Also known as Waffat
Origin Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Genres Blackened thrash metal
Years active 1995–Present
Labels Drakkar Productions
Website Official Website
Naz Razak
Kevin Helvete
Shaun Yazeed
Past members
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Mantak is a blackened thrash metal band from the eastern part of Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This band is considered as the most successful and controversial Metal band in the Island of Borneo. Some said Mantak was also one of the most successful Extreme Metal band from Malaysia.


1995 (Waffat)

This band was first known as Waffat in the early days of their formation back in 1995 but they changed their name to Mantak a year after that. This band was first formed in the Island of Labuan with their first ever line up which was Hadi (Vocals), Naz (Bass), Azarul (Drums) and Najib (Guitar). The person responsible for making this band formed was Eddie (Front man for one of the earliest Black Metal band from Sabah - Kalabangan). All of Waffat's line up were previously involved with other bands, Hadi was in a Bruneian Death metal band, Vehemence in the early 90's, Najib was in a local rock band, except Naz and Azarul which never played in the other bands before.


In 1996 Hadi and Najib left the band because of personal matters, leaving only Naz and Azarul in the band. In no time, Naz immediately changed the band's name to Mantak, a word in Kedayan dialect which means evil black magic. The band supposedly recorded their first demo in 1996 but have not found any recording studios to do so. Mantak recorded their first rehearsal tape in 1996 and planned to spread it but after sending it to a friend in Kota Kinabalu, he suggested that the rehearsal tape not to be released because of its poor sound quality. This friend is Hanip from a local underground label Grind Empire Productions. So Mantak decided not to release this rehearsal tape, and it was never listed on Mantak's official discography.


Mantak's first demo is The Borneo Chaosmakers, self release in 1998. Their music at that time were highly influenced by Black Metal, Thrash Metal and old school Punk music, The lyrics are about reality, and crimes they have committed. In the same time Mantak's music were also partly influenced by Eastern Metal (lyrics written about local myths, black magic, and occultism). It didn't take a long time for Mantak to release their second demo Sakhtyanic Doctrine, a year later. Later on, Mantak moved back to Kota Kinabalu and started to spread their second demo there. Mantak's first ever stage appearance was at the Maximum Decibel Disaster I show in Kota Kinabalu, and Mantak have been constantly performing live shows after that. Also in 2000, Mantak recorded an EP, Dark Borneo Art and released in Cassette Tape format through Malaysian independent label Muzik Box Productions. Mantak also participated in one of Malaysia’s biggest Extreme Metal compilation CD, Panggilan Pulau Puaka IV.


Mantak performing at Sickening Art - Noise Decibel Festival (2008).

Mantak became the most active Extreme Metal band to come out from the Island of Borneo. They managed to sign with one of Malaysia’s biggest Extreme Metal label Nebiula Productions, following the release of 2 Full Length album, Eye Of Deviant (2001) and Polymorphous Perversion (2003). Polymorphous Perversion have been licensed and re-released by several overseas label such as RA Productions (Indonesia), Promination Records (Germany) and recently in 2007, Old Cemetery Records (USA) re-released Polymorphous Perversion which contains bonus tracks.

Mantak have released numerous Split albums and EPs. One of Mantak's more successful release would be the Eastern Sexxxrigalust 7" Vinyl EP, released through Legions of Death Records (France), this is the first time ever for a Malaysian Extreme Metal band to release in Vinyl format. In 2007 Mantak signed an album deal with one of the most well known Black Metal label from France, Drakkar Productions, following the release of the highly acclaimed Full Length album, Sabahell's Blasphemer.

August 2008, Mantak visited Bangkok, Thailand to perform for the third time in God Beheading Live Ritual 2008, supporting legendary Finnish Black Metal band, Archgoat, alongside Surrender of Divinity (Thailand). Mantak played songs from their latest album Sabahell's Blasphemer, few songs from previous album Polymorphous Perversion, and a cover of Sodom's Blasphemer. Mantak received great responses from the crowd, all the merchandise the band brought to the show sold out in no time.

In December 2008 Mantak once again entered the studio to record their upcoming fourth Full Length album. This new album is scheduled to be released in mid-2009 and Drakkar Productions is once more to be responsible in the release of this new album.


March 2009, Mantak launched their latest MCD, entitled 666, released through Evil Dead Productions (Malaysia), it was released in a limited amount of 666 copies. The title of their upcoming Full Length, Diabolical Psycholust was revealed through their official website, however, there were no exact release date. There were also an announcement of upcoming releases found on their official website, Amput Rogol & Sodomi 7 inch EP (Necromancer Records), Eye of Deviant CD re-release (Old Cemetery Records) and Dark Borneo Art 10 inch LP re-release (Drakkar Productions), no exact release dates were given.

Live Stage

Mantak have played in many live shows over the years, locally and internationally. Mantak have performed in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, sharing stages with international bands such as Impiety (Singapore), Archgoat (Finland), Surrender of Divinity (Thailand), Abigail (Japan) just to name a few.


Studio albums

  • 2002: Eye of Deviant
  • 2004: Polymorphous Perversion
  • 2004: Polymorphous Perversion (Indonesia re-release)
  • 2007: Sabahell's Blasphemer
  • 2007: Polymorphous Perversion (USA re-release)
  • 2009: Diabolical Psycholust

EPs and singles

  • 2000: Dark Borneo Art
  • 2005: Thy Sexxxmageddon
  • 2005: Eastern Sexxxrigalust
  • 2009: 666
  • 2009: Amput Rogol & Sodomi

Split albums

  • 1999: Back to Attack (split with Mortuary Ancestor (Malaysia))
  • 2006: Raping God's Law (split with Amputator (USA))
  • 2007: Nekrosimon - The Art ov Blasphemies (split with Enshadowed (Greece))
  • 2008: Baptized by Beers (split with Barbatos (Japan))
  • 2008: The Eastern Desekratorz (split with Abigail (Japan))


  • 1998: The Borneo Chaosmakers
  • 1999: Sakhtyanic Doctrine


Current line-up

  • Naz - Vocals, Guitar
  • Kevin Helvete - Bass
  • Shaun Yazeed - Drums

Past members


  • Hadi (1995)


  • Najeebz (1995)
  • Lanz (1997–1999)
  • ND Sybull (2001)


  • Neo (1996)
  • Din (1996–1997)
  • Cortal (2004)
  • Lee (1997–2006)


  • Azarul (1995–1999, 2002)
  • Sodom (2000–2001)
  • Dezz (2004)
  • Psycho Son (2005–2006)


Musicians who have contributed to Mantak, either in the studio, or during live shows.


  • Din K. Keramat (Verasiq)


  • Adiek (Maar, Inside)
  • ND Sybull (Foetal Carnage)


  • Wan (Scarlett, Demizer)
  • Nizar/Ninop (Gorensick, Nasruhak)
  • Cho (Ex-Demizer, Splattered Soul, Mi Scusi)


  • Adik (Necrotic Chaos, Amethyst)


  • Churchill (Mentally Murdered, Ex-Immortal (Malaysia))


  • Jairo "The Talak Desecrator" (Mi Scusi, Manggas, Neurosis)


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