Merge in Takapuna (proposed building)

Merge in Takapuna is a mixed-use development / residential skyscraper proposed for Takapuna, North Shore City, New Zealand.[1] At about 100 m, it will be the second tallest building in Takapuna, next to the Sentinel tower already built directly adjacent to the future site.[2]

The building is to 'merge' a wide number of uses, including a high-rise residential tower of approximately 30 stories[3] containing around 110 apartments, a lower office section with four very large levels providing 360 degree city and harbour views, which sits atop a multi-level public car park for 750 cars, which the developer will build for North Shore City Council.[3] The ground level of the building is to contain shops and restaurants and in turn sits atop another four levels of basement car park.[1]

The public car park, which is a central element of the Council's plan for the future parking strategy for Takapuna, will cost around NZ$ 30 million, offset partly by the NZ$ 12.5 million that the developer will pay for the site (previously the 'Gasometer') at the corner of Auburn Street and Huron Street [3][4] The whole development is to cost approximately 200 million.[5]

After being stalled for some years by the Global Financial Crisis, the project proceeded to recourse consent stage in mid 2010.[6] In late 2010, consent was granted. The developers expressed hope that construction could start in 2011, though skeptics consider the current financial/development market as unfavorable.[5]


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