Maurizio Pisati

Maurizio Pisati - is an Italian composer.[1]

Born 1959 in Milan, he composes and performs his own works with his ZONE group [ZONE][2]. [His music][3] has been performed throughout both western and eastern Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan, is published by Casa-Ricordi, has been awarded prizes and selected in International competitions (Gaudeamus Amsterdam, Contilli Messina, Petrassi parma, Brecht Milano, Bucchi Roma), got a Stipendienpreis at Darmstad Ferienkursen für Neue Musik 1988, the JapanFoundation Uchida Fellowship 1998, and is transmitted on worldwide radio broadcasting. He made CDs with Ricordi-Fonit Cetra, Edipan, BMG, CavalliRecords-Bamberg and LArecords, his own label founded in 1997.



Maurizio Pisati graduated with highest votations in Composition, Analysis, History, Harmony and Counterpoint at the Conservatorio G. Verdi of Milan under A. Guarnieri and G. Manzoni, and in the same time studying at summer courses Darmstadt and with S. Sciarrino at Specialisation Courses at the Accademia of Città di Castello. He graduated in Guitar (again at Milan) and had a fruitful performing career between 1983 and 1989 establishing and playing in the Laboratorio Trio.


He is Professor in Element of Composition at Conservatorio G. B. Martini in Bologna.

Since 1994 to 1996 he has taught at Corsi di Perfezionamento in Bobbio and in 2004 at summer courses Novantiqua in Frascati. He has given lectures and masterclasses at [Toho Gakuen University-Tokyo] Toho Gakuen School of Music, Tokyo Music College, Arts Academy Reykjavik, Politecnico delle Arti-Milano, Irino Foundation-Tokyo and Universities of Vaxjö, Brisbane, Melbourne.

List of works

link to [Catalogue][1] updated 2007

-Musical theatre pieces: Umbra, texts by M. Cvetaeva (Ensemble, Milano‘88, CRT-EchoEnsemble); Ermengarda (Zürich‘89, Stiftung BINZ39); TAXI! (Ensemble, LiveElectr., Sassari‘95, Teatro Civico); STOCK ZONE-TakuHon (Cello, Percussion, String Orch., AudioTracks MilanoVideoRaiSat by Gianni Di Capua, stage direction Ferruccio Bigi, Teatro Studio-MilanoMusica’99); Il Copiafavole-ZONE (Ensemble and Copy Machines, Torino, PiccoloTeatroRegio 2001), Theatre of Dawn (Ensemble and AudioVideo, Brisbane, [JWCOCA][2]-ElisionEnsemble 2007). Music for the Theatre company [Arsenale-Milano][3] and [PACTA][4] Music for the "FLASHetBIP" duo with light artist Fulvio Michelazzi, as [Coach1_seat11][5], [waLkingprogress][6], [CdellaVelocità][7], [GuerrigliaLuminosa_I][8],

-Musical pieces with Video and Electronics: San Moku Sen Gan (Percussion, Tokyo‘97); Vormittagspuk (live music performance on the historical film by Hans Richter, Roma'97); ZONE-d’Amore (live music performance on the historical film “L’Inhumaine” by Marcel L’Herbier, Milano'98); La Stanza degli Indizi Terrestri (text by M. Cvetaeva and L. da Vinci, Video by Marcos Jorge, Teatro del Trionfo, Pesaro‘98); 3HATSconcert (ZONE, Warszawa Festival AudioArt’98). ZONE I (El. MIDI Guitar and Flute; Biennale Venezia ‘95) ZONE II (Voice and Percussion; MilanoMusica‘95/StudioAgon/Teatro alla Scala), 7 (Percussion and Piano, ArsLudi in Los Angeles-New York-Rome’94), L’Autore a chi legge (based on the comedies and works of C. Goldoni, Villa Litta, Milano'96); ZONE-Franche (Castelfranco Veneto‘96, Cello, Piano, Church bells, a city-wide happening in cooperation with CSC-Padua University); ShiKaShi (Recorders and Percussion; Zürich‘97), CATVLLVS (Liuto, Arciliuto and Percussion, Verona, Unesco-World Day for Poetry2000); SpiegelKontaktFabrik (Didjeridoo/Oboe and Tape, Tuchfühlung2, Kunsthaus LangenbergAV2000); PURPLE H (Ensemble, -TheJimiHendrixReflections- Reggio Emilia 2001); YukiOnna (Trumpet, projection of paintings by Ferruccio Bigi and Audio track,Roma-Japan Foundation2001).

-As a selection of other chamber works: SETTE STUDI (solo Guitar; Darmstadt'90); Ö (Tenor Sax and Trombone, Strasbourg‘91); HACK (Flute and Percussion; Tokyo‘96); SaxStories (StockholmSaxophoneQuartet, Roma'98); ZONE-Alp (Flute and Guitar, Tokyo‘98); Senti? (Guitar and String Orchestra, CamerataRoman, Göteborg’99); TEI (Koto and Piano, Tokyo, TheaterWinter2000); Samblana (Guitar and Sax, SwedishRadioCompanyP2, Stockholm 2000); Tamatebako (Percussion, Nashville 2001); Sì. Cos’è? (Percussion and String Orchestra, Milano2003); OverdubOverdoubt (SonEnsembleStockholm-ZONE, Video Max Bertolai, Padova2003); ZONE-popTRAIN (Ensemble, commission by VictorJapan2003); ZONE-Tarkus (transcription of Tarkus by EmersonLake&Palmer as a commission of VictorJapan with the agreement of Keith Emerson); Passacaglia Mit Albert, (Percussion, Recorders and LiveElectronics, commission by BiennaleBern 2005); U (Ensemble, commission by Ensemble Fiarì, Torino2006); Questio (words from Dante, voice of the poet Thor Vilhjalmsson, Percussion, Trumpet, AudioTrack, Festival MyrkirMusukdagar, Reykjavik2006); Microbolero (Commission by Orchestra Filarmonica-Torino2006).


