Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán

Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán
Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán
Format Romance - Action , Telenovela,
Created by Julio Jimenez
Valentina Parraga
Developed by Telemundo Studios
Directed by Leonardo Galavis
Nicolas Diblasi
Starring Jencarlos Canela
Carmen Villalobos
Angelica Maria
Ana Layevska
Fabian Rios
Katie Barberi
Carolina Tejera
Theme music composer Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Opening theme Mi Corazón Insiste performed by Jencarlos Canela
Country of origin United States
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 133
Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol
Producer(s) Gemma Lombardi Ortin
Editor(s) Sharon Acosta
Ellery Albarran
Location(s) Miami, Los Angeles
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original airing United States
May 23, 2011 - November 25, 2011
June 6, 2011 - December 2, 2011
November 25, 2011 - present
September 16, 2011 - present
October 10, 2011 - present
October 17, 2011 - Present
November 7, 2011 - Present
Preceded by Aurora
Followed by Una Maid en Manhattan
Related shows Yo amo a Paquita Gallego
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Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán (My Heart Insists... on Lola Volcan) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.

Telemundo will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks during the 2011-2012 season. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

It is a remake of Colombian telenovela of 1998-1999 Yo amo a Paquita Gallego by Julio Jimenez.



"Mi Corazon Insiste Lola Volcan" My Heart insist... on Lola Volcan happiness is her love for Andres Santacruz (Jencarlos), a charming and handsome young man who falls in love and flees in a fit of adolescence. This costs their love dearly. In order to prevent it, Lola pays by being unjustly accused and spending five years behind bars.

Lola gets out on parole and is in great emotional pain . Her reunion with Andres leads back to the gates of happiness, but Andrés is involved in an accident that threatens to cause her to lose the man in her life again. Andrés survives the accident, but loses his memory and aimlessly wanders the streets without knowing who he is. Two months later, his Aunt Sophia sees him on the streets of New York and hires a detective to tell her his whereabouts. The detective finds Andrés, and takes him home. He recognizes her family, but finds out from the Volcáns that Lola is about to marry another man. He runs to stop the marriage but is too late; Lola has married an old Doctor named Rugeles.

