List of Pokémon: Advanced Battle episodes

Pokémon: Advanced Battle
Advanced Battle.jpg
The English title screen from the Pokémon: Advanced Battle season
Country of origin Japan Japan
No. of episodes 53
Original channel TV Tokyo
Original run September 9, 2004 (2004-09-09) – September 29, 2005 (2005-09-29)
Season chronology
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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Advanced Battle, the eighth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum in Hoenn.



The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the openings of each episode, and may not reflect the actual production season. The English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication, on the WB Television Network or on Cartoon Network. (Other English-speaking nations largely followed either this order or the Japanese order.) Subsequent airings of the English version follow the original Japanese order, except in the case of episodes which are no longer shown in English.

This season aired first-run episodes in Japan from September 9, 2004, to September 29, 2005. In the United States, it aired from September 17, 2005 to July 8, 2006. It aired in the United States as part of the 2005-2006 Kids' WB! Saturday morning line-up. This is the last season of Pokémon dubbed into English by 4Kids Entertainment as well as the last season to air on Kids WB and, as such, the last season dubbed by the original voice cast.

In the Japanese version, the episode "The Scheme Team" was the last performance of the late voice actor Hirotaka Suzuoki as Giovanni in the Pokémon series, before his death one year later. In the episode "Once in a Mawile", the theme opening changes a little. This is the most popular season behind the first season and fifth season.

Season 8 – Pokémon: Advanced Battle (2005–2006)

EP# English title
Japanese title
Air Date
J# E# Japan
United States
369 366 "Clamperl of Wisdom" (Pearlulu and Baneboo! Seek the Pearl!)
"Pāruru to Banebū! Shinju o Sagase!" (パールルとバネブー!しんじゅをさがせ!) 
September 9, 2004 September 17, 2005
Once again, Spoink loses its pearl. 
370 367 "The Relicanth Really Can" (Glanth and the Deep Sea Treasure!)
"Jīransu to Shinkai no Hihō!" (ジーランスと深海の秘宝!) 
September 16, 2004 September 24, 2005
Ash and company agree to help a treasure hunter look for buried treasure. Things get complicated when Team Rocket locks Ash and company in the cave. 
371 368 "The Evolutionary War" (Huntail and Sakurabyss! Mystery of Evolution!)
"Hantēiru to Sakurabisu! Shinka no Nazo!" (ハンテールとサクラビス!進化の謎!) 
September 23, 2004 October 1, 2005
There is a conflict on two islands. Apparently, when Clamperl travels to one island, it evolves into Gorebyss, but on the other island, it becomes Huntail. 
372 369 "Training Wrecks" (Muscle Battle!? Double Battle!!)
"Kinniku Batoru!? Daburu Batoru!!" (筋肉バトル!?ダブルバトル!!) 
September 30, 2004 October 8, 2005
Ash has a double battle with a trainer from the Muscle Island. 
373 370 "Gaining Groudon" (Groudon vs. Kyogre [Part 1])
"Guradon Tai Kaiōga! -Zenpen-" (グラードンVSカイオーガ! -前編-) 
October 7, 2004 October 15, 2005
During a war between Team Aqua and Team Magma, the legendary Kyogre is possessed by the Red Orb, and Pikachu gets possessed by the Blue Orb. 
374 371 "The Scuffle of Legends" (Groudon vs. Kyogre [Part 2])
"Guradon Tai Kaiōga! -Kōhen-" (グラードンVSカイオーガ! -後編-) 
October 14, 2004 October 22, 2005
Lance and his shiny Gyarados return to solve the war between Teams Magma and Aqua. 
375 372 "It's Still Rocket Roll to Me" (Fuu and Ran! Space Center Battle!)
"Fū to Ran! Uchū Senta no Tatakai!" (フウとラン!宇宙センターの戦い!) 
October 21, 2004 October 29, 2005
Jessie, James and Meowth sneak onto a rocket in Mossdeep City and kidnap Tate, Max and Corphish. 
376 373 "Solid as a Solrock" (Tokusane Gym! Solrock and Lunatone!)
"Tokusane Jimu! Sorurokku to Runatōn!" (トクサネジム!ソルロックとルナトーン!) 
October 28, 2004 November 5, 2005
Ash duels Tate and Liza at the Mossdeep gym, who chooses Pikachu and Swellow against Lunatone and Solrock. At first, Tate and Liza argue with each other at the start of the battle, but regain their focus after Team Rocket shows up. Ash manages to defeat them and obtain his seventh badge. 
377 [1] -- "Yureru Shima no Tatakai! Dojotchi Tai Namazun!!" (Shaking Island Battle! Dojotchi vs. Namazun!!) (ゆれる島の戦い!ドジョッチVSナマズン!!)  N/A N/A

