Minister for Justice (New South Wales)

Minister for Justice
New South Wales coa.png
Arms of Her Majesty's Government
Greg Smith

since 3 April 2011
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of New South Wales
Inaugural holder George Wigram Allen
Formation 9 December 1873

The New South Wales Minister for Justice is The Honourable Greg Smith SC MP. The position supports the Attorney General and is typically held concurrently with that office.

He administers his portfolio through the New South Wales Department of Attorney General and Justice and has responsibilities for Juvenile Justice, Prisons and Corrective Services.


Ministers for Justice

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
George Wigram Allen None 1873–1875 Minister for Justice and Public Instruction
Joseph Docker 1875–1877
Francis Suttor 1877
John Lackey 1877
Joseph Leary 1877–1878
Francis Suttor 1878–1880
1880 Minister for Justice
Sir Joseph Innes 1880–1881
William Foster 1881–1883
Henry Cohen 1883–1885
James Farnell 1885
Thomas Slattery 1885
Louis Heydon 1885–1886
James Garvan Protectionist 1886–1887
William Clarke Free Trade 1887–1889
Thomas Slattery Protectionist 1889
Albert Gould Free Trade 1889–1891
Richard O'Connor Protectionist 1891–1893
Thomas Slattery 1893–1894
Albert Gould Free Trade 1894–1898
Charles Lee 1898–1899
John Hughes 1899
William Wood Protectionist 1899–1901
Robert FitzGerald 1901
Post abolished 1901–1904
Thomas Waddell 1904 Minister for Justice
Charles Wade Free Trade 1904
Liberal Reform 1904–1909
John Garland 1909–1910
William Holman Labor 1910–1912
David Hall 1912–1916
John Garland Nationalist 1916–1919
John FitzGerald 1919–1920
Edward McTiernan Labor 1920
William McKell 1920–1921
Thomas Bavin Nationalist 1921
William McKell Labor 1921–1922
Thomas Ley Nationalist 1922–1925
William McKell Labor 1925–1927
Andrew Lysaght 1927
John Lee Nationalist 1927–1930
Joseph Lamaro Labor 1930–1931
William McKell 1931–1932
Daniel Levy United Australia 1932
Lewis Martin 1932–1939
Vernon Treatt 1939–1941
Reg Downing Labor 1941–1960
Jack Mannix 1960–1965
John Maddison Liberal 1965–1976
Ron Mulock Labor 1976–1978
Frank Walker 1978–1983
Paul Landa 1983–1984
Post abolished 1984–1988
Liberal 1988–1991
Terry Griffiths 1991–1992 Minister for Justice
Ted Pickering 1992
Wayne Merton 1992–1993
John Hannaford 1993–1995
Post abolished Labor 1995–2003
John Hatzistergos 2003–2005 Minister for Justice
Tony Kelly 2005–2007
John Hatzistergos 2007–2011
Greg Smith Liberal 2011–present

Ministers for Juvenile Justice

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
Carmel Tebbutt Labor 1999–2003 Minister for Juvenile Justice
Diane Beamer 2003–2005
Tony Kelly 2005–2007
John Hatzistergos 2007
Barbara Perry 2007–2008
Graham West 2008–2010
Barbara Perry 2010–2011

Ministers for Corrective Services

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
Bill Haigh Labor 1978–1981 Minister for Corrective Services
Rex Jackson 1981–1983
Peter Anderson 1983–1984
John Akister 1984–1988
John Fahey Liberal 1988
Michael Yabsley 1988–1991
Terry Griffiths 1991 Minister for Courts Administration and Corrective Services
Post abolished 1991–1995
Bob Debus Labor 1995–2003 Minister for Corrective Services
Post abolished 2003–2009
John Robertson 2009 Minister for Corrective Services
Phillip Costa 2009–2011


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