Survivor: The Australian Outback

Survivor: The Australian Outback
Genre Reality television
Winner Tina Wesson (4-3)
No. of episodes 15
No. of days 42
No. of survivors 16
Tribes      Kucha
All-Stars Tina Wesson,
Colby Donaldson,
Amber Brkich,
Jerri Manthey,
Alicia Calaway
Heroes vs. Villains Colby Donaldson,
Jerri Manthey
Location(s) Herbert River at Goshen Station (South-west of Cairns, Queensland, Australia)
Filming dates October 23, 2000
– December 3, 2000
Original run January 28, 2001 – May 3, 2001
Preceded by Survivor: Borneo
Followed by Survivor: Africa

Survivor: The Australian Outback (also called Survivor: Australia in later seasons) is the second season of the United States reality show Survivor. Filming took place at Goshen Station in northern Queensland during 2000 and aired from January 28, 2001 to May 3, 2001 on CBS.[1] The location used was within a three hour drive of the coastal city of Cairns and located in a wet, tropical area. It was the top-rated show of 2001, according to Nielsen Ratings with 30 million viewers tuning each week.[citation needed]

Fourteen weekly episodes aired, the first one airing immediately after Super Bowl XXXV, which also aired on CBS. The winner, Tina Wesson, was announced on May 3, 2001 where she defeated Colby Donaldson by a vote of 4-3.

The entire season was released in DVD format on April 26, 2005.[2]

Tina Wesson, Colby Donaldson, Jerri Manthey, Alicia Calaway, and Amber Brkich returned to compete in the eighth season of Survivor. Wesson, Donaldson, Manthey, and Calaway would finish 18th, 12th, 10th, and 7th, respectively, while Brkich would go on to defeat her then future husband Rob Mariano 4-3 in the final two to win.

Donaldson and Manthey would again return in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Donaldson was a member of the Heroes Tribe while Manthey was a member of the Villains Tribe. Both Donaldson and Manthey advanced to the merge, and finished 5th and 4th respectively.


Notable events

Although the series premiered right after Super Bowl XXXV, the late hour prompted CBS to re-air the premiere episode later that week.

The elimination of contestant Michael Skupin during the sixth episode is noteworthy for being the first case where a Survivor contestant has had to be evacuated due to injuries. While stoking the fire, Skupin breathed in smoke and momentarily fainted, falling into the fire and suffering severe burns to his hands. After being cared for by medical personnel, a helicopter was brought in and Skupin was evacuated. Due to his evacuation, the Immunity Challenge was cancelled, and no Tribal Council was held. As a result, the Ogakor and Kucha tribes merged with an equal number of tribe members, instead of the possible six to four (had Ogakor lost the Immunity Challenge and gone to Tribal Council). At the first merged Tribal Council, Jeff Varner was eliminated after a tie vote along former tribal lines.

During a reward trip, contestant and eventual runner-up Colby Donaldson broke an Australian law by breaking off coral from the Great Barrier Reef which could have resulted in a fine of AU$110,000. The helicopter pilot involved in the reward trip also broke an Australian law as he flew over sea bird rookeries.[3] Survivor's producer Mark Burnett apologized on behalf of Colby and the production team after the season had aired.[4]

Gameplay changes between the first two seasons included the game being the first and only season to last 42 days instead of 39, meaning that the rapid-fire elimination of a Final Four turned into a Final Three. This series also began the Survivor tradition of revealing the results live, so that none of the castaways would know who won until the finale.

During a reward on Day 34 where the remaining five contestants were permitted to communicate with their family members, Ogakor/Barramundi member Keith Famie asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes.[5]

After filming

After the show, fourth-place finisher Elisabeth Filarski went on to co-host The View.[6] She, Tina Wesson, Colby Donaldson, Jerri Manthey, Alicia Calaway and Amber Brkich were invited to participate in Survivor: All-Stars. Filarski was the only one to turn the opportunity down in order to focus on The View,[7] . In 2010, Donaldson and Manthey accepted an invitation to return to the series for its twentieth season - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Donaldson was part of the "Heroes" tribe, while Manthey was on the "Villains" tribe.

Season summary

Tribe assignments were determined before the game began. The two tribes were named Ogakor and Kucha, Aboriginal names for "crocodile" and "kangaroo." At the first challenge, the tribes were given a large amount of supplies from which they would have to choose what to carry on their trek to their tribe camps. Ogakor was a slightly weaker tribe, and, after five players were eliminated, were down five players to Kucha's six. On Day 17, Kucha's Michael, who was a powerhouse for his tribe, fell into the camp fire and suffered third-degree burns, requiring his evacuation, and leaving the two tribes equal when they merged. As a result, the vote at the first Tribal Council after the merge ended in a tie along tribal lines. According to the rules of this season, a tie vote would be resolved based on which player had received the most votes in all previous Tribal Councils. As a result, former Kucha Jeff was eliminated, thus shifting power to the remaining members of Ogakor.

The remaining Ogakor, particularly Tina, Colby, and Keith, stayed a strong group and voted off the remaining Kucha, only working to remove close allies Jerri and Amber when they threatened to usurp their power. However, the merged tribe was wasteful with food and ended up hungry and sluggish near the end of the game; Jeff Probst approached the tribe and offered them a new supply of rice in exchange for giving up shelter (tarps and a giant Texas flag that Colby brought as a personal item). The tribe also built their new camp in a dried wash basin; during one challenge, a flash storm caused the wash basin to flood, wiping away much of their camp including the new supply of rice, though they were later able to recover it. The Tina/Colby/Keith alliance stayed together to the end, and Colby took Tina with him into the Final Tribal Council. Tina's strategic plan was valued over Colby's prowess in challenges, and she won the title of Sole Survivor, 4 votes to 3.


