Merchiston railway station

Merchiston Station
Site of Merchiston Station (disused).jpg
Site of Merchiston Station (disused)
Place Edinburgh
Area Edinburgh
Coordinates 55°56′05″N 3°13′43″W / 55.934636°N 3.228749°W / 55.934636; -3.228749Coordinates: 55°56′05″N 3°13′43″W / 55.934636°N 3.228749°W / 55.934636; -3.228749
Original company Caledonian Railway
Post-grouping LMS
Platforms 2
1 July 1882[1] Station opened
6 September 1965[1] Station closed
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Merchiston Station was a railway station which served the area of Merchiston in Edinburgh, Scotland, for around eighty years. The station was built by the Caledonian Railway between 1879 and 1883, with the last passenger service in September 1965. The station was demolished shortly afterwards and the track bed has become a footpath.

The station was located in the neighbourhood sometimes known as "North Merchiston" but more commonly as Shandon, and typically taken to be part of the area of Polwarth, rather than Merchiston. Merchiston was also served by Craiglockhart railway station to the south-west of the area, on the North British Railway's Edinburgh Suburban and Southside Junction Railway.


Construction of the station

The station was constructed between 1879 and 1883[2] with two platforms and a small overhead footbridge. The station was located around 1 km east of Slateford Station and approximately 2.25 km west of Princes Street Station, at the bottom of Bonaly Place (since renamed Harrison Place).


The station's last passenger service was on 10 September 1962[citation needed]. The first part of the old line from Princes Street Station – now the Western Approach Road, built in the 1970s – leads from Lothian Road to Angle Park Terrace beside Dalry Cemetery, with a branch to Roseburn at the former Dalry Road station. The part of the track occupying the former station at Merchiston is now a footpath, extending to a service road leading west to Slateford Yards.



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