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v · Cyprus are members of the Maronite Church whose ancestors migrated from the Levant during the Middle Ages. They traditionally speak their own variety of Arabic in addition to Greek. As Eastern Catholics of the West Syrian Rite, they are in full communion with the Catholic Church of Rome.

Legally defined in the Constitution of Cyprus as a religious group within the Greek Cypriot community, which they chose to join by vote just before independence alongside their fellow Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite and the Armenians, the Maronites maintain a notable presence on the island of around 4,800 people. While Maronites are part of the Greek Cypriot electoral register when voting for president and members of the house of representatives, they also vote for a special representative that is not an MP but corresponds to the now non functioning communal chambers of the Greek and Turkish communities. [1] 75% of Maronites live in Nicosia, 15% in Limassol, and 5% in Larnaca. Until the Turkish invasion of 1974, the town of Kormakitis was known as a centre of Maronite culture, but according to United Nations estimates only 165 Maronites remained in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus in 2001.[2]

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