The episode was originally set to air in Japan on November 4, 2004, but was skipped due to the episode's similarities to the Chūetsu earthquake on October 23, 2004. The episode was later postponed, and then discontinued. While most of the other episodes were either not dubbed for English-language release or taken out of English-language syndication rotations, this episode of Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation was the first episode of the anime to be banned inside Japan prior to its first scheduled airing.[citation needed] the plot however involves Ash and friends meeting a trainer with a Barboach and many whiscash, and a certain problem regarding said Pokémon which is resolved thanks to Team Rocket's latest plot, which involves rubber suits, considering that barboach are part electric. Team Rocket gets defeated, and Ash and friends part ways with the trainer.

The episode didn't even end up as a DVD exclusive. 
378 374 "Vanity Affair" (Seaman! Elite Four Genji Appears!!)
"Umi no Otoko! Shitennō Genji Tōjō!!" (海の男!四天王ゲンジ登場!!) 
November 4, 2004 November 12, 2005
Ash meets Drake, a member of the Hoenn Elite 4, who invites him to come back to his ship for a Pokémon battle- a chance that Ash can’t refuse! 
379 375 "Where's Armaldo?" (Island of Dr. Moroboshi! Fossil Pokémon Appear!!)
"Dokutā Moroboshi no Shima! Kaseki Pokemon Arawareru!!" (ドクター・モロボシの島!化石ポケモン現る!!) 
November 11, 2004 November 19, 2005
A scientist attempts to revive the extinct Pokémon, Armaldo. 
380 376 "A Cacturne for the Worse" (Izabe Island Pokémon Contest! Beware of the Rival!!)
"Izabe Shima Pokemon Kontesuto! Ribaru Nikio Tsukero!!" (イザベ島ポケモンコンテスト!ライバルに気をつけろ!!) 
November 18, 2004 November 26, 2005
May meets her new rival, Harley, and gets into a huge conflict with him. 
381 377 "Claydol Big and Tall" (Sealed the Huge Nendoll!!)
"Kyodai Nendōru o Fūin se yo!!" (巨大ネンドールを封印せよ!!) 
November 25, 2004 December 3, 2005
Ash, May, Max, Brock and Team Rocket try to trap a gigantic Claydol. 
382 378 "Once in a Mawile" (Falling in Love with Kucheat! Hasubrero's Flower Arrangement!!)
"Koi Suru Kuchīto! Hasuburero no Hanamichi!!" (恋するクチート!ハスブレロの花道!!) 
December 2, 2004 December 10, 2005
A Trainer's Mawile falls in love with Brock's Lombre while Ash's Corphish falls in love with the same Mawile and gets jealous about Lombre. Later, Lombre finds a Water stone and evolves into a Ludicolo. 
383 379 "Beg, Burrow and Steal" (Nuckrar and Vibrava! Lake of Illusion!!)
"Nakkurā to Biburāba! Maboroshi no Mizūmi!!" (ナックラーとビブラーバ!幻の湖!!) 