Jerri Manthey came in eighth place and was the second jury member
Elisabeth Hasselbeck (right) came in fourth place and was the sixth jury member
Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
Deborah "Debb" Eaton
45, Milan, NH
Kucha 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Kel Gleason
32, Fort Hood, TX
Ogakor 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Maralyn Hershey
51, Wakefield, VA
Ogakor 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Mitchell Olson
23, Vermillion, SD
Ogakor 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Kimmi Kappenberg
27, Ronkonkoma, NY
Kucha 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Michael Skupin
38, White Lake, MI
Kucha Removed
Due to Injury
Day 17
Jeff Varner
34, Greensboro, NC
Kucha Barramundi 6th Voted Out
Day 21
Alicia Calaway
32, New York, NY
Kucha 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Jerri Manthey
30, Los Angeles, CA
Ogakor 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Nick Brown
23, Steilacoom, WA
Kucha 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Amber Brkich
22, Beaver, PA
Ogakor 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Rodger Bingham
53, Crittenden, KY
Kucha 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Elisabeth Filarski
23, Boston, MA
Kucha 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 39
Keith Famie
40, West Bloomfield, MI
Ogakor 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 41
Colby Donaldson
26, Christoval, TX
Ogakor Runner-up 5
Tina Wesson
39, Knoxville, TN
Ogakor Sole Survivor 0
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The game

Episode title Air date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Stranded" January 28, 2001 Ogakor1 Debb 7−1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Suspicion" February 1, 2001 Ogakor Kucha Kel 7−1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"Trust No One" February 8, 2001 Ogakor Kucha Maralyn 5−1−1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
"The Killing Fields" February 15, 2001 Kucha Kucha Mitchell 3−32 4th Voted Out
Day 12
"The Gloves Come Off" February 22, 2001 Kucha Ogakor Kimmi 6−1 5th Voted Out
Day 15
"Trial By Fire" March 1, 2001 Kucha None2 Michael No vote Removed Due to Injury
Day 17
"The Merge" March 8, 2001 None3 Keith Jeff 5−54 6th Voted Out
Day 21
"Friends?" March 15, 2001 Jerri, [Amber] Keith Alicia 5−4 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
"The First 24 Days" March 22, 2001 Recap Episode
"Honeymoon or Not?" March 29, 2001 Colby, Jerri Nick Jerri 6−2 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
"Let's Make a Deal" April 5, 2001 Survivor Auction Colby Nick 4−2−1 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"No Longer Just a Game" April 12, 2001 Colby Colby Amber 4−2 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
"Enough Is Enough" April 19, 2001 Tina4 Colby Rodger 3−2 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
"The Final Four" April 26, 2001 Colby Colby Elisabeth 3−1 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 39
"The Most Deserving" May 3, 2001 None Colby Keith 1−0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 41
"The Reunion" May 3, 2001 Jury Vote Colby 4−3 Runner-Up
Tina Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

^1 Combined Reward and Immunity challenge.
^2 No immunity was given in Ep. 6 because of Michael's injury.
^3 There was no Reward Challenge due to tribal merge.
^4 This was a challenge in which the contestants' families completed on behalf of their loved one by answering questions posed to them over an instant messaging service.

Episode 1: "Stranded"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes have to maneuver across a broken bridge by using two planks. Going down to a raft with a torch carrier, they will get on the raft, put their torch on the holder, and then push the raft to get to the island that is across the way. At the island are two sets of ladder rungs that they need to grab and then go to another raft. The tribe has to pull on the rope to get back to the other island. Once they get to the other island they need to put the rungs on the ladder, climb up to a fire pit, and light it.
    • Reward: Waterproof matches, and immunity

16 new castaways landed in the Australian Outback to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Upon arrival, each tribe had 5 minutes to collect everything they thought necessary from a box waiting for them, and immediately faced a grueling 5 mile hike to their respective camps. Nick was in charge of the compass and got the Kucha tribe lost. Debb immediately took control, which got on people's nerves. Jeff began feeling sick, which he blamed on the flight in. During the Ogakor hike, some people were having problems carrying things; Colby said that was the quickest way to see what everyone is made of. Keith ran ahead to scout out how far the camp was, and Ogakor arrived at their camp first. When Kucha finally arrived at their camp, they took a celebratory jump into the river. Michael had experience in construction, so he took the lead (even though Rodger built homes for a living), which annoyed Debb, and Kimmi annoyed Jeff and Debb with her incessant talking. At the Ogakor camp, Keith and Jerri argued about where to build the shelter. The next day at Kucha, Mike found a fig tree, but all the figs had bugs in the center. Mike and Debb argued about how to start fire, and Rodger donated extra pages from his Bible to help start it but to no avail. Colby and Keith attempted to start fire at Ogakor with no luck, and Jerri questioned where they were trying to start the fire.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes competed for Waterproof matches and immunity. Ogakor took a slight lead after the bridge and extended it on the river crossing after Rodger got his leg caught in a rope. Once Kucha got to the third section, their raft overturned on their torch, putting it out and disqualifying them. Mitchell lit the fire for Ogakor, giving them immunity.

