List of members of the first Knesset

The 120 members of the first Knesset were elected on 25 January 1949. The breakdown by party was as follows:


List of members

Party Member Notes
Mapai Meir Argov
Mapai Ami Assaf
Mapai Zalman Aran
Mapai Yitzhak Ben-Zvi
Mapai Aryeh Bahir
Mapai David Bar-Rav-Hai
Mapai Yosef Beretz
Mapai Haim Ben-Asher
Mapai David Ben-Gurion Prime Minister, Minister of Defense
Mapai Shmuel Dayan
Mapai Ben-Zion Dinor
Mapai Hasya Drori
Mapai Yehiel Duvdevani
Mapai Yosef Efrati
Mapai Heshel Frumkin Replaced by Jenia Taversky on 5/2/1951
Mapai Shraga Goren
Mapai Akiva Govrin
Mapai Yisrael Guri
Mapai Eliyahu Hacarmeli
Mapai David Hacohen
Mapai Neta Harpaz
Mapai Avraham Herzfeld
Mapai Abba Hushi Replaced by Baruch Osnia on 12/2/1951
Mapai Beba Idelson
Mapai Eliezer Kaplan Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade and Industry
Mapai Yona Kesse
Mapai Yosef-Michael Lamm Replaced by Rafael Bash on 21/5/1951
Mapai Shlomo Lavi
Mapai Pinhas Lavon Minister of Agriculture (second government)
Mapai Eliezer Livna
Mapai Ada Maimon
Mapai Golda Meir Minister of Labour and Social Security
Mapai Peretz Naftali
Mapai Dvora Netzer
Mapai David Remez Minister of Transportation (first government), Minister of Education and Culture (second government), replaced by Menachem Cohen on 19/5/1951
Mapai Moshe Sharett Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mapai Zalman Shazar Minister of Education and Culture (first government)
Mapai Aryeh Sheftel Replaced by Yisrael Yeshayahu on 12/2/1951
Mapai Reuven Sheri Deputy Minister of Transportation (second government)
Mapai Yosef Sprinzak
Mapai Yizhar Smilansky
Mapai Yehudit Simhonit Replaced by Herzl Berger on 5/2/1951
Mapai Efraim Taburi
Mapai Avraham Taviv Replaced by Yitzhak Kanav on 20/4/1950
Mapai Zvi Yehuda
Mapai Dov Yosef Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Rationing and Supply (first government), Minister of Transportation (second government)
Mapam Moshe Aram
Mapam Menachem Bader
Mapam Dov Bar-Nir Replaced by Menachem Ratzon on 10/4/1951
Mapam Yisrael Bar-Yehuda
Mapam Yitzhak Ben-Aharon
Mapam Mordechai Bentov
Mapam Yaakov Hazan
Mapam Yisrael Galili
Mapam Fayge Ilanit
Mapam Hannah Lamdan
Mapam Nahum Nir
Mapam Eliezer Peri
Mapam Berl Repetur
Mapam Ya'akov Riftin
Mapam Hanan Rubin
Mapam Moshe Sneh
Mapam Yitzhak Tabenkin Replaced by David Livschitz on 12/4/1951
Mapam Meir Yaari
Mapam Aharon Zisling
United Religious Front Yosef Burg
United Religious Front Moshe Kelmer Replaced by Eliyahu Mazur on 11/3/1949
United Religious Front Eliyahu-Moshe Ganhovsky
United Religious Front Avraham-Yehuda Goldrat
United Religious Front Aharon-Ya'akov Greenberg
United Religious Front Kalman Kahana
United Religious Front Meir-David Levenstein
United Religious Front Yitzhak-Meir Levin Minister of Welfare
United Religious Front Yehuda Leib Maimon Minister of Religions and War Victims
United Religious Front Benjamin Mintz
United Religious Front Mordechai Nurock
United Religious Front David-Zvi Pinkas
United Religious Front Avraham-Haim Shag
United Religious Front Haim-Moshe Shapira Minister of Health, Minister of Immigration, Minister of Internal Affairs
United Religious Front Moshe Unna
United Religious Front Zerach Warhaftig
Herut Menachem Begin
Herut Yohanan Bader
Herut Aryeh Ben-Eliezer
Herut Haim Cohen-Meguri
Herut Uri-Zvi Greenberg
Herut Ari Jabotinsky Left the party to sit as an independent
Herut Shmuel Katz
Herut Hillel Kook Left the party to sit as an independent
Herut Haim Landau
Herut Eliyahu Lankin
Herut Yaakov Meridor
Herut Shmuel Merlin
Herut Avraham Rakanti
Herut Esther Raziel-Naor
General Zionists Peretz Bernstein
General Zionists Ya'akov Gil
General Zionists Ya'akov Klivnov
General Zionists Shoshana Parsitz
General Zionists Israel Rokach
General Zionists Yosef Sapir
General Zionists Yosef Serlin
Progressive Party Idov Cohen
Progressive Party Yeshayahu Forder
Progressive Party Avraham Granot
Progressive Party Yizhar Harari
Progressive Party Pinchas Rosen Minister of Justice
Maki Shmuel Mikunis
Maki Eliezer Preminger Left to form the Hebrew Communists before joining Mapam
Maki Tawfik Toubi
Maki Meir Vilner
Sephardim & Oriental Communities Moshe Ben-Ami
Sephardim & Oriental Communities Eliyahu Eliashar
Sephardim & Oriental Communities Avraham Elmalih
Sephardim & Oriental Communities Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit Minister of Police
Democratic List of Nazareth Seif-El-Din El-Zubi
Democratic List of Nazareth Amin-Salim Jarjora
Fighters' List Nathan Yellin-Mor
Yemenite Association Zecharia Glosca
WIZO Rachel Cohen-Kagan


MK Replaced Party Date Notes
Eliyahu Mazur Moshe Kelmer United Religious Front 11 March 1949
Yitzhak Kanav Avraham Taviv Mapai 20 April 1950
Herzl Berger Yehudit Simhonit Mapai 5 February 1951
Jenia Taversky Heshel Frumkin Mapai 5 February 1951
Yisrael Yeshayahu Aryeh Sheftel Mapai 12 February 1951
Baruch Osnia Abba Hushi Mapai 12 February 1951
Menachem Ratzon Dov Bar-Nir Mapam 10 April 1951
David Livschitz Yitzhak Tabenkin Mapam 12 April 1951
Menachem Cohen David Remez Mapai 19 May 1951
Rafael Bash Yosef-Michael Lamm Mapai 21 May 1951

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