List of kings of Lydia

This page lists the kings of Lydia, an ancient kingdom in western Anatolia. The Greeks of Homer's time knew Lydia as Maeonia, which was probably an earlier name for the country. Three dynasties are mentioned by the ancient sources; the first is wholly mythical, the second begins in myth but emerges into the light of historical record, and the third is wholly real. The earliest of these is contemporary with the rebellious governor Madduwattas of Zippasla and his successor Tarkhundaradu, mentioned in Hittite records; but any identification between them is speculation.


Atyads (Tantalids)

Herodotus gives the eponymous Manes as the first king of Maeonia, with a son named Atys (Atyllus). Other sources, such as Strabo, name Tmolus and his son Tantalus as kings of the region at the same time, ruling from Sipylus. Since Omphale is a member of both these families, it is conjectured that they are identical.[1][2][3]

  • The 1768 Universal History (Sale et al), citing various classical sources, inserts the following kings of Lydia between Lydus and Tmolus: Alcymus, Adrymetes, Cambletes.
  • Tmolus - (Gored to death by a bull)
  • Sale's Universal History inserts the following kings of Lydia between Tmolus and Omphale: Theoclymenos, Marsyas, and Iardanus.
  • Omphale - (Widow of Tmolus, after whom she reigned. The reign was taken over by the Tylonids or Heraclids through her)

Tylonids (Heraclids)

Usurping the throne, this semi-legendary dynasty, which established its capital at Sardis, comprised 22 kings reigning for 505 years, according to Herodotus. They were descended from a liaison between Omphale and the mythical hero Heracles (known as Tylon to the Lydians). The kingdom came to be called Lydia after the last king of the previous dynasty.[1]

  • Agron 1221-? BC (son of Ninus, son of Belus, son of Alcaeus, son of Heracles and Omphale)
  • (17 kings, names unknown, all succeeding father to son)
  • Ardys I (Ardysus I) 795-759 BC (son of predecessor)
  • Alyattes I 759-745 BC (son of Ardys I)
  • Meles (Myrsus) 745-733 BC (son of Alyattes I)
  • Candaules (Myrsilus) 733-716 BC (son of Meles, murdered by Gyges)


Although fully historical, the dates for this dynasty have never been determined with certainty. The traditional dates are derived from Herodotus, who gives reign-lengths for each king; but these have been questioned by modern scholars on the basis of synchronisms with Assyrian history. Both versions are given here (with the latter in brackets).[5][6][7]

  • Gyges 716-678 BC (or c.680-644) (husband of Candaules's widow)
  • Ardys II (Ardysus II) 678-629 BC (or 644-c.625) (son of Gyges)
  • Sadyattes 629-617 BC (or c.625-c.600) (son of Ardys II)
  • Alyattes II 617-560 BC (or c.600-560) (son of Sadyattes)
  • Croesus 560-546 BC (or 560-547) (son of Alyattes II)


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