Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage

[ Indian institute of scientific heritage] also known as IISH is a scientific charitable trust devoted for learning and teaching of ancient Indian heritage using the modern tools.

IISH spreads the great message of India’s heritage in collaboration with tens of organizations in hundreds of places through thousands of programs, with the help of thousands of mission oriented workers to the hearts of millions of people.

[ Indian institute of scientific heritage] is in the mission of learning and teaching Indian heritage in the true spirit of scientific vision . This program is undertaken as India Sixty Vision and Mission supported by central and state government agencies and many organizations.

Dr. M. Sambasivan FRCS, Neuro Surgeon & President of [ World Federation of Neurological Societies] is the Chairman of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage and Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan, Scientist, Ph.D., D.Litt, is the Honorary Director of the Institute.


Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, has been established during the "Sravana pournami day", in 1999 and was registered as a charitable trust in the same year November. The goal of the trust is to learn and teach the ancient heritage of India, using scientific tools and informing the world about the adoptability and adaptability of the Indian heritage for the 21st century. In Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, learning and teaching, research work, publishing through print and e-media and propagating all branches of Indian knowledge with the true, rational, scientific and logical analyses have been undertaken. Thousands of CDs, VCDs, hundreds of books, brochures, pamphlets, notes, etc. were published and circulated. A series of seminars, lectures, study classes, e-mail and internet learning ventures ( are also conducted. Using the print, television, radio and cable tv media. IISH workers directly spread the message to millions of people. Hitherto, IISH could deliver more 6000 lectures, hold 150 seminars, 300 study classes, in collaboration with like minded people and organizations with the support of well wishers and coordinators spread all over the world. IISH focus its classes through out the world, in universities, colleges, schools, associations/organizations, spiritual and religious centers. IISH has published more than 100 books, 30 brochures, 40 pamphlets, 400 cassettes, 200 MP3 CDs, 30 VCDs, and for the first time in the history 20 MP3 digitalized Veda CDs (all the four Vedas) and their five DVDs 40 hrs each in one totaling 200 hrs. IISH is building a National Heritage Centre (NHC) in 10 acres of sprawling land on the side of the Trissur – Guruvayoor highway, at Mazhuvanchery, near Kechery.

Objectives of IISH

*Learning and teaching the scientific and cultural heritage of India with a scientific vision.
*Bringing documents like books, audiocassettes, films, CDs, etc for learning and teaching the heritage.
*Conducting seminars, study classes, academic level competitions, etc., for fulfilling the missions of the Institute.
*Giving a clear understanding of the superstitions and taking the mission of removing the superstition from the day-to-day life of the people by scientific teaching.
*Giving the substantiated scientific proof on the merits of the customs and rituals, which are followed by Indians from many millennia.
*Clearly separating out the non-scientific traditions from the scientific traditions and explaining about their merits.
*Bringing out all the merits of the Indian literature and giving a correct picture on the literature heritage of our nation.
*Informing the world of the wrong Eurocentric notion about Indian Scientifc heritage.Providing Information of things connected with science and technology and integrated life management, which is still being practiced by Indians from time immemorial.

National Heritage Center

IISH is building a National Heritage Centre (NHC) in 10 acres of sprawling land on the side of the Trissur – Guruvayoor highway, at Mazhuvanchery, near Kechery. At this center, 'Bharatheeya Vidya Vihar', a CBSE syllabus based school; 'Bharatheeya Sisu Vihar', A kindergarten centre; 'Bharatheeya Vijnaana Vihar' , a tuition centre; 'Bharatheeya Kala Vihar', a centre for arts are functioning from 2003. NHC has a spiritual study and research centre 'Mazhuvanchery Mahadeva Temple, Canteen, Guest house, auditorium, Aryabhatta Library', 'Heritage Museum', 'Dhruva Children park' and 'Video centre'. The NHC is being built up to the status of a deemed university.


IISH launched "Heritage India News" on Vishu day, 2007.

External links

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* [ Heritage India News published by IISH]
* [ The Hindu-Annual Conference]
* [ Indian National Science Academy]

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