Back at Kucha, Jeff became physically sick and Debb told people that Jeff wanted to go, which outraged him. At tribal council, Mike was regarded as the leader. While Jeff got a vote for being considered weak, it was Debb's bossiness and isolation that cost her as she was voted out 7-1.

Episode 2: "Suspicion"

  • Reward Challenge: “Butch Cassidy”: Each tribe member has to jump off a small cliff, and swim out to a floating crate. Once the tribe member is touching the crate, the next person can jump. Once all members are at the crate, they must dive down, unhook the crate, and swim it down through the rapids and back to shore.
    • Reward: Two blankets
  • Immunity Challenge: One member from each tribe will eat whatever the wheel Jeff spins lands on. Most spaces contain aboriginal food, or “bush tucker” while some have smoother food (apple, candy bar). Refusing to eat or not being able to finish the food loses a point for your team. Each person must eat at least once.

At Kucha, Mike put rice on without asking anybody and eventually overcooked it, which bothered everyone. At Ogakor, Kel tried to catch fish while the rest of the tribe went to the “family whirlpool”. Colby said that Kel couldn’t fish a rubber ducky out of a bathtub.

Once Kucha got their clue for the reward challenge, Rodger became worried because he did not know how to swim. At the challenge, Kucha fell behind once Rodger hesitated at the top of the cliff. Ogakor took the lead and never relinquished it, winning their second challenge in a row.

The Ogakor women questioned Keith’s cooking skills considering his background, and Jerri took charge and made some tortillas, which the tribe loved. At Kucha, Mike was discouraged that he was seen as the leader (a role he didn’t really want) so he caught some fish and hoped that it would keep him around to at least the merge.

Jerri told the entire tribe at Ogakor that she saw Kel eating what looked to be beef jerky. The entire tribe started talking about it while he was out, and they rifled through his bag where they found nothing. Kel overheard them talking and confronted everyone, saying it was a blade of grass. He then offered his razor blades for everyone to use, which Jerri thought was a huge sign of guilt.

At the immunity challenge, Kimmi was worried because she was a vegetarian and refused to eat any land-dwelling animals. Mike and Maralyn ate mangrove worm; Keith ate cow brains, while Kimmi refused to; Nick and Jerri ate mudwell; Elisabeth and Kel got apples; Mitchell and Jeff ate witchitigrub larvae; Alicia and Amber ate bugs; Rodger and Colby ate a piece of candy bar. For the last round, Tina couldn’t keep down tripe while Michael scarfed it down, so the teams went into a tiebreaker. Ogakor selected Kimmi to represent Kucha, and Kucha picked Tina for Ogakor. Kimmi ate her mangrove faster, giving Kucha the win.

At tribal council, the tribe discussed Keith’s cooking and Tina puking at the challenge. While Kel stuck to his side of his agreement with Maralyn, she did not and Kel was voted out 7-1.

Episode 3: "Trust No One"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe would select one member to hold a pole on their shoulders, and one “loader” who placed the buckets on the pole. The remaining tribe members would traverse a long balance beam with a pole on their shoulder with one bucket on either side, and hang it on the opposing tribe’s pole.
    • Reward: Fishing gear with line, hooks, lures, and a net
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe, tethered together, would race through a log sheet, down a sand slide to and across the river, climb over obstacles, and sprint across the sand to the finish line.

Mike became fixated on being the provider at camp, and was determined to ambush and catch a pig. The rest of camp was skeptical that he would catch a pig, and thought he was spending too much time and wasting materials.

Ogakor selected Colby and Kucha selected Michael to bear the weight for the reward challenge. After running out of buckets, it became a test of endurance; both were holding more than 400 pounds of water. The pole broke over Michael before anyone quit, so a runoff occurred. There was a 5 minute timed race to see who could put the most buckets on the opposing team. The lead went back and forth; at the last second, Ogakor got two more buckets on Michael’s pole.

Amber and Jerri caught the first fish for Ogakor. Tension continued between Jerri and Keith as they argued how to cook the fish, which ended up being a success for Keith. Over at Kucha, Kimmi continued to provide water for the tribe, feeling vulnerable because she hadn’t made any connections with anyone. There was talk between voting off Kimmi or Rodger; while Rodger was not the physically strongest, he knew how to work around camp. Maralyn and Tina bonded over at Ogakor, as did Jerri and Colby. Jeff and Alicia made a final 4 alliance.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes were even to the river. Kucha took a lead on the third leg, and although Rodger fell twice during the sprint, Maralyn proved too costly for Ogakor as they dropped their second straight immunity challenge.

Jerri and Mitchell both received a vote at tribal council, but Maralyn’s weakness in challenges caused her to be voted out 5-1-1.

Episode 4: "The Killing Fields"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must unscramble a slide puzzle, giving them a map to their reward.
    • Reward: Three egg-laying chickens and a rooster
  • Immunity Challenge: A questionnaire, with questions from their survival handbook given to them before leaving for Australia. There are six spots per tribe. Each correct answer moves the tribe up a spot.

Tina and Keith were concerned about their position in the tribe following the previous night’s tribal council where Jerri said she was friends with everyone except them.

Kimmi directed Kucha to a win at the reward challenge, where they won Henrietta, Polly, Ruby, and Rocky. Mike wanted to eat the chickens as soon as possible so that he could go back to being a provider, but Nick told him that they needed to make decisions as a group.

