Mm.. Food

Mm.. Food
Mm.. Food
Studio album by MF DOOM
Released November 16, 2004
Recorded 2002-2004
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 48:49
Label Rhymesayers Entertainment
Producer MF DOOM
Count Bass D (#3)
Madlib (#4)
PNS (#12)
Professional reviews

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MF DOOM chronology
Venomous Villain
Mm.. Food
The Mouse and the Mask
Mm.. LeftOvers
Bonus disc

Mm.. Food is an album by American hip hop artist Daniel Dumile, his second full-length under the MF DOOM moniker. It was released on November 16, 2004 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.


Mm.. Food is an anagram of MF DOOM. Throughout the album, DOOM employs many food-related samples, and many of his lyrical themes are based on food metaphors. It contains several songs which were recorded as early as 2002, some previously released on singles, and a track ("One Beer") previously released under the name Madvillain and released on another label earlier in the same year.

The original cover art was painted by Jason Jagel and designed by Jeff Jank. The paintings contain scenes of MF DOOM eating breakfast, mixing chemicals in a forest, and people tied to trees. A bonus disc entitled Mm..LeftOvers was released by Rhymesayers and to promote the album. The album was re-released on 24 July 2007 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The re-release comes with a bonus DVD,Tour Poster, Mm.. Food sticker plus the sticker on the wrapper packaging smells like chocolate.

Many of the samples Doom uses on this album are taken from vintage episodes of Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Superman. An example of this is the hook used in Beef Rapp.

Track listing

(Note: The 2007 vinyl edition was mastered with tracks 3 and 4 switched (with a unusually long silence after track 2), meaning One Beer ends Side 1 and Potholderz starts Side 2, even though the jacket and center labels are printed with the correct track listing.)

# Title Time Guest Performers Producers Notes
1 Beef Rapp 4:39 MF Doom
2 Hoe Cakes 3:54 MF Doom
3 Potholderz 3:20 Count Bass D Count Bass D
4 One Beer 4:18 Madlib
5 Deep Fried Frenz 4:59 MF Doom
6 Poo-Putt Platter 1:13 MF Doom
7 Fillet-O-Rapper 1:03 MF Doom
  • Contains dialogue from the film "Hell Up in Harlem"
  • "Mean Lene" by Hubert Laws.
8 Gumbo 0:49 MF Doom
  • Contains samples from "Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown" and "Would You Like a Snack?" both by Frank Zappa.[1]
9 Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate 3:19 MF Doom
10 Kon Karne 2:51 MF Doom
11 Guinnesses 4:41 Empress Stahhr & 4ize MF Doom
  • "True Love" by Faze-O.
12 Kon Queso 4:00 PNS
  • "Canon of Doom" by Johnny Douglas
  • "Kon Queso" is a vocally remastered version of "Yee Haw".
13 Rapp Snitch Knishes 2:52 Mr. Fantastik MF Doom
14 Vomitspit 2:48 MF Doom
15 Kookies 4:02 MF Doom
  • "Dr. Doom, Master of the World" by Spiderman Cartoon


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