December 9, 2004 December 17, 2005
A scientist and his Trapinch attempt to prove his theories of an existing lake that evolves Trapinch into Vibrava. 
384 380 "Absol-ute Disaster!" (Absol! Creeping Shadow of Disaster)
"Abusoru! Shinobi Yoru Wazawai no Kage" (アブソル!忍び寄るわざわいの影) 
December 16, 2004 January 7, 2006
A village is convinced an Absol is causing all sorts of disasters, so Ash and a child go to prove Absol is innocent. 
385 381 "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt" (Catch Yukiwarashi!)
"Yukiwarashi o Tsukamaero!" (ユキワラシをつかまえろ!) 
December 23, 2004 January 14, 2006
A wild Snorunt steals Ash's badge case, so Ash attempts to capture the ice Pokémon. Ash manages to capture the cheeky Snorunt and regain his badges. 
386 382 "Do I Hear a Ralts?" (Rescue Ralts! Rush Masato!)
"Rarutosu o Sukue! Isoge Masato!" (ラルトスを救え!急げマサト!) 
January 6, 2005 January 21, 2006
Max and Snorunt do their best to rescue a Ralts and reunite it with its evolutions. 
387 383 "The Great Eight Fate!" (Rune Gym! Artist of Water - Adan! [Part 1])
"Rune Jimu! Mizu no Āteisuto, Adan! -Zenpen-" (ルネジム!水のアーティスト・アダン! -前編-) 
January 13, 2005 January 28, 2006
Ash battles Juan of Sootopolis City. 
388 384 "Eight Ain't Enough" (Rune Gym! Artist of Water - Adan! [Part 2])
"Rune Jimu! Mizu no Āteisuto, Adan! -Kōhen-" (ルネジム!水のアーティスト・アダン! -後編-) 
January 20, 2005 January 28, 2006
Continuing from the previous episode, Ash's Gym Battle against Juan continues, as Ash's Pokémon battle his Luvdisc, Whiscash, and Milotic. Ash manages to beat Juan and obtain his eighth badge. 
389 385 "Showdown at Linoone" (Massaguma! The Shape of Friendship!?)
"Massuguma! Yūjō no Katachi!?" (マッスグマ!友情のカタチ!?) 
January 27, 2005 February 4, 2006
A Linoone appears to lose its trust for its trainer. 
390 386 "Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?" (Sohnano of Illusion Island!)
"Maboroshi Shima no Sōnano!" (まぼろし島のソーナノ!) 
February 3, 2005 February 4, 2006
While aboard Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine, Max accidentally hits a switch, causing everyone to wash up on an island inhabited by Wynaut. 
391 387 "Date Expectations" (Rollout! Loving Donfan!)
"Korogare! Koi Suru Donfan!" (ころがれ!恋するドンファン!) 
February 10, 2005 April 1, 2006
A group of Donphan attempt to impress a shiny, female Donphan. 
392 388 "Mean with Envy" (Disorderly Melee! Pokémon Contest - Kinagi Tournament! [Part 1])
"Konsen, Konran! Pokemon Kontesuto, Kinagi Taikai! -Zenpen-" (混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会! -前編-) 
February 17, 2005 April 1, 2006