A forest fire inched closer to the Ogakor camp, but the tribe wasn’t too concerned as it had to cross the river to reach them. Tina voiced her dislike for Jerri with Colby and Mitchell in an attempt to pull one of them over to get Jerri off. Keith also talked to Colby about Jerri’s comments at tribal council. Mitchell complained that he was feeling weak both emotionally and physically. Colby made a final 3 deal with Jerri and Amber, and Jerri continued her flirtations. At Kucha, Mike caught and killed a pig with help from Nick. It made him feel much more comfortable with his position in the tribe.

Ogakor took a 3-2 lead in the immunity challenge, but eventually Kucha pulled even. The challenge came down to Alicia vs Mitchell. In the end, Alicia got the final question correct, giving Kucha another immunity win.

Mitchell wanted to vote for Keith badly, but Colby didn’t want to vote for Keith because he was a huge asset at camp. In the end, Colby sided with Keith and Tina to vote for Mitchell while Amber, Jerri, and Mitchell voted for Keith, forcing a 3-3 tie. Although Mitchell said he couldn’t compete with Keith and that he was physically drained, the revote was still 2-2. Probst announced that in the event of a second tie, the person with the highest number of previous votes goes home; with the one vote cast against Mitchell at the last tribal council (by Keith), he was the one sent home.

Episode 5: "The Gloves Come Off"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must build a stretcher. At the challenge, two tribe members (the rescuers) must go rescue the remaining three members (the victims) scattered around the course and bring them back to the triage unit. Once the victim is back to the start, they become a rescuer and go with the others to get the next victim.
    • Reward: Two items chosen from the Survivor catalog by each tribe, plus toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and shampoo
  • Immunity Challenge: Each maze has 5 totem poles with a medallion attached to each. As a unit, they must maneuver through the maze and collect the medallions in order, then find their way to the finish line.

The Ogakor beach was overcome with smoke and haze from the impending forest fire. Kucha move their fire after ash was jumping from the fire into their sleeping area, burning through one of Jeff’s shirts. However, moving the fire made sleeping at night much harder. Michael told Kimmi to stop being so involved with the chickens, but she didn’t listen and still got upset and made a scene when they wanted to kill another one. On the other hand, hunger started to set in at Ogakor. Jerri and Keith once again argued about where to dump the fish guts. At Kucha, Kimmi thought it was better to do a chicken every other day, while Alicia did not agree and thought she should stop getting emotionally attached to the chickens. The argument escalated to where they were yelling at each other in front of the entire tribe. Kimmi found Alicia to be very condescending and Alicia continued to get more irritated and impatient. After the fight, Kimmi started complaining about everything.

At tree mail, the tribes were given a catalog and were instructed to pick 2 things they could win in addition to the reward. Kucha chose blankets and spices, while Ogakor chose spices and soup mix. They were told at the challenge that the winner would take both tribes’ choices. Ogakor took an early lead, but Kucha caught up during the second leg and pulled ahead during the final leg, winning their fourth straight challenge.

Ogakor became very frustrated at losing, especially Colby and Amber. Meanwhile, spirits were at an all-time high over at Kucha. At the immunity challenge, the tribes were pretty even through two medallions, but Ogakor pulled ahead to win immunity. Alicia discussed voting off Kimmi for their personal issues, but Rodger and Elisabeth entertained the idea of voting Alicia off instead. The tribe discussed leadership at tribal council. After the vote, Jeff received another vote but it was Kimmi who was voted off 6-1.

Episode 6: "Trial By Fire"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe selects one set of eyes while the rest are blindfolded. The set of eyes will navigate the tribe through a series of tasks. First is getting two logs into a sawhorse, then switching out a fishing trap on land for one in the water, then filling up a bucket with water from a water tower, and pouring it into a wine barrel until it overflows, then finally getting a picnic basket to the final table.
    • Reward: Doritos and Mountain Dew

After a rough downpour, Michael said that his outlook on life had changed already after 16 days. He thought it was amazing that “city people” could come in and live this way. The merge was on Kucha’s mind; they wanted to go in 6-4 and knew the next immunity challenge would be key. Jerri and Amber constantly talking about chocolate and food started to annoy Colby, who just wanted to merge. Kucha went through the chicken feed and tried to utilize as much of it as possible for food. After cooking it, they realized that it was actually popcorn and that it was pretty good. At Ogakor, Keith and Jerri again argued, this time about tomatoes; Keith wanted to leave them on the vine to ripen, while Jerri wanted to make fried green tomatoes. They then argued about the rice until Tina told them both to stop arguing.

Ogakor became ridiculously excited at the thought of a picnic and did yoga to prepare themselves; Kucha was more focused on not having Ogakor win, and Nick directed his blindfolded tribe around camp. At the challenge, Nick and Jerri were the leaders for their tribes. Keith and Amber were useless for Ogakor as Colby did the majority of the work. Even so, Ogakor took the lead after their wine barrel overflowed first. Amber picked up the picnic basket and moved toward the table but veered off track; Kucha, once overflowing their bucket, had Alicia pick up their basket and run toward the table. She and Jeff put it on about 2 feet before Amber, giving Kucha the win. Frustrated, Colby filled up a bucket of water and threw it at Jerri.

Everyone at Kucha was relaxing around camp when Michael let out a giant yell. All of a sudden, Mike ran to the water and dove in. When his tribe asked what happened, he said he got a breath full of smoke and passed out, falling face first into the fire; his hands were completely burnt with skin hanging off. With the pain intensifying and his tribe helplessly watching from shore, they tried to calm him until the medical team could get to him. When the medics hurried in after about half an hour, they wrapped his hands in cold compresses, brought in the helicopter, and Mike said his goodbyes to his tribe, all of whom were visibly shaken.

