Paja toquilla hatmaker, Cuenca, Ecuador
Canada's early fur trade was largely built on the fashion for beaver hats in Europe, particularly top hats. The steps in manufacturing hats are illustrated in this image from 1858.

Hatmaking is the manufacture of hats and headwear, millinery is the designing and manufacture of ladies’ hats.


Notable hatters

  • Gerard Albouy (1912–85), often known by the name Ouy, a French milliner
  • Anna Ben-Yusuf, a German-born milliner and teacher based in Boston and New York
  • Judy Bentinck (1952–), the wife of Tim Bentinck, 12th Earl of Portland, a couture milliner based in Central London.
  • Rose Bertin (1747–1813), the French milliner and modiste to Queen Marie Antoinette
  • Lilly Daché
  • Ellen Louise Demorest (née Curtis) (1825–98), a milliner widely credited with inventing mass-produced tissue-paper dressmaking patterns
  • Thomas Duffet (fl. 1673–76), an Irish milliner known for his work as a playwright and songwriter
  • Barbara Feinman of Barbara Feinman Millinery in New York City's East Village and "stars" of the "moulded straw, the feather, and the veil" Prudence, Prudence Millinery who currently makes hats for Vivienne Westwood and many other world famous designers, Philip Treacy[1]
  • Sonia Greene, a milliner who bankrolled several fanzines in the early twentieth century.
  • Jacob Hutter (d. 1536), founder of the Hutterites.
  • Mr. John (1902–93), an American milliner
  • Stephen Jones in London
  • Roberto Quagliata and Eva Sanchez in Madrid
  • Rod Keenan is an American milliner who was born in Great Bend, Kansas on July 3 , 1968
  • Hélène de Saint Lager, a milliner from France[2]
  • James Lock & Co of St. James's Street, London (founded 1676) currently holds royal warrants for providing hats to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and HRH the Prince of Wales.[3][4] The Bowler hat was first designed at Lock & Co in 1849.
  • Margaret Manny, a milliner in colonial Philadelphia who made flags for the United States during the American Revolution.
  • Simone Mirman, a Paris-born milliner based in London
  • Alice O'Reilly, an Irish Milliner known for her work in My Fair Lady having made Audrey Hepburn's famous hat at the Ascot Races, as well as hats for the Irish president's wife and fashion designer Jan Kelly.
  • Mary Quant, who had a career with a couture milliner
  • Caroline Reboux (1837–1927), a Parisian milliner and fashion designer
  • Richard Sharp (politician), 1759–1835, Fish Street Hill, London.
  • Nick Smith is a British milliner
  • Luke Song is Detroit based American milliner who designs hats for many fashion houses and for such women as Aretha Franklin, Paris Hilton, and Lady Gaga.
  • John Batterson Stetson, progenitor of the classic Cowboy Hat
  • Philip Treacy OBE, an award-winning Irish milliner who designs hats for the most important designers in the world and for such women as Sarah Jessica Parker, Princess Beatrice of York, Lady Gaga and Isabella Blow.

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