Matta (chief)

Mahattah, or Matta, was the Rajput chief and later feudatory of Siwistan.[1] He ruled from Sehwan Sharif, in the Sindh region, in the 7th century CE.


Matta, a member of the Ra'i family,[2] lived in the 7th century CE, and was chief of Siwistan. He succeeded his father as chief.[3] When Chach of Alor began the expansion of his empire, he entered Siwistan.[4] Matta and a large retinue met Chach's army, and a battle was fought between the opposing factions. Chach defeated Matta and he was forced to flee to his fort.[4] Besieged, his garrison surrendered and he sued for peace. Chach, however, appointed Matta as his governor in Siwistan.

After his conquest of Siwistan, Chach called on Agham Lohana, ruler of Brahmanabad, to acknowledge his sovereignty. A short time later, Chach's soldiers seized a messenger bearing letters from Agham to Matta.[5] The correspondence revealed that Matta had decided to defect from Chach's service and was to travel to Brahmanabad, where he would be granted asylum and given a residence. Matta, realizing that his plans had been discovered, fled Siwistan for the safety of Zābul.[6] The tense situation between Alor and Brahmanabad later escalated into war, and Agham was killed in battle.[7]

After Chach's death, Matta approached King Siharas, ruler of Kanauj.[4] The former chief urged Siharas to seize Chach's domains and place them under his control. For this action, Siharas would receive tribute from Matta. Siharas refused, stating that, even if he decided to seize the lands, he would place them under his own rule. However, he agreed to give Matta governorship of part of these conquests. Aligned with Chach's grandson, Siharas's armies invaded the dead ruler's domains (now administered by Chach's brother Chandar), but their campaign ultimately failed, as Chandar continued to sit on the throne.[4] At the end of the campaign, Siharas was captured by Chandar's forces.

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