The final Hoenn Pokémon Contest is underway, but May is distracted when one of her opponents sees May as a romantic rival.

Note: This episode is the first episode with Jynx's purple-skinned design, and as such is the first episode featuring that Pokémon to not be banned. 
393 389 "Pacifidlog Jam" (Disorderly Melee! Pokémon Contest - Kinagi Tournament! [Part 2])
"Konsen, Konran! Pokemon Kontesuto, Kinagi Taikai! -Kōhen-" (混戦、混乱!ポケモンコンテスト・キナギ大会! -後編-) 
February 24, 2005 April 8, 2006
May's final Hoenn contest continues: Skitty battles a Houndoom, while Jessie amazes the judges with Meowth's "Transform". By the end of the contest, May has won her final ribbon, giving her a place in the Grand Festival. 
394 390 "Berry, Berry Interesting" (Get Gonbe with Haruka Delicious!!)
"Haruka Derishasu de, Gonbe Getto Kamo!!" (ハルカデリシャスで、ゴンベGETかも!!) 
March 3, 2005 February 11, 2006
Several trainers accuse a Munchlax of eating their Pokéblock, so May catches him to prove its innocence. 
395 391 "Less is Morrison" (The Rivals Appears! Masamune and the Dumbber!!)
"Raibaru Tōjō! Masamune to Danbaru!!" (ライバル登場!マサムネとダンバル!!) 
March 10, 2005 February 11, 2006
While on the way to the Grand Festival, the group meets a Beldum trainer named Morrison. After hearing that Morrison also intends to enter the Hoenn League, a new rivalry between Ash and Morrison is born. 
396 392 "The Ribbon Cup Caper!" (Mysterious Thief Bannai and the Ribbon Cup!!)
"Kaitou Bannai to Ribon Kappu!!" (怪盗バンナイとリボンカップ!!) 
March 17, 2005 February 18, 2006
Brodie is back, and this time, he's after the Grand Festival's Ribbon Cup. With the help of Officer Jenny and Contesta, Ash and the others are determined to find the trophy and return it before the festival begins. 
397 -- "Satoshi to Haruka! Houen de no Atsuki Batoru!!" (Satoshi and Haruka! Heated Battles in Hoenn!!) (サトシとハルカ!ホウエンでの熱きバトル!!)  March 24, 2005 N/A
This was a clipshow of Ash's gym battles and May's contest battles. 
398 393 "Hi Ho Silver Wind!" (Begin! Grand Festival [1]!!)
"Kaimaku! Gurando Fesuteibaru, Wan!!" (開幕!グランドフェスティバル①!!) 
April 7, 2005 February 18, 2006
The gang finally arrives in Slateport City for the Grand Festival. 
399 394 "Deceit and Assist" (Fierce Fighting! Grand Festival [2]!!)
"Nettō! Gurando Fesuteibaru, Tū!!" (熱闘!グランドフェスティバル②!!) 
April 7, 2005 February 25, 2006
May, Drew, and Harley face off in the second round. 
400 395 "Rhapsody in Drew" (Deciding Match! Grand Festival [3]!!)
"Kessen! Gurando Fesuteibaru, Surī!!" (決戦!グランドフェスティバル③!!) 
April 7, 2005 February 25, 2006
May battles against Drew in a Pokémon battle. Also Ash's Snorunt finally handled Ice Beam when it evolved into Glalie. 
401 396 "Island Time" (Let's Go with Survival!)
"Sabaibaru de Ikou!" (サバイバルでいこう!) 
April 14, 2005 March 4, 2006
Team Rocket crashes a plane with Ash and co. on board on an island home to a castaway and his Wailmer. 
402 397 "Like a Meowth to a Flame" (Arrival in Saiyuu Cityl! Nyarth in Boots!?)
"Saiyū Shitei Tōchaku! Nagagutsu o Haita Nyāsu!?" (サイユウシティ到着!長靴をはいたニャース!?) 
April 21, 2005 March 4, 2006
Ash and friends finally arrive in Evergrand City. Ash meets a new rival named Tyson, who has a Meowth, strangely, wearing clothes. 
403 398 "Saved by the Beldum" (Start the Prelimaries! Masamune Appears!!)
"Yobisen Sutāto! Masamune Tōjō!!" (予備選スタート!マサムネ登場!!) 
April 28, 2005 March 11, 2006
The Hoenn League begins; Tyson's Meowth is given a backstory. 
404 399 "From Brags to Riches" (Begin! Saiyuu Tournament!!)
"Kaimaku! Saiyū Taikai!!" (開幕!サイユウ大会!!) 
May 5, 2005 March 11, 2006
Continuing the Hoenn League. 
405 400 "Shocks and Bonds" (Towards the Tournament Finals! Everyday a Heated Battle!)