Ogakor got a note in tree mail saying that there had been an accident at the Kucha tribe and that no immunity challenge would take place, and that all 5 of them would continue to the merge. With no details, they wondered what the injury was but knew it was serious enough to warrant an evacuation.

The Kucha tribe reflected on Mike's impact on the game and how they were going to go forward as he had wanted, chewing them up and spitting them out one by one.

Episode 7: "The Merge"

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member will stand on top of a wooden pillar in the water.

Kucha talked strategy about how to go into the merge. They wanted to get rid of Jerri and Colby first, and thought that Keith and Amber would be the first to go. Nick, Alicia, and Elisabeth thought they would be targeted first for Kucha. Since Kimmi told Ogakor that Debb voted for Jeff at the first tribal council, Jeff was worried that his previous number of votes would sink him in a 5-5 tie. At Ogakor, they waited for information regarding the accident and Jerri thought that it may have something to do with Rodger.

Ogakor’s tree mail told the men to go to the other tribe to scout the other tribe’s camp; Kucha’s tree mail told the women to go. Colby told the women not to let anything slide regarding who had votes cast against them. While each tribe thought the other tribe had gotten exactly the same tree mail, they laughed when they saw they were actually separated by sex.

When Elisabeth and Alicia showed up at Ogakor, they filled the women in on Michael’s accident. The women were shocked, but relieved to hear that it wasn’t life-threatening. The Kucha men were surprised to see Keith and Colby and after a while sensed that Keith was the outsider of the tribe. They killed their last chicken and split it between the 5 men. At Ogakor, Jerri tried hard to not bad-mouth Keith, even after they realized that he had all of the matches in his pocket.

On day 20, news of the merge came via treemail; they had 15 minutes to take as much as they could from their old camp, and were surprised they would be going to a brand new camp. The men were frustrated that they had to move, but gathered as much as they could for the hike. Eventually the two tribes met and moved across the river to their new flag. They opened a box which was full of food for their merge feast. While they were building their shelter, they agreed on the name Barramundi, after the river fish.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes joked around for a little while. Nick, who had been sick for the last couple of days, jumped off first after an hour and a half. Colby was next to go. Colby’s strategy was to get people to vote for him instead of Keith and Jerri since he had no prior votes. After 4 hours, Jeff brought out peanut butter, chocolate, and apples and Rodger bailed. Colby convinced Jeff to jump off, saying that the women were bound and determined to win. After 6 hours and 47 minutes, Jerri and Amber jumped off for ice cream and chocolate. 8 hours and 58 minutes elapsed and Elisabeth stepped down for a boat ride back to the beach. Hot coffee/hot chocolate and a boat ride to shore got Alicia to step down after 10 hours and 17 minutes. Keith told Tina that he needed the immunity, and Tina stepped down as well, giving Keith the first individual immunity.

At tribal council, it was clear that Barramundi was still divided. The Ogakor 5 voted for Jeff, while the Kucha 5 voted for Colby. During his vote, Colby said that it was a strategic move that was decided the first week they were there (referring to Kimmi telling them that Debb voted for Jeff at the first tribal council). During the revote, they were still deadlocked 4-4. With “the one vote that he knew of” (which was actually 2, but he had not seen Kimmi's vote during Episode 5), Jeff was sent packing as the final person out before the jury.

Episode 8: "Friends?"

  • Reward Challenge: Each person stands inside the white circle of a target and throws their boomerang, aiming for the red flag in the center of the target.
    • Reward: A full meal, consisting of smoked salmon and shrimp, grilled chicken, pasta, Greek salad, rolls, and dessert
  • Immunity Challenge: Connect the ropes to the poles to make as many squares as possible. See: Dots and Boxes.

Rodger felt as though the Kucha tribe had been outwitted by Ogakor, and that they would be picked off one by one. In order to secure his place, he started catching fish, thinking that they would not want to vote off the person providing them with food. Jerri felt herself being distanced by the rest of her tribe, making her paranoid. Elisabeth started to sense cracks in the Ogakor 5, especially between Tina and Jerri, and Alicia sensed a rift between Jerri and Keith.

Jerri, Nick, Rodger, and Amber were the only four to hit the target, but Jerri inched out Amber to win reward. She chose Amber to come along since she got second place. Back at camp, Elisabeth tried to have Ogakor see that camp life was much more relaxed without Jerri. Jerri and Amber expressed concern about Tina and Keith joining the Kucha 4; when Jerri brought it up to Colby, he lied to her and told her that was what Tina and Keith thought was going to happen. Still, Jerri said that Alicia was the biggest threat.

At the immunity challenge, Amber scored first, followed by Nick, and 2 from Colby. Jerri then went on a run of 6, and her next move opened the door for Keith, who scored 17 in a row. Amber then scored 9, and Tina went on a 16 square run, but it wasn’t enough. Keith won his second immunity in a row.

While Elisabeth thought that Jerri would be leaving that night, Alicia thought she was being naïve and that the former Ogakor would be stupid to get rid of Jerri at this point in time. As the rain poured down, the tribe discussed dynamics. In the end, the Ogakor 5 stayed strong and the physical and intimidating Alicia was voted out 5-4.

Episode 9: "Honeymoon or Not?"

