Metals Treatment Technologies

Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2)
Type Private, LLC
Industry Environmental Services, Firing Range Solutions
Founded Aug. 4, 2000
Headquarters Arvada, Colorado
Key people James M. Barthel, president,
and chief executive officer
Products Lead Abatement

Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2, LLC) is an American LLC (Limited Liability Company), based in Arvada, Colorado that provides site specific environmental services. Founded August 4, 2000 the company seeks to continue development, distribute, and deploy heavy metals treatment technologies for firing ranges and at contaminated sites. The proprietary technology for those is implemented under the brand name ECOBOND (ECOBOND lbp). MT2 is listed as a technology vendor on the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website for contaminated site Cleanup-Information,[1] as well as the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council's "Technical/Regulatory Guidelines, Characterization and Remediation of Soils at Closed Small Arms Firing Ranges."[2]

The services provided by MT2 include:

  • Firing Range Sustainability and Maintenance
  • Firing Range Remediation and Closure
  • Soil and Waste Stabilization/Treatment
  • Brownfields/Land Development and Re-use
  • Mine Remediation Services
  • Lead-Based Paint - treatment/products for non-hazardous removal
  • Rivers/Harbors Sediment Remediation
  • Petro-Chemical Remediation and Spill Response
An MT2 work site


Patented Products

MT2,LLC distributes several versions of its product ECOBOND under the U.S. Patents: US 7314512 B2[3] and US 6984769 B2.[4] These patents cover the treatment of surfaces to stabilize heavy metals. This includes more specifically, a paint stripper additive, a paint that can support the non-hazardous removal of lead-based paint, as well as a QuickCoat paint that provides a latex barrier for non-removal purposes.


The metals treatment technology process used by MT2 includes chemical treatment processes for the remediation of heavy metals. This treatment is achieved via MT2's process under the brand name ECOBOND. The product chemically changes the heavy metal making it less leechable and subsequently substantially less hazardous to the environment as well becoming safer to work with.[citation needed]

Metals EcoBond treats

  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Antimony
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Selenium
  • Several Radionuclide
  • Zinc

Recent Clients

North Las Vegas Police Department

During the summer of 2009, MT2 performed a lead remediation job at the North Las Vegas Police Department Firing Range[5] An estimated 100,000 pounds of metal was removed from the berm used to catch the bullets over the previous 30 years (roughly 2 million bullets). Prior to the work, officers were actually getting hit by ricocheting bullets.

Henry Horton State Park

In 2008, helped the Friends of Henry Horton State Park, a nonprofit organization set up in 2006 to "Support Henry Horton State Park by assiting with park programs,etc..."[6] MT2 removed more than 100 tons of lead shot from their award winning Trap and Skeet Range. The top six to eight inches of soil were harvested, dried and then separated from the lead shot. This method prevented most seepage of lead into the ground.

Other Well-Known Clients

  • New York City Police Department (NYPD)
  • United States Department of Defense
  • Phoenix Trap & Skeet
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Department, FL
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport, City of Houston
  • National Trap & Skeet
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency

Bullet Shortages

Recent national bullet shortages have resulted in higher prices for consumers, and lower ammunition availability for the military.[7] This need has provided a significant market for MT2. There is an estimated 15 years worth of lead bullets in the ground in American shooting ranges, waiting to be extracted. In 2007 MT2 extracted 560,000 pounds of the heavy metal.[8]

Firing ranges in the news

  • Las Vegas Sun - Suburb to get the lead out of firing range[9]
  • Times Leader - Aiming to fix the ranges[10]
  • Marshall County Tribune - Getting the lead out[11]
  • AOL News - Bullet Makers 'Working Overtime' in US[12]
  • Denver Post - Bullet recycler gets lead out[13]
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Most state-run gun ranges closed till October for toxic lead removal[14]
  • Times Daily - Officers working around delivery delays, training issues[15]
  • The Washington Post - Maryland, River Group Settle Fight Over Creek[16]


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External links

  • Official Website [1]
  • ECOBOND Website [2]

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