Marble Game Getter

Marble Game Getter
Type Combination gun
Place of origin  USA
Production history
Designer Webster L. Marble (1854—1930)
Manufacturer Marble's Arms & Manufacturing Company (formerly Marble Safety Axe Co.)[1]
Produced 1908—1962; 2009—present
Weight 2¼lb[2]
Barrel length 12", 15", 18", 18½" variants

Cartridge .22LR/.44 Shotshell, .22LR/.410 bore, Other, less common, rifle calibers (see text)
Action Break-action
Feed system Tip-up Barrels
Sights Fixed front-sight, folding, tang rear-sight

The Marble Game Getter is a light, double-barrel (over-under), combination gun manufactured by the Marble's Arms & Manufacturing Company in Gladstone, Michigan.[3] The firearm features a skeleton folding stock and a rifle barrel over a smooth-bore shotgun barrel. A manually pivoted hammer striker is used to select the upper or lower barrel. Three generations of the system were/are produced—First Generation (Model 1908), Second Generation (Model 1921) and the Third Generation currently manufactured by Marble Arms.



The First Generation (Model 1908)

The Model 1908 was generally produced in a .22 Short/.22LR over .44 Shotshell configuration, though nonstandard rifle calibers were produced (e.g., .25-20, .32-20, .38-40). A barrel length of 15" was common, though some 18" and 12" models were produced. The Model 1908 was produced between 1908 and 1918.

Two variations of the Model 1908 were made, the 1908A and 1908B. The former featured a flexible rear tang sight mounted behind the hammer and the latter had the sight hole plugged.[4]

The Second Generation (Model 1921)

Production of the Model 1921 started in 1921 and was essentially a new design. The grip, folding stock, safety, and several other features were redesigned. The Model 1921 was generally produced in either a .22LR over .44 Shotshell or .22LR over .410-bore shotgun configuration. The .410 model featured 2 or 2½" chambers, with the former being much more common. Barrel lengths of 12", 15" and 18" were produced. After the passage of the 1934 National Firearms Act, the 12 and 15" models were discontinued for domestic sales. The shorter barrel versions were offered in Canada until 1955. The last Model 1921 was produced from spare parts in 1962.

The Third Generation

A third production model is currently produced by Marble Arms. It is similar in appearance to the Model 1908 and features a .22LR rifle barrel over a .410-bore shotgun barrel. The only barrel length offered is 18½".


In the United States, models featuring barrel lengths of less than 18" requires a $5 tax stamp and registration as an Any Other Weapon to be in compliance with the National Firearms Act (NFA).[5][6] Original Model 1908 and Model 1921 models produced before 1943 are Curios & Relics under US law, but are still subject to the provisions of the NFA.[7] In Canada, the Game Getter is classified as "restricted" under current laws.[8]


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