  • Reward Challenge: An obstacle course, where you must stay with your partner.
    • Reward: A helicopter ride to the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, and lunch
  • Immunity Challenge: Each person will stand on a tower in the water and, connected by a rope, try to knock the other person off balance into the water. The winners move on to a shaky beam, and the finalists square off on unsteady platforms.

The rainy season hit the Australian Outback, dampening the spirits of some of the tribe. The excessive rains caused the river to become muddy, and most of the fishing hooks were lost. The lack of fish forced the tribe to eat more rice, which diminished their supply.

When news of the reward challenge came and said that they needed to pair up, Jerri wanted to pick her partner (which would have been Colby) instead of drawing names out of a hat. However, they picked names out of a hat anyway, and ironically, Jerri was paired with Colby anyway.

Amber and Keith defeated Rodger and Tina, while Colby and Jerri beat Nick and Elisabeth. Even though they had trouble at the climbing wall and Colby dropped Jerri, they narrowly defeated Amber and Keith to win reward. Once they got off the helicopter and on to the boat, Colby told Jerri he did not want to talk about the game at all, but just to enjoy where they were. When they got back to Barramundi, Colby gave everyone their own piece of coral from the reef. It was revealed later to production staff that removing coral from the Great Barrier Reef is illegal, and a warning appeared stating such before the episode's original Australian broadcast on the Nine Network.

Colby wanted Nick gone before Elisabeth and Rodger because he considered them more of a threat. Nick knew he needed to win immunity to stay alive in the game. Rodger took down Keith, Nick beat Jerri, Colby beat Tina, and Amber beat Elisabeth. In the second round, Colby beat Rodger and Nick beat Amber. In the finals, Nick pulled Colby into the water and won his first immunity.

On the way back to camp, Jerri said that Ogakor decided Elisabeth would be the next one to go. Elisabeth talked to Tina and told her she would be voting Jerri out. Colby said that even though he wants to get rid of Jerri, they should wait until Kucha is gone. Keith said that his gut feeling was to do the same. However, Keith and Colby along with Tina voted with the Kucha 3 to get Jerri out, 6-2.

Episode 10: "Let's Make a Deal"

  • Immunity Challenge: Each person must create fire in a fire bucket on one side of a scale, then by adding water to another bucket with a hole in it, tilt the scale to raise the fire bucket to light a fuse.

Survivor Auction: At the Survivor Auction, each castaway was given 500 Australian dollars.

Contestant Item(s)
Amber Mountain Dew, french fries with ranch dressing, and a glass of dirty river water (Mystery Item).[8]
Colby Iced coffee and a chocolate peanut butter energy bar
Elisabeth Peanut butter and chocolate, mashed potatoes, bread, turkey, and green beans (shared with Tina)
Keith Slice of pizza
Nick Doritos and salsa, three crackers, onion rings and beer
Rodger Cheeseburger and a baked potato
Tina Oreo cookies, milk, and mashed potatoes, bread, turkey, and green beans (shared with Elisabeth)

Amber felt very isolated after not being told of the vote for Jerri. The Survivors were down to their final serving of rice, and were quickly losing energy. Keith went on a run to catch grasshoppers for bait. However, the turtles in the water were eating the bait instead of the fish, frustrating Elisabeth.

After the auction, people felt sick from all of the new food in their bodies, but they all thought it was well worth it. The next morning, the tribe awoke to find that the water level had risen considerably, and they thought about moving their camp. Tina started to take notice of Nick’s laziness around camp, and Elisabeth was very disappointed in him. Nick said he had to keep winning immunity to stick around.

Nick was the first person to go get water, but his fire died out. Keith’s bucket started to rise, but the fire wasn’t high enough to light his fuse. Meanwhile, Colby took his time, came from behind, and lit his fuse first to win immunity.

Back at camp, Elisabeth cried after feeling sick and emotionally broken down. They lost another hook thanks to a turtle. Jeff showed up with a can of rice. He said he was very concerned about the lack of energy around camp, especially with Elisabeth and Nick. Probst offered them enough rice to last them for the rest of their time and 25 hooks, but asked for something of substantial value in return - the tarp and Colby’s Texas flag. They agreed and tore it down and started to rebuild their camp.

Colby contemplated voting Amber off since she was bonding with Elisabeth quite a bit, and they worried that she could flip to the remaining Kucha members. Amber wasn’t sure who she could trust. At tribal council, Nick voted for Keith because he didn’t bring his backpack, which Nick took as a sign of arrogance. The remaining Ogakor 4 voted out Nick for his comments about being ready to leave, and he became the third jury member with a 4-2-1 vote.

Episode 11: "No Longer Just a Game"

  • Reward Challenge: A ropes course with four checkpoints; at each checkpoint, there are several options on what direction to go. Each castaway is connected with two carabiners, and one must be attached at all times.
    • Reward: A horseback ride through the Outback with cattle stockmen, an overnight stay at their camp, with dinner, breakfast, and a cot to sleep on
  • Immunity Challenge: Each player will shoot macadamia nuts with a slingshot toward plates, trying to hit everyone else's.

Amber was in the lead for much of the reward challenge, but Colby overtook her at a cross point and beat her at a sprint at the end.

