Tawky Tawny

Tawky Tawny
Tawky Tawny
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Captain Marvel Adventures #79
In-story information
Team affiliations Marvel Family
Abilities Pre-Crisis: None
Post-Crisis: Turns into a smilodon

Tawky Tawny is a character in DC Comics and a supporting character of the Marvel Family. He is a humanoid and well mannnered tiger who wishes to be a part of human society and is a close friend of the Marvel Family.




Tawky Tawny started out as a normal tiger living in the jungles of India. When his mother was killed, he was raised by the son of a missionary. When the tiger had grown to full size, he was accused of killing someone. To prove his innocence, the village hermit gave the tiger a serum that not only gave him the ability to speak, but allowed him to stand upright like a human. Upon hearing about the city years later, Tawky Tawny decided to travel to North America and live there. He snuck onto a boat bound for Fawcett City. After first, Tawky tries fit in but inadvertently caused fear and havoc which drew the attention of Captain Marvel to him. After the two talked, Captain Marvel realized that Tawky is a peaceful and reasonable person who did not mean to cause any trouble, and got him a job as a museum curator at the local museum.


In the Post-Crisis DC Universe, Mister Tawny was originally a stuffed doll given life by Lord Satanus and then again by Ibis the Invincible.

Later, in Freddy Freeman's trials to become the new champion, his rival Sabina had killed five of Freddy's informants. The other informant turned out to be Tawky Tawny. When Sabina tried to get Tawky to snap on the information she needed, Tawky ended up turning into a Smilodon shouting that "Times have changed." Tawky had the upper hand until Sabina started using her Viking armor. Just then, Mercury arrived and stopped the fight. Freddy arrived and rushed to Tawky Tawny's side who instructed Freddy to follow Mercury.

During the Final Crisis, Tawky Tawny joined up with the All-Star Squadron and faced off against the new and improved Kalibak (who has been reborn as a Tigerman). Tawky managed to slay Kalibak and gain leadership of the Tigermen.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Tawky Tawny has the strength roughly equivalent to that of an adult tiger along with his species' claws and fangs which he can use to deadly effect if necessary, although he is a normally a peaceful man. Thanks to the Tenth Age of Magic, Tawky Tawny has the ability to turn into a smilodon.

Alternate versions


In Jeff Smith's "Captain Marvel: The Monster Society of Evil" mini-series, Tawky Tawny was presented as an ifrit disguised as a homeless man who can take the form of a tiger. Tawky was a friend of Billy Batson when they lived on the streets. Billy learned of Tawky's true form when two Crocodile-Men attacked the city. After the fight, Tawky explained to Billy that he is an ifrit. He became the voice of reason for Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel and revealed to them about Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind's plot to take over the magical realm, allowing Captain Marvel to defeat them.


In the Flashpoint reality, Tawky Tawny is a companion of Captain Thunder. He appears to be an ordinary tiger, kept on a leash by one of six children who each possess one of the powers of Shazam. When the children transform into Captain Thunder, Tawny becomes a Smilodon in armor (looking not unlike He-Man's companion Battle Cat).[2]

In other media


  • Tawky Tawny was a supporting character in The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.
  • In the Young Justice episode "Alpha Male" with it's vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker. This version is a genetically-engineered tiger that Captain Marvel freed and befriended from the mind-control collars planted on it by Brain and Monsieur Mallah. He tells the tiger he will visit it again and calls it "Mr. Tawny".


  • Tawky Tawny appeared in the animated short Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. He appears as a grungy homeless guy calling Billy Batson "Captain." But when Black Adam threatens to continue his destruction, Tawny reveals his real identity as a mystical tiger to Superman and Captain Marvel. Black Adam recognizes Tawky Tawny as Shazam's lackey. To evade being banished further by Shazam upon being threatened by Tawky, Black Adam quotes "Shazam" and turns into a withered old man that turns to dust. After seeing Tawky in action, Superman replies to Captain Marvel "You have some unusual friends".


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