Hizon various favors which Lola and had told him to marry him in exchange for these favors he had done was get his mother to a mental hospital for public and remove her from jail. After the marriage of Lola with Dr. Rujeles Volcan. Santacruz removes Marcelo Andres office because his own son Daniel Santacruz gives you all the action that his mother had left him, while pretending to be pregnant Debora, then helped the doctor who goes to jail for violating a patient Debora and threatens to tell Andrew that she is not pregnant if she did not help him out of jail, then goes rows added Debora helps mark who refuses to help her and then her father finds out and sends the verdd kill the Dr. just as he was telling the truth to Andres, Andres then decide to leave to go with Andrew and Debora lola but are supposedly a farewell dinner Debora makes the car crash and the hospital discovered that in fact that she is pregnant but not Andres is known that the child is not expected unless the Marcelo Santacruz. Marcelo Andres learns that his father is none other then detective Rodrigo Suarez. Dr. Rugeles dies from to take many "blue pills" to have sex with whom he sees as Lola dies after Lola learns that everything that happened to her beloved Andres, and his mother to see him calmer and told all to Sofia the psychologist his aunt. Andres Palacios and Daniel, suggest that fence vacation, there's Lola meets Apollo Ferrer knows who later becomes her husband to cover up his alleged homosexuality which turned out to be lies, He dies in a parachute jump is killed by his manager. While Lola's mother was kidnapped at sea and was presumed dead. Her boyfriend Detective Suarez's still looking and thinks Marcelo Santacruz had something to do with her disappearance, Veronica was murdered by Marcelo since she had discovered that Soledad Volcan was being held hostage by Marcelo, while helping to Debora Soledad escape his abduction, then Debora kidnaps and discovers that she is a gold mine and can make you pay all that Marcelo made it. and Deborah makes Andres makes believe that Lola pushed her the stairs and lost the baby. Andres Lola and she suffers a lot after Deborah Tiberium loneliness gives in return.Deborah with the help of the man Tiberium killed Marcelo and wants Lola to take the blame but Andres arrives 1st and is arrested and confesses to loneliness Tiberium confirms Lola is his daughter with a DNA test. At the trial of Andres Lola does not arrive because She faints and is taken to a hospital and discovers there that she is pregnant lola andres: Andres at his trial is convicted and given life sentences and Lola goes to see Andres to tell him that she is pregnant but He treats her badly and she leaves without saying anything. Lola tells camilo and Rodrigo that she is expecting a child of Apollo, but they do not believe her. Tiberium learns pregnancy Lola and tells of loneliness and Camilo tells Sofia That Lola is pregnant.Sofia goes to the jail and tells Andres that Lola is pregnant and the baby is his and Adres regrets treating Lola badly. Sophia goes to Lola to say that she knows Lola is expecting a child and that it is Andres. Deborah listens and is altered and Lola discovers that loneliness was a prostitute and decides to go to panama Lola Andres but do not agree and goes and Lola and Lola Tiberium also searches for clues to her mother but finds nothing, and just think its Andres daughter and Lola, and Andrew tells Deborah Lola's daughter is his and it will recognize, and then entered Lola labor and Tiberium aid and taken to a hospital and gives birth to a girl and calls her Isabel and then Chabela. camilo andres tells your baby was born and Rodrigo is the former caretaker of the company exportex and Rodrigo Andres wearing to the angels and the angels Lola comes and make the isJUDGEMENT of appeal and Andres goes free and he wants to meet his daughter Lola Sofia will not stop and talk to Lola and makes a section of hypnosis and remember that I teach solitude llorar.Andres desperate to know his daughter enters the house Lola beautiful finally sees her in an emotion Chabela undid her baby curls while Sofia and will have to Daniel Camilo to the clinic asking for Adelita. Just when I was with Chabela Andres Lola comes to the room and was shocked to see her daughter and their love together, Andres says such beautiful words to the baby and Lola cries Tears of joy to know that the love of your life loves With all my heart to his little daughter Isabel at that time who comes Aunt Chabela Lola supports and goes to habitancion and makes Andres out and takes his daughter. Then Aunt Lola tells Chabela you want to talk to her and tells her that she was already happy but Lola said he still had much to be happy then Aunt chabela Lola told that happiness is a goal if they a moment that you feel happy Lola does not want to believe but then teaches where Aunt Chabela Lola says goodbye to the cemetery and she leaves a white trail you've always dreamed tener.Luego loneliness and Adelita located at the place where they are and tells Adelita escaping at a time when there was something weird and return with Lola and others. She managed to escape at a time when there was an operation to rescue Adelita and other women there. then some guys were sent to do the shopping Rodrigo on a bomb that explodes when he will have the car and get to the clinic Sofia a very serious condition. The worst thing is that Andres was the guilty doing things in the car but forgot to tell Rodrigo tell until the car exploded and now feels guilty.After that rodrigo becomes blind and feels useless.