A huge storm hit about 10 minutes into Colby's ride; walking back from the challenge, the rest of Barramundi had to wait until the river died down before they could cross it and get back to camp. The dry creek bed where Barramundi sat was no longer dry, and the creek completely flooded their camp, washing items away, including their rice. When they finally arrived back at camp, they were shocked at how bad it was, and were devastated to see that their rice, knives, and fishing gear were gone. Tina and Keith went downriver to try to see if any of their things had washed up offshore; Keith saw the can of rice, still sealed and went across a heavy current to get it. They nervously watched as Tina and Keith rescued the rice and then were pulled to shore. However, they had no way of starting a fire as the matches that were in Keith's jacket got wet. Colby felt awful returning from his reward, as he saw how good he had it the night before.

At the immunity challenge, Amber was first out, followed by Keith, Tina, and Rodger – all taken out by Colby. Colby knocked two of Elisabeth's plates out to win another immunity challenge.

While Colby and Amber “stuck with the batting order” and voted for Rodger, Tina and Keith voted with Elisabeth and Rodger, and Amber was voted out 4–2.

Episode 12: "Enough Is Enough"

  • Reward Challenge: The Survivor’s loved ones would be asked 5 survival trivia questions via instant messaging.
    • Reward: A 30 minute Internet chat with loved ones back home, and a $500 shopping spree to buy their loved ones presents
  • Immunity Challenge: Each player is shackled together at the wrists, ankles, and waist. After hearing a story, they must run to 8 stations. A correct answer will give them a key to unlock one of their shackles, which they must bring back to the center of the course. They must get 5 right to remove all of the locks.

The remaining five were excited to receive tree mail that said their loved ones would be involved. While they sent a message to their loved ones, each castaway got a Danish and coffee. Tina’s husband and children, Elisabeth’s family, Rodger’s wife, daughter, and son-in-law, Keith’s girlfriend, and Colby’s mom answered the questions for their Survivors. Tina’s family got 4 answers correct. Each person got one final goodbye, and Keith took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, who said yes.

The challenge boosted everyone’s spirits and everyone was in a better mood around camp. Colby said that for that one day, no one cared about winning a million dollars. The next morning after a long night of rain, Keith and Rodger found a smoldering log from a forest fire, which helped them start their fire back up. After rationing the rice for the number of days they had left, Keith continued to make more rice, even experimenting with the brown and white rice together. Colby finally said something to Keith about how he was contradicting himself from what he said a few days ago. Boredom began to set in, as there was nothing to do around camp.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff told them a story about aboriginal settlers. Keith had the lead, but dropped one of his locks on his way back to the center. Unable to find it, it allowed Colby to get back with all of his locks and shackles. It gave Colby his third straight immunity win.

Rodger told Tina that he wanted to go before Elisabeth, as she needed the money a lot more than he did. Colby struggled with whether he wanted to sit with someone that would win him a million dollars, or if he wanted to sit next to someone he’d be OK with winning a million dollars. He contemplated voting for Keith instead of Rodger, thus allowing the most deserving to make it to the end. At tribal council, the remaining Ogakor members honored his wishes, and Rodger was voted out 3-2.

Episode 13: "The Final Four"

  • Reward Challenge: An obstacle course composed of stages from past challenges
    • Reward: A Pontiac Aztek and a good night’s sleep, a hot shower and meal
  • Immunity Challenge: Find as many matching pairs of items as possible.

With the end near, the Survivors talked about how much they missed their families.

At the reward challenge, the final 4 had a chance to redeem themselves from past challenges. Blindfolded and shackled, each person had to navigate through a ropes course, ring a bell, take their blindfold off, complete a slide puzzle and unshackle themselves, then fill a bucket with water and cross a balance beam. Once there was enough water in the bucket (which has a hole in it), they then had to start a fire and light a fuse. Colby was the first through the rope course and the puzzle, followed by Elisabeth, Keith, and Tina. Colby and Elisabeth were dead even at the fire station, but Colby’s bucket rose first, continuing his winning streak.

Back at camp, they received a mirror and a scale in tree mail to see how much they had lost and how they looked. Tina lost 16 pounds, Elisabeth lost 12 pounds, Keith lost 27 pounds, and Colby lost 25 pounds. The girls brought a car-warming gift of wildflowers for Colby, which he really appreciated. Jeff took Colby to his new car and joined him at dinner. They feasted on appetizers for a few minutes, until Jeff had the food brought out – by Colby’s mother. He was in disbelief and excited to see her and gave her a long hug. His mom said she wasn’t prepared to see how much weight he lost. Colby brought his mom back to camp, who gave everyone a big hug and updated everyone on what was going on at home. Colby’s mom brought care packages from everyone’s families. Eventually, the helicopter came to take Colby’s mom away.

At the immunity challenge, Colby led the entire time and won his fourth straight immunity. Colby was torn between strategy (keeping Keith, who he would almost certainly win against) and philanthropy (keeping Elisabeth, who arguably deserved the money the most). Strategy won out, as Elisabeth was the last original Kucha tribe member eliminated 3-1.

Episode 14: "The Most Deserving"

  • Immunity Challenge: The remaining 3 would answer 12 questions about the players who made up the Barramundi tribe.

At tree mail on day 40, the final 3 were given wood to carve into idols and paint and feathers to decorate, which would be given back to the land. On the way to their immunity challenge, they walked past the torches of those who left before them. At the end of the walk, they found a quiet spot to reflect on their time in the Outback, then threw their idols into the river. Keith said he’s realized that it’s not about the money, and it shouldn’t be, that you should walk away with something much more valuable; Tina said she has learned how much family really means to her; Colby said making the idol made him appreciate and remember why he was here.

