Ballymoney (borough)

Ballymoney Borough
Ballymoney in Northern Ireland.svg
- Total
Ranked 17th of 26
418 km²
Admin HQ Ballymoney
ISO 3166-2 GB-BLY
ONS code 95D
- Total (2010)
- Density
Ranked 25th
73 / km²
Community Catholic: 31.9%
Protestant: 66.2%
Control No overall control
DUP: 8
Sinn Féin: 3
UUP: 2
Independent: 1
TUV: 1
MLAs North Antrim
DUP: 3
Sinn Féin: 1
TUV: 1
UUP: 1
MPs Ian Paisley, Jr. (DUP)
Meeting place

Ballymoney is a local government district with borough status in Northern Ireland. It is headquartered in Ballymoney. Other towns in the borough include Dervock, Dunloy, Cloughmills and Rasharkin. The borough has a population of nearly 27,000.



Ballymoney is one of twenty-six districts created on 1 October 1973. It took over the areas Ballymoney Urban District Council and most of the surrounding Ballymoney Rural District in County Antrim.[1]

Borough council

The borough is divided into three electoral areas which between them return 16 members. These are Ballymoney Town (5), Bann Valley (6) and Bushvale (5). Elections are conducted under the proportional representation single transferable vote system, and elections of the whole council are normally held every four years. The last local government election was held on 5 May 2005: the election due to take place in May 2009 was postponed in anticipation of the creation of eleven new councils in 2011.[2] The proposed reforms were abandoned in 2010, and the next district council elections will take place in 2011[3]

As of February 2011 the political composition of the council was: 7 Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), 3 Sinn Féin, 3 Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), 2 Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), and 1 Traditional Unionist Voice.[4]

In 1977 Ballymoney District Council successfully petitioned for a grant of a charter of incorporation, constituting the district a borough.[5]

Mayor of Ballymoney

The charter also created the office of mayor, who is chosen for a one year term at the council's annual meeting.

Year Name Political affiliation Deputy Deputy's affiliation
1977 - 81 Mary J. Holmes Independent Robert McComb Independent
1981 - 84 Charles Steele Democratic Unionist
1985 - 86 Charles Steele Democratic Unionist Joe Gaston Ulster Unionist
1986 - 87 Joe Gaston Ulster Unionist James Patterson Democratic Unionist
Robert Halliday Democratic Unionist
1988 - 89 Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist William Logan Ulster Unionist
1990 - 93 Joe Gaston Ulster Unionist Samuel McConaghie Democratic Unionist
Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist
Malachy McCamphill SDLP
1994 - 95 Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist Robert Wilson Democratic Unionist
1996 -97 Joe Gaston Ulster Unionist Samuel McConaghie Democratic Unionist
1997 - 98 Frank Campbell Democratic Unionist William Logan Ulster Unionist
Samuel McConaghie Democratic Unionist
1999–2000 William Logan Ulster Unionist Bill Kennedy Democratic Unionist
2000–2001 Bill Kennedy Democratic Unionist Samuel McConaghie Democratic Unionist
John Finlay Democratic Unionist
2002–2003 Frank Campbell Democratic Unionist Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist
2004–2005 Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist Ian Stevenson Democratic Unionist
2006–2007 John Finlay Democratic Unionist Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist
2007–2008[6] John Finlay Democratic Unionist Harry Connolly SDLP
2008–2009[6] John Finlay Democratic Unionist Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist
2009–2010[7] Frank Campbell Democratic Unionist Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist
2010–2011[4] Bill Kennedy Democratic Unionist Cecil Cousley Democratic Unionist

Source: Freedom of Information request to Ballymoney Borough Council

Town twinning

In 2000, Ballymoney Borough Council twinned with the French town of Vanves. Since 2001, the council has been a sister city of Benbrook in Texas and building on its motorcycling history, is also linked to the borough of Douglas, Isle of Man.

Parliamentary and assembly representation

Together with the neighbouring districts of Ballymena and Moyle, it forms the North Antrim constituency for elections to the Westminster Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly.


Ballymoney is Northern Ireland's fastest-growing town in terms of population[citation needed]. It is thought that this is because it is one of the most central places in Northern Ireland, being one hour from Belfast and one hour from Derry[citation needed]. Another reason is as a result of high house prices in the Coleraine/Portstewart/Portrush 'Triangle' areas shifting first-time buyers to the less expensive Ballymoney area[citation needed].

The borough has the highest life expectancy of any area in Northern Ireland, with the average male life expectancy at birth being 78.0 years and 82.6 years for females.[8]

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