  • Ab Sofort - CD Edipan1992, Flute and Piano; Duo Zurria-Pizzo
  • FFA - CD RCA/ BMG Ariola1993, Tenor Recorder, Flute, Arpa; Ensemble Alter Ego
  • The Running Quartet - CD Ricordi/Fonit Cetra1994, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Alto, Cello; Ensemble Contrechamps
  • S - CD RCA/BMG Ariola1995, Tenor Sax , Tape, Live Electronics; Sax: Federico Mondelci
  • TAXI! - CD LArecords 1997, Words by R. Sanesi, El-MIDI Guit. M. Pisati, Recorder A. Politano,
  • Perc. P. Strinna, Voices E. Callegari, R. Sanesi
  • Il Copiafavole - CD LArecords 1998, Voices, acoustic and electronic instruments and copy machines
  • Ricorda I Giochi - CD “Shin-On” LArecords1999, Cymbals T. Kasuya, Fl. M. Zurria; Voice Reiko Takashi Irino, El. MIDI Guit. M. Pisati
  • Spiegelkontaktfabrik - CD ArsPublica2001, Didjeridoo/Oboe M. Rinaldi; AudioTrack, Mix and Editing M. Pisati
  • Spiegelkontaktfabrik - CD Stradivarius 2003, Electric Guitar Elena Càsoli; AudioTrack, Mix and Editing M. Pisati
  • ZONE-Tarkus / ZONEpopTRAIN - CD Victor Japan 2004, Aki Kuroda, Quartetto Prometeo, Elena Càsoli, Maurizio Ben Omar, Cond. Yoichi Sugiyama
  • TheRunningDuo-Tenor & DoubleBass Recorder. Duo Recordronik, CavalliRecords2006


  • Umbra, Bühnenwerk für Ensemble, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 1988
  • Ermengarda Bühnenwerk, 1989
  • 70mV für Orchester, 1989
  • Sette Studi für Gitarre, 1990
  • Ö für Tenorsaxophon und Posaune, 1991
  • Ab sofort für Flöte und Klavier, 1991
  • FFA für Recorder, Flöte und Harfe, 1993
  • The Running Quartet für Bassklarinette, Violine, Viola und Cello, 1994
  • 7 für Klavier, Schlagzeug und Live-Elektronik, 1994
  • S für Tenorsaxophon, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 1995
  • ZONE I für Flöte, Elektrogitarre und LIve-Elektronik, 1995
  • ZONE II für Stimme, Schlagzeug und Live-Elektronik, 1995
  • TAXI! Bühnenwerk für Ensemble, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 1995
  • HACK für Flöte und Schlagzeug, 1996
  • San Moku Sen Gan für Ensemble, Tonband und Film, 1996
  • ZONE-Franche, Happening in Padua für Cello, Klavier, Glocken, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 1996
  • ZONE II Suite für Ensemble, Tonband und Film, 1997
  • FUEYE für Blasorchester, 1997
  • ShiKaShi für zwei Recorder, Schlagzeug und Live-Elektronik, 1997
  • Vormittagsspuk Stummfilmmusik für Rekorder und Gitarre, 1997
  • SaxStories für vier Saxophone, 1998
  • ZONE-Alp für Flöte und Gitarre, 1998
  • L’Autore a chi legge für Schauspielerin, Elektrogitarre, Schlagzeug und Live-Elektronik, 1998
  • ZONE-d'Amore für Stimme, Elektrogitarre, Schlagzeug und Film, 1998
  • La Stanza degli Indizi Terrestri (nach Texten von Marina Zwetajewa und Leonardo da Vinci) für Ensemble, Tonband und Film (von Marcos Jorge), 1998
  • 3HATSconcert für Stimme, Elektrogitarre, Schlagzeug und Film, 1998
  • Senti? für Gitarre und Streichorchester, 1999
  • STOCK ZONE-TakuHon, Bühnenwerk für Cello, Schlagzeug, Streichorchester und Tonband, 1999
  • Ricorda i Giochi für Frauenstimme, Flöte, Elektrogitarre, Cymbal und Live-Elektronik, 1999
  • CATVLLVS für Laute, Schlagzeug und Live-Elektronik, 2000
  • SpiegelKontaktFabrik für Oboe, Didgeridoo, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 2000
  • TEI für Koto und Klavier, 2000
  • Samblana für Saxophon und Gitarre, 2000
  • Tamatebako für Schlagzeug, 2001
  • Il Copiafavole-ZONE, Bühnenwerk, 2001
  • PURPLE H für Ensemble, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 2001
  • Sì, cos’è? für Schlagzeug und Streichorchester, 2003
  • ZONE-popTRAIN für Ensemble, 2003
  • Passacaglia Mit Albert für Recorder, Tonband und Live-Elektronik, 2005
  • QUESTIO mit der Stimme des Dichters Thor Vilhjalmsson für Trompete, Schlagzeug und Elektronik, 2006


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