"Kesshō Tōnamento e! Atsuki Tatakai no Hibi!" (決勝トーナメントへ!熱き戦いの日々!) 
May 12, 2005 March 18, 2006
Continuing the Hoenn League. 
406 401 "A Judgment Brawl" (And... Continue the Battle that Cannot be Lost!!)
"Soshite... Makerarenai Tatakai wa Tsuzuku!!" (そして…負けられない戦いは続く!!) 
May 19, 2005 March 18, 2006
407 402 "Choose It or Lose It!" (Rival Showdown! Vs. Masamune!)
"Raibaru Taiketsu! Tai Masamune!" (ライバル対決!VSマサムネ!) 
May 26, 2005 March 25, 2006
Continuing the Hoenn League; Morrison sends out Growlith but it gets defeated by Corphish and Ash yells at Morrison that he doesn't care about his Pokémon and that he should just quit if he's not going to battle with his full heart. Morrison snaps out of it and sends out Swampert who draws with Corphish after using Focus Punch against Corphish's Crabhammer. Morrison sends out Steelix and Ash sends out Pikachu but gets defeated with Steelix's Iron Tail and then Ash sends out Torkoal who despite the advantage loses to Steelix's Dragon Breath. Ash sends out Grovyle next who beats Steelix with a Leaf Blade. Morrison then sends out Gligar who beats Grovyle after a heated match with a Guillotine. Ash then sends out Swellow who defeats Gligar with its powerful Aerial Ace. Morrison sends out Metang next which beats SWellow rather easily. Ash's last Pokémon is Glalie. Glalie keeps using Ice Beam but it keeps getting reversed by Psychic. Finally after Ice Beam was reversed by Psychic Glalie used an Icy Wind to blow it back and beat Metang. Ash has to face Tyson next. Tyson sends out Sceptile and Ash sends out Glalie. Sceptile's Solar Beam and Glalie's Ice Beam collide and there is an explosion who will win. 
408 403 "At the End of the Fray" (The Last Fierce Fighting! The Road to the Championship!!)
"Saigo no Gekitō! Yūshō e no Michi!!" (最後の激闘!優勝への道!!) 
June 16, 2005 March 25, 2006
Closing the Hoenn League; Ash's Glalie and Tyson's Sceptile are both knocked out. Ash sends out Torkoal and Tyson sends out Shiftry. Shiftry keeps dodging Flamethrower until Torkoal finally hit one and beats it. Tyson then uses Hariyama, but it blocks Flamethrower with an Arm Thrust. Brock reveals that Hariyama has a Thick Fat that makes Fire and Ice Type attack do less than half the damage they usually would. Hariyama beats Torkoal with a Brick Break. Ash sends out Corphish next who gets beat by Hariyama's Focus Punch. Ash then sends in Swellow. Hariyama catches Swellow by the beak in the midst of a Quick Attack but Swellow manages to hit an Aerial Ace to win. Tyson sends in Donphan who keeps hitting Rollout attack. Swellow is on the ground against a rock and Donphan is doing Rollout but Swellow amazingly catches Donophan with its feet and throws it to win. Tyson then sends in Metagross who beats Swellow after deflecting a Quick Attack and then hitting Hyper Beam. Swellow, though, left Ash an opening by leaving a scratch on Metagross for Ash to focus on. Ash sends in Grovyle next who uses Bullet Seed on the scratch making it deeper. It goes for Leaf Blade but gets hit with Meteor Mash and loses. Ash's last Pokémon is Pikachu. Pikachu uses Iron Tail and then Thunder on the scratch and knocks out Metagross. Tyson's last Pokémon is Meowth who is revealed to know Thunderbolt and uses it to block Pikachu's electric attacks. Pikachu and Meowth hit Iron Tail on each other and Pikachu collapses and Tyson wins the match and goes on to win the rest of his matches and the Hoenn League championship. 
409 404 "The Scheme Team" (Enishida and the Battle Frontier!)
"Enishida to Batoru Furonteia!" (エニシダとバトルフロンティア!) 
June 23, 2005 April 8, 2006
