Mirrors 2

Mirrors 2

Theatrical poster
Directed by Víctor García
Produced by Betsy Danbury
John Portnoy
Nick Thurlow
Todd Williams
Written by Matt Venne
Sung-ho Kim
Starring Nick Stahl
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Christy Romano
Evan Jones
William Katt
Music by Frederik Wiedmann
Cinematography Lorenzo Senatore
Editing by Robb Sullivan
Studio Regency Enterprises
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date(s) October 19, 2010 (2010-10-19)[1]
Country United States
Language English

Mirrors 2 is a 2010 straight-to-DVD horror film. It is a sequel to the 2008 film Mirrors.



One year before the film begins Max is involved in a car accident that kills his fiancee Kayla. He becomes emotionally disturbed due to the incident. He has been under going psychological treatment with Dr. Beaumont and making some progress in dealing with the guilt he feels over the accident. To help his son Max to move forward, Jack Matheson reopens the Mayflower Department Store in New Orleans and invites his son to replace the security guard who recently quit under mysterious circumstances while "cutting himself up" on duty. Max accepts the job and his father introduces him to the store manager, Keller Landreaux, the buyer, Jenna McCarty and the vice-president of operations, Ryan Parker. While in the break room before his first shift, Max sees a vision of a dead woman in the mirror, then sees Jenna's reflection, ripping off her head. Meanwhile, Jenna is killed by her reflection, being thrown through the glass sliding shower doors and a shard of glass decapitating her. Max finds out that he foresees the deaths in the mirrors, seeing the reflection of a woman. That night, Max starts to find the ghost, but instead sees Ryan's reflection being gutted. He tries to contact Ryan, but he does not respond. Later, Ryan is killed, the same way as his reflection did to him. Max sees his father's face covered in cuts in a puddle then races to his father's house.

Jack is almost killed by his reflection, after Max made it to his house and hints to whoever is manipulating the mirrors that he would do whatever she wants him to do if she spares his father. Max later returns to the Mayflower, but he is stopped by Detectives Huston and Piccirilli, explaining about what happened in Ryan and Jenna's deaths. Max denies any involvements and though they remain suspicious, they let Max get back to his work.

Max goes to the main mirror, to find out who the ghost is. Suddenly, Max's reflection shows a light, as Max starts following the light in each of the mirrors. He finds a box and opens it and finds an ID of a woman named Eleanor Reigns, a new employee of the Mayflower who disappeared two months ago. The light shines outside as Max goes outside and finds a missing person flier for Eleanor. Max reads it as he contacts Eleanor's sister Elizabeth to know details of her disappearance. Together, they discover that someone had deleted the surveillance files on the night of Eleanor's disappearance in the store's computer.

Max and Elizabeth later visits Henry Schow, the store's former security guard and the last person who reached the files, who had his mouth scarred by his reflection. Through Henry, they learn that Eleanor is dead but not gone and now her unrested spirit is seeking revenge on whoever is involved in her murder.

Two months prior, during Mayflower's grand opening party, Jenna and Ryan spiked Eleanor's drink with drugs, and Keller raped Eleanor while she was intoxicated and is directly responsible of her death. Keller ordered Henry, who found him burying Eleanor's body in Mayflower's basement, to delete the surveillance files to cover-up the crime. Two days after her death, Eleanor, whose soul is trapped in the mirror world, starts stalking her tormentors. She begins with mutilating Henry by manipulating his reflection to eat shards of glass after he erased the files, and eventually one-by-one, kills Jenna and Ryan before moving on to Keller. Ultimately, when Eleanor realizes that the newly-hired Max can see her despite that he has no involvement in her death, she forces him to help her make contact with her sister Elizabeth by threatening him with his father's life. Max starts to realizes that his near-death experience a year prior has given him an ability to see the other side.

Max and Elizabeth head to Mayflower searching for Eleanor's body in its basement, but get chased by Keller after he realizes that they know what happened. Elizabeth is nearly strangled to death by Keller during the pursuit before being saved by Max, inadvertently duplicating the near-death encounter Max had experienced resulting Elizabeth able to see Eleanor. As Max and Keller brawl, Eleanor's spirit reveals herself and Max is victorious, pushing Keller to the main mirror after again seeing her. Eleanor kills Keller, saving Max and Elizabeth, leaving them in shock and mourning after they witness Keller's death.

At the police station, Henry confesses to the detectives of his inadvertent involvement in Eleanor's murder. Eleanor kills him afterward, leaving no living trace of the four involved in her death.


  • Nick Stahl as Max Matheson
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier as Elizabeth Reigns
  • Christy Romano as Jenna McCarty
  • Evan Jones as Henry Schow
  • William Katt as Jack Matheson
  • Lawrence Turner as Keller Landreaux
  • Stephanie Honoré Sanchez as Eleanor Reigns
  • Jon Michael Davis as Ryan Parker
  • Lance E. Nichols as Detective Huston
  • Wayne Pére as Detective Piccirilli
  • Jennifer Sipes as Kayla
  • Ann Mckenzie as Doctor Beaumont


Filming occurred from November 16, 2009 to December 18, 2009.[2] Most of the filming occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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