Mati Nuude

Mati Nuude (February 18, 1941, Tallinn – March 10, 2001, Tallinn) was an Estonian weightlifter and singer.

Nuude was born to a family of an Estonian officer, repressed by the Soviet Union. In 1949 Nuude, his mother and brother were deported to Northern Kazakhstan. They were allowed to return to Estonia in 1958.

His coach in weightlifting was Alfred Neuland. During 1965-1975 he was 7 times champion of Estonia in weightlifting and at his peak he was the 8th strongest man in the world. [1]

During 1975-1989 he was a singer in the band Apelsin. Later he was a solo singer.[1]

Mati Nuude is interred in the Metsakalmistu cemetery, Tallinn. [2]


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