Diploic veins

Vein: Diploic veins
Veins of the diploë as displayed by the removal of the outer table of the skull.
Latin venae diploicae
Gray's subject #169 651
Drains from    diploë

The diploic veins are found in the skull, and drain the diploic space. This is found in the bones of the vault of the skull, and is the marrow-containing area of cancellous bone between the inner and outer layers of compact bone.

The diploic veins drain this area into the dural venous sinuses.

Specific diploic veins

They are usually four in number: one frontal, two temporal, and one occipital.

  • (2) the anterior temporal, which is confined chiefly to the frontal bone, and opens into the sphenoparietal sinus and into one of the deep temporal veins, through an aperture in the great wing of the sphenoid.
  • (4) the occipital, the largest of the four, which is confined to the occipital bone, and opens either externally into the occipital vein, or internally into the transverse sinus or into the confluence of the sinuses (torcular Herophili).

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