mil Mi-17 Transport helicopter 92 according to world Airforces 2009.[19]
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Utility helicopter 15 [18]
Bell 407 Utility helicopter 45
Bell 412 Utility helicopter 25 [20]
Bell UH-1 Huey Utility helicopter 10
Eurocopter AS-550 Utility helicopter 50
Aérospatiale Alouette III Utility helicopter 40 Being phased out.
Aérospatiale SA-315B Lama Utility helicopter 40 Being phased out.

Anti-tank missiles


Air defence systems

Man-portable air defence systems
High altitude air defence systems
  • HQ-2B
Anti-aircraft guns


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