Main cast in order of appearance

Actor Character Known as
Jencarlos Canela Andrés Suarez / Santacruz Main Hero, son of Laura and Rodrigo, brother of Daniel, in love with Lola, ex-husband of Débora, father of Isabel (Chabelita), hates Ángel and doesn't trust him'
Carmen Villalobos María Dolores 'Lola' Volcán de Rugeles / de Ferrer(La Salamandra) Main Heroine, daughter of Soledad and Tiberio, in love with Andrés, widow of Diógenes Rugeles and Apolo, mother of Isabel (Chabelita),kidnaped by Angel,wife of Angel.
Fabian Rios Ángel Meléndez Main Male Antagonist,main villain, psychopath was Tiberio's right hand man, in love with Diana and Lola, kills Tiberio and Ramón, hates Andrés, has Soledad kidnapped (then Victoria) and is using her to separate Lola from Andres, working with Diana to separate Lola and Andres, father of Marquitos, lover of Diana,marries Lola to make himself powerful,forced Lola to marry him,
Angelica Maria Isabel "Chabela" Volcán Lola's aunt, dies. (also appeared as a guardian angel to Lola, left Lola after she started crying for the first time.)
Ana Layevska Débora Noriega de Santacruz Main Female Antagonist, obsessed with Andres, daughter of Ramon and Victoria, hates Lola and wants to kill her and her daughter, kills Marcelo, ex-wife of Andres, was sorry about everything she did, died in a hospital by being Shot by Diana.
Katie Barberi Victoria Noriega Débora's mother, wife of Ramon, Soledad's friend, taking care of Soledad, kidnapped by Ángel.
Carlos Torres Rodrigo Suarez Police officer, father of Andrés, in love with Soledad
Carolina Tejera Diana Mirabal In love with Ángel and Andres, hates Lola, killed Débora, mother of Marco (Marquitos), working with Ángel to separate Lola and Andres, lover of Ángel,Kidnap by Angel,killed by angel
Roberto Mateos Tiberio Guzmán / Carlos González Villain, father of Lola, in love with Soledad, kills Ángel's mother, killed by Ángel
Rossana San Juan Soledad Volcán / "Solita" Lola's mother, in love with Rodrigo, kidnapped by Tiberio, then Ángel
Gerardo Murguía Marcelo Santacruz Villain, father of Daniel, step father of Andres, hates Andres and Lola, lover of Débora, in love with Débora, was Tiberio's right hand man, killed by Débora
Alejandro Suárez Diógenes Rugeles Doctor obsessed with Lola, Lola's first husband, dies from an overdose of "blue pills"
Elluz Peraza Laura Palacios de Santacruz Mother of Andrés and Daniel, alcoholic, in love with Rodrigo, dies in plane crash
Augusto Di Paolo Apolo Ferrer Famous Actor, Lola's second husband, died in a skydiving accident caused by Agapito, was in love with Lola
Freddy Viquez Agapito de la Hoya Villain, Apolo's agent who caused Apolo's death
Liannet Borrego Verónica Alcása Villain, friend of Débora, maneater and uses men for money, killed by the orders of Marcelo
Mauricio Hénao Daniel Santacruz Son of Laura and Marcelo, brother of Andrés, in love with Adela
Carlos Ferro Camilo Andrade Best friend of Andrés, in love with Sofia, almost killed by Felix
Cynthia Olavarria Sofia Palacios Aunt of Andrés and Daniel, in love with Rodrigo, then with Camilo
Roberto Huicochea Jose "Pepe" Linares Grandfather of Adelita, Chabela's best friend, likes Etelvina
Rubén Morales Ramón Noriega Villain, Débora's father, husband of Victoria, killed by Ángel
Paloma Márquez Adela "Adelita" Linares Lola's best friend, in love with Daniel, Was in love with Fulgencio until his death, pregnant with Fulgencio's baby"
Lino Martone Fulgencio López Police officer, in love with Adela, engaged to Adela, killed by Felix
Jeannette Lehr María Etelvina Rengifo Was in love with Diógenes Rugeles until his death, friend of Lola, likes Pepe

Secondary Cast and Special Participations

Actor Character Known as
Adrian Di Monte Papi Victoria's lover
Adriana Oliveros Tamara Prostitute, Ángel's mother, friend of Soledad, killed by the orders of Tiberio
Carlos Anzalotta Pablo Barrientos Friend of Andres
Carlos Pítela Pathologist
Charly Peña Doctor of Debora
Cristian Adrian Javier Miguel's cousin
Cyril Serrao Willy
Duvier Poviones Mike Mendez Sofia's detective
Eduardo Caprile Manuel Carrera Friend Of Andres
Elioret Silva Dimas Bodyguard of Tiberio
Enrique Herrera Tom Velasquez Judge
Frank Guzmán Hugo Criminal, killed by tiberio
Gilberto Santa Rosa Himself Andres' friend
Gladys Yañez Consuelo Maid in the house Santacruz
Guadalupe Hernandez Weseslau Husband of Jennifer
Hector Alejanro Francisco Lopez Glen
Helmy Lavezarri Dora Secretary in Exportex
Hely Ferrigny Public Prosecutor
Jacqueline Marquez Jennifer Dupond Lover of Apolo
Jorge Luis Portales Jimmy Prisioner
Juan Troya Dr. Carlos Medina Doctor of Diogenes
Julio Torresoto Lawyer
Laura Ferreti Elvira Duval
Luis Arturo Ruiz Mario Police chef
Luke Grande Tito Bar owner
Marina Catalán Tattooist
Miguel Colon Miguel Martinez Security in Exportex
Monolo Coego Jr Dr. Ramiro Pantoja Doctor
Nicolás Terán Carlos Mora Police Officer
Omar Fabel León Almeteros Friend of Andrés
Omar Nassar Roberto Miraval 'Bobby' Worked with Tiberio, killed by the orders of Tiberio.
Orlando Casín Priest
Oscar Diaz Priest
Patricia Noguera Yolanda Nurse
Patricio Doren Mike Correa Police Officer
Ramon Morell Londoño Judge
Raul Arietta TV Reporter
Reinaldo Cruz Felix Hernández Criminal, kills Fulgencio, Ángel's right hand man
Tamara Melian Rosa de Francia A Maid in the house of Lola
Vannessa Nevader Vanessa Prostitute
Adela Morice Various extra roles