The final immunity challenge took place at tribal council. Colby took the lead after 7 questions, but Tina pulled even. After 11 questions, they were tied. On the last question (Who stated on their Survivor application form that their proudest accomplishment was being on the Dean’s list in college for five semesters?), Colby said Amber while Tina said Nick. With the right answer being Amber, Colby continued his dominance and got to choose who to take with him to the final 2. Colby finally chose philanthropy over strategy, choosing to take Tina with him and making Keith the final member of the jury 1-0.

On day 42, Tina and Colby broke down the camp and made an agreement that the winner would get the flag. They had one more chance to take in their camp and the scenery around them.

Colby and Tina both pleaded their case for a million dollars. Tina asked the jury not to vote for someone because they got their feelings hurt, and that what she was going home to was worth more than a million dollars. Colby said he didn’t think he beat Tina in strategy, but that he did everything pretty well. Rodger asked for an instance where they did not tell the truth, and if they felt they played the game as ethically as possible (Tina said she lied about Amber getting voted off, and said by her definition, yes; Colby said he lied about taking Amber and Jerri to the final 3, and that he had a struggle with ethics); Amber asked what three things got them to the final and what three things they would do with the money (Colby said refusing to mentally check out, drinking water, and taking time out to enjoy, and that he would buy a Harley, buy a building for his father, and take care of his mother financially; Tina said strategy, Colby, and heart/God, and that she would pay off a house, her best friend’s house, and set up a fund to draw out of once a year for a family in need); Elisabeth spoke about being deserving, and asked if they had the power to give 5 jury members the million dollar prize, who are the two they would leave out (Tina said Jerri and Rodger, Colby said Jerri and Keith); Keith asked them to give an example when they used manipulation to get where they are (Colby said manipulating Tina to vote off Mitchell to get their team stronger; Tina said the same thing); Alicia asked what one thing they were personally proud of and least proud of (Tina said the role she has played here and every tribal council; Colby said the fire-making challenge and realizing how little respect he’s shown the land and taking it for granted); Nick said that if Mike hadn’t gone, neither of them would be sitting there, and asked if Mike had never had his accident, what two people would be in their place and why (Colby said Nick because he had the mental game and Mike because he helped his tribe in every challenge; Tina said she couldn’t answer the question because she didn’t really get a chance to know them all that well, but by the way they described him there was no doubt that Mike would be one of the two); Jerri spoke about making and breaking alliances and asked them to clear their conscience by bringing up moments of feeling regret or guilt (Tina said going through Kel’s bag; Colby said Rodger, Elisabeth, and Alicia’s vote-offs because they were shallow, but that he had no regrets).

For their closing arguments, Colby had no comments. Tina talked about backgammon and how it related to her personal strategy, and that no one’s vote off was personal.

Rodger voted for Colby, saying that he think played the game harder; Alicia voted for Tina, saying she really played this game by using her head; Amber voted for Colby, saying he was more straight forward and played the game better; and Jerri voted for Tina, saying Tina was the mastermind behind all of the strategies that took place including getting Colby to take her to the final two, which she deeply respected.

The remaining votes were read live at CBS Studios in Los Angeles for the first time ever. In addition to the four votes that were shown during the broadcast, there was one more for Colby (from Nick) and two more for Tina (from Keith and Elisabeth), making Tina Wesson Survivor’s second millionaire and first female winner, 4-3.

Voting history

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Debb
7/8 votes
7/8 votes
5/7 votes
3/6 votes2
6/7 votes
No vote3
5/10 votes4
5/9 votes
6/8 votes
4/7 votes
4/6 votes
3/5 votes
3/4 votes
1 vote
Voter Vote
Tina Kel Maralyn Mitchell Jeff Alicia Jerri Nick Amber Rodger Elisabeth
Colby Kel Maralyn Mitchell Jeff Alicia Jerri Nick Rodger Rodger Elisabeth Keith
Keith Kel Mitchell Mitchell Jeff Alicia Jerri Nick Amber Rodger Elisabeth
Elisabeth Debb Kimmi Colby Jerri Jerri Amber Amber Keith Keith
Rodger Debb Kimmi Colby Jerri Jerri Amber Amber Keith
Amber Kel Maralyn Keith Jeff Alicia Elisabeth Nick Rodger
Nick Debb Kimmi Colby Jerri Jerri Keith
Jerri Kel Maralyn Keith Jeff Alicia Elisabeth
Alicia Debb Kimmi Colby Jerri
Jeff Debb Kimmi Colby
Michael Debb Kimmi
Kimmi Debb Jeff
Mitchell Kel Maralyn Keith
Maralyn Kel Jerri
Kel Jerri
Debb Jeff
Jury vote
Finalist: Colby
3/7 votes
4/7 votes
Juror Vote
Keith Tina
Elisabeth Tina
Rodger Colby
Amber Colby
Nick Colby
Jerri Tina
Alicia Tina

^Note 2 : Keith and Mitchell were tied 3-3 at Tribal Council and in a Tribal Council countback Keith had no previous votes, but Mitchell had one; therefore, he was eliminated.
^Note 3 : On Day 17 Michael fell into a fire and had to be evacuated due to injuries, as a result he was the sixth person to leave the game meaning no Tribal Council was held.
^Note 4 : Colby and Jeff were tied 5-5 at Tribal Council and in a Tribal Council countback Colby had no previous votes, but Jeff had two; therefore, Jeff was eliminated


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