Marianne Bluger

Marianne Bluger (Aug. 28, 1945 Ottawa – Oct. 29, 2005) was a Canadian poet.



She graduated with distinction from McGill University where she studied pre-medical subjects and philosophy as well as taking poetry courses with Louis Dudek.

She later dropped out of medical school to marry a Zen Master Samu Kim of Toronto. They had two children: Michael "Maji" Kim (b. 1969), and Micheline "Agi" Mallory (b. 1970). She married Larry Neily, in 1991.

She was executive secretary – treasurer of the Canadian Writers' Foundation, from 1975 to 2000.[1] She co-founded Christians Against Apartheid, and the Tabitha Foundation.


  • Canada Council
  • 1993 Lampman-Scott Award


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  • On Nights Like This. Brick Books. 1984. ISBN 0919626254. 
  • Gathering Wild. Brick Books. 1987. ISBN 0919626351. 
  • Summer Grass. Brick Books. 1992. ISBN 0919626599. 
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  • Nude with Scar. Penumbra Press. 2006. ISBN 1894131932. 



Marianne Bluger's seventh book, Scissor, Paper, Woman, invests in images so precise they resound far beyond the pages that contain them.[2]


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