Release date

  • Release dates and Ratings of U.S. premiere on Telemundo.
Air Date Number Episode Title Rating Duration
23.05.2011 001 Gran lanzamiento 3.9 55 minutes
24.05.2011 002 Pasión explosiva 3.9 44 minutes
25.05.2011 003 Pasión sin límite 3.8 44 minutes
26.05.2011 004 Giros inesperados N/A 44 minutes
27.05.2011 005 Presentir la muerte 3.1 44 minutes
30.05.2011 006 Pérdida inexplicable 4.1 44 minutes
31.05.2011 007 Tragedia dolorosa N/A 44 minutes
01.06.2011 008 Juegos sexuales 5.0 44 minutes
02.06.2011 009 Suerte perdida N/A 44 minutes
03.06.2011 010 Promesa blanca N/A 44 minutes
06.06.2011 011 Unión de interés N/A 44 minutes
07.06.2011 012 Ojo por ojo 3.6 44 minutes
08.06.2011 013 Matrimonio por despecho N/A 44 minutes
09.06.2011 014 Orgullo ciego N/A 44 minutes
10.06.2011 015 Entender razones N/A 44 minutes
13.06.2011 016 Amor y traición N/A 44 minutes
14.06.2011 017 Capricho peligroso N/A 44 minutes
15.06.2011 018 Exigir su lugar N/A 44 minutes
16.06.2011 019 Contra la pared N/A 44 minutes
17.06.2011 020 Juego de celos N/A 44 minutes
20.06.2011 021 Amor y Odio N/A 44 minutes
21.06.2011 022 Cambio de Rumbo N/A 44 minutes
22.06.2011 023 Noticia inesperada N/A 44 minutes
23.06.2011 024 Verdades y mentiras N/A 44 minutes
24.06.2011 025 Mentiras descubiertas N/A 44 minutes
27.06.2011 026 Pasado y futuro N/A 44 minutes
28.06.2011 027 Pasado sin rencores N/A 44 minutes
29.06.2011 028 Recuerdos de amor N/A 44 minutes
30.06.2011 029 Farsa y manipulación N/A 44 minutes
01.07.2011 030 Confrontar la verdad N/A 44 minutes
04.07.2011 031 Amores que matan N/A 44 minutes
05.07.2011 032 Injusta acusación N/A 44 minutes
06.07.2011 033 Falsas verdades N/A 44 minutes
07.07.2011 034 Pasado que envenena N/A 44 minutes
08.07.2011 035 Cambio de vida 5.5 44 minutes
11.07.2011 036 Hombre de oro N/A 44 minutes
12.07.2011 037 Mentiras Verdaderas N/A 44 minutes
13.07.2011 038 Acciones desesperadas N/A 44 minutes
14.07.2011 039 Juego de amenaza N/A 44 minutes
15.07.2011 040 Sueño premonitorio N/A 44 minutes
18.07.2011 041 Suceso inexplicable N/A 44 minutes
19.07.2011 042 Pasado que alcanza N/A 44 minutes
20.07.2011 043 Cara a cara N/A 44 minutes
21.07.2011 044 Decisiones extremas N/A 44 minutes
22.07.2011 045 Riesgos que matan N/A 44 minutes
25.07.2011 046 Furia y venganza N/A 44 minutes
26.07.2011 047 Odio y poder N/A 44 minutes
27.07.2011 048 Odio y castigo N/A 44 minutes
28.07.2011 049 Revancha perfecta N/A 44 minutes
29.07.2011 050 Verdad ciega N/A 44 minutes
01.08.2011 051 Explosión de rabia N/A 44 minutes
02.08.2011 052 Realidad dolorosa N/A 44 minutes
03.08.2011 053 Sed de venganza N/A 44 minutes
04.08.2011 054 Deuda de sangre N/A 44 minutes
05.08.2011 055 Hija del terror N/A 44 minutes
08.08.2011 056 Giros del destino N/A 44 minutes
09.08.2011 057 Muerte en vida N/A 44 minutes
10.08.2011 058 Amor y rencor N/A 44 minutes
11.08.2011 059 Esperanza y fe N/A 44 minutes
12.08.2011 060 Luz de esperanza N/A 44 minutes
15.08.2011 061 Razón de vivir N/A 44 minutes
16.08.2011 062 Lección de lealtad N/A 44 minutes
17.08.2011 063 Primera vez N/A 44 minutes
18.08.2011 064 Libertad y odio N/A 44 minutes
