Martti Soosaar

Martti Soosaar (born 11 June, 1933) is an Estonian journalist and writer.

The son of photographer Hans Soosaar, Soosaar graduated from Tartu University in journalism. He worked as a newspaper editor for Noorte Hääl.[1] He featured in the Estonian Radio television sitcom "Õhtujutud" (Evening Stories) which consisted of interviews with the artists. Martti Soosaar has also written for Kymen Sanomat, a major Finnish broadsheet newspaper.[2]

Soosaar has also been involved with film and theatre and in 1997 released Lea Valter and then in 1998/1999 he filmed and starred in the documentary Enn Põldroosi härrasmeeste seltskond in which he worked with noted animation film director Rein Raamat.[3][4]

Selected works

  • Raamatud "August Vomm" (1977)
  • "Kunstnik ja modell" (1978)
  • "Ateljee-etüüde" (interviews with artists 1983)[5]
  • "Ateljee-etüüde. 2 (interviews with artists; 1990)
  • "Eesti ex libris" (Helsinki)
  • "Tuntud ja tundmatu Gori" (2003)[6]
  • "Lase vareseid!"
  • Stsenaariumid "Lea Valter" (1997) (film)
  • "Enn Põldroosi härrasmeeste seltskond" (1998) (film)


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