Ash returns to Pallet Town, while Brock goes to Pewter City, and May and Max return to Petalburg City. Ash visits Viridian City, and discovers the new gym leader is Agatha of the Elite Four! Scott, a man who conveniently happens to be there, tells Ash about the Battle Frontier, causing Ash to enter. 
410 405 "The Right Place and the Right Mime" (Ookido's Laboratory! Everybody Gather!!)
"Ōkido Kenkyūsho! Zen'in Shūgō!!" (オーキド研究所!全員集合!!) 
June 30, 2005 April 15, 2006
Ash and May prepare for the challenge ahead of them, leaving some of their Pokémon at Professor Oak's lab. Before leaving, a Squirtle chooses May as its trainer. Misty also decides to journey with them. 
411 406 "A Real Cleffa-Hanger" (Mt. Otsukimi! With Py, Pippi and Pixy!)
"Otsuki Miyama! Pii to Pippi to Pikushī to!" (おつきみやま!ピィとピッピとピクシーと!) 
July 7, 2005 April 15, 2006
Misty and Max try to return a Cleffa to Mount Moon. 
412 407 "Numero Uno Articuno" (First Battle! Battle Factory [Part 1])
"Uijin! Batoru Fakutorī! -Zenpen-" (初陣!バトルファクトリー! -前編-) 
July 21, 2005 April 22, 2006
Ash and co. catch up with Noland, the first Frontier Brain, and discover he has befriended the legendary Pokémon Articuno! 
413 408 "The Symbol Life" (First Battle! Battle Factory [Part 2])
"Uijin! Batoru Fakutorī! -Kōhen-" (初陣!バトルファクトリー! -後編-) 
July 28, 2005 April 22, 2006
Charizard returns to duel with Articuno. Ash beats Noland and obtains his first symbol. 
414 409 "Hooked on Onix" (The Kingdom of Iwark!!)
"Iwāku no Ōkoku!!" (イワークの王国!!) 
August 4, 2005 May 6, 2006
Team Rocket fool a king Onix, some Geodudes, Gravelers and Golems into believing that Ash wants to capture them. 
415 410 "Rough, Tough Jigglypuff" (Purin's Song, Papa's Song!)
"Purin no Uta, Papa no Uta!" (プリンの歌、パパの歌!) 
August 11, 2005 May 13, 2006
A man tries to catch a Jigglypuff for his daughter's birthday, but this is the toughest Jigglypuff in the universe 
416 411 "On Cloud Arcanine" (Rival Showdown! Get Windie!)
"Raibaru Taiketsu! Uindei o Getto Kamo!" (ライバル対決!ウインディをゲットかも!) 
August 18, 2005 May 20, 2006
May and Drew set their eyes on an Arcanine, although it uses its Extremespeed and Roar techniques to flee. 
417 412 "Sitting Psyduck" (Koduck's Depression!)
"Kodakku no Yūutsu!" (コダックの憂鬱!) 
August 25, 2005 May 27, 2006
A girl sends out a Machop, a Machoke and a Machamp to retrieve her depressed Psyduck. 
418 413 "Hail to the Chef!" (Nyula and Barrierd! Whose Restaurant!?)
"Nyūra to Bariyādo! Focchino Resutoran!?" (ニューラとバリヤード!どっちのレストラン!?) 
September 1, 2005 June 3, 2006
A Sneasel and a Mr. Mime have a cook-off to see who is a better chef. 
419 414 "Caterpie's Big Dilemma" (Evolution! That Mystery and Wonder!!)
"Shinka! Sono Shinpi to Kiseki!!" (進化!その神秘と奇跡!!) 
September 8, 2005 June 10, 2006
A trainer's Caterpie, along with Jessie's Dustox & James' Cacnea grow to enormous sizes. 
420 415 "The Saffron Con" (Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Tournament!! [Part 1])
"Pokemon Kontesuto, Yamabuki Taikai!! -Zenpen-" (ポケモンコンテスト・ヤマブキ大会!! -前編-) 
September 15, 2005 June 17, 2006
May enters her Squirtle into a Pokémon Contest. 
421 416 "A Hurdle for Squirtle" (Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Tournament!! [Part 2])
"Pokemon Kontesuto, Yamabuki Taikai!! -Kōhen-" (ポケモンコンテスト・ヤマブキ大会!! -後編-) 
September 22, 2005 June 24, 2006
May battles Harley in the Saffron City Pokémon Contest, and wins. 
422 417 "Pasta La Vista" (Fighting Dojo! Satoshi vs. Haruka!)
"Kakutō Dōjō! Satoshi Tai Haruka!" (格闘道場!サトシVSハルカ!) 
September 29, 2005 July 8, 2006

Ash and Max go to the Saffron City fighting dojo to see some Fighting-type Pokémon, while May and Brock go to a noodle shop.

Info: This was the final episode to be dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment. 

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