19.08.2011 065 Movimiento en falso N/A 44 minutes
22.08.2011 066 Mirada de amor N/A 44 minutes
23.08.2011 067 Fuerza de voluntad N/A 44 minutes
24.08.2011 068 Marcados por amor N/A 44 minutes
25.08.2011 069 Pieza clave N/A 44 minutes
26.08.2011 070 Fuerza de amor N/A 44 minutes
29.08.2011 071 Amenaza de muerte N/A 44 minutes
30.08.2011 072 Confianza inútil N/A 44 minutes
31.08.2011 073 Tras el rastro N/A 44 minutes
01.09.2011 074 Retrato hablado 5.0 44 minutes
02.09.2011 075 Cuentas claras 4.8 44 minutes
05.09.2011 076 Felicidad y odio N/A 44 minutes
06.09.2011 077 Verdades que duelen N/A 44 minutes
07.09.2011 078 Verdad y realidad N/A 44 minutes
08.09.2011 079 Frente a frente N/A 44 minutes
09.09.2011 080 Causa y efecto N/A 44 minutes
13.09.2011 081 Abrir los ojos N/A 44 minutes
14.09.2011 082 Muñeco útil N/A 44 minutes
15.09.2011 083 Castillo de naipes N/A 44 minutes
16.09.2011 084 Jaque al rey N/A 44 minutes
19.09.2011 085 Pagar culpas N/A 44 minutes
20.09.2011 086 Pelear o morir N/A 44 minutes
21.09.2011 087 Enemigo suelto N/A 44 minutes
22.09.2011 088 Sin salida N/A 44 minutes
23.09.2011 089 Jugando a cupido N/A 42 minutes
26.09.2011 090 Contra el amor N/A 42 minutes
27.09.2011 091 Atracción sensual N/A 42 minutes
28.09.2011 092 Felicidad y rivalidad N/A 42 minutes
29.09.2011 093 Amor y terror N/A 42 minutes
30.09.2011 094 Victima de acoso N/A 42 minutes
03.10.2011 095 Perfil de un Asesino N/A 42 minutes
04.10.2011 096 Cuentas claras N/A 42 minutes
05.10.2011 097 Relevo mortal N/A 42 minutes
06.10.2011 098 Ilusiones rotas N/A 42 minutes
07.10.2011 099 Presión intensa N/A 42 minutes
10.10.2011 100 Juegos sucios N/A 42 minutes
11.10.2011 101 Retorno a la vida N/A 42 minutes
12.10.2011 102 Alianza rota N/A 42 minutes
13.10.2011 103 Sentencia a muerte N/A 42 minutes
14.10.2011 104 Verdades ocultas N/A 42 minutes
17.10.2011 105 Sentencia de muerte N/A 42 minutes
18.10.2011 106 Plan perfecto N/A 42 minutes
19.10.2011 107 Del amor al odio N/A 42 minutes
20.10.2011 108 Amor inmaduro N/A 42 minutes
21.10.2011 109 Custodia legal N/A 42 minutes
24.10.2011 110 La revancha N/A 42 minutes
25.10.2011 111 La huida N/A 42 minutes
26.10.2011 112 Herencia maldita N/A 42 minutes
28.10.2011 113 Socios y amantes N/A 42 minutes
31.10.2011 114 El compromiso N/A 42 minutes
01.11.2011 115 El milagro N/A 42 minutes
02.11.2011 116 Ángel del terror N/A 42 minutes
03.11.2011 117 Cerebro y pasión N/A 42 minutes
04.11.2011 118 Socios y rivales N/A 42 minutes
07.10.2011 119 Revelaciones peligrosas N/A 42 minutes
08.11.2011 120 Al descubierto N/A 42 minutes
09.11.2011 121 Tercer Error N/A 42 minutes
10.11.2011 122 Secuestro de amor N/A 42 minutes
11.11.2011 123 Perdón de amor N/A 42 minutes
14.10.2011 124 Carta de oro N/A 42 minutes
15.11.2011 125 El rescate N/A 42 minutes
16.11.2011 126 Secuestro y traición N/A 42 minutes
17.11.2011 127 El perdón N/A 42 minutes
18.11.2011 128 ' N/A 42 minutes
21.10.2011 129 ' N/A 42 minutes
22.11.2011 130 ' N/A 42 minutes
23.11.2011 131 ' N/A 42 minutes
24.11.2011 132 ' N/A 42 minutes
25.11.2011 133 ' N/A 42 minutes


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