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This Did you know statistics (DYK STATS) page is an attempt to recognize the DYK entries that have distinguished themselves, either by receiving an unusually high number of page views while being featured on DYK, or by going on to become some of Wikipedia's best content after being featured on DYK. As the purpose of DYK is both attract readers to newly created or expanded articles, and to encourage the users to generate new content, the DYK STATS illustrate the types of hooks that have been particularly successful in attracting readers, and celebrate the DYK articles that have continued to see great improvement after being featured.

For page view counts, there are separate lists for the All-Time top hooks and the most effective hooks on a monthly basis. If you have thoughts on the format of this page, or whether it is useful, please post your comments on the Discussion page.

See also:

  • DYK Hall of Fame – for outstanding contributions to the DYK project as a whole;
  • List of Wikipedians by number of DYKs – for lists of users who have created or nominated the greatest number of DYK articles.

Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.


Good and Featured DYKs

Good/featured content from DYK
Status Number of articles
Featured article 821
Featured list 452
Good article 3,788
These may be slight underestimates (learn more)
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Some articles that were featured on DYK have gone on to become some of Wikipedia's featured or good content, in the form of featured articles, featured lists, or good articles. This table records the number of former DYK articles that are currently listed as good or featured content.

Most-viewed DYKs

This section details all the most-viewed DYKs from the beginning of the available data - December 2007. Unfortunately the articles that appeared in the DYK section before that date do not have page view information and cannot be included.


  1. The statistics are based on Henrik's page view tool at For more information on this tool, see and stats FAQ. For queries, go to Henrik's talk page – missing stats are often the result of the tool being down or missing source files. Normally, you should count page views only for the day X when the article was featured. Because of the timing of the stats collection, nearly all hooks which exit the main page around 00:00 UTC get extra DYK views on the next day X+1; in this case views for two consecutive days (X and X+1) should be summed.
  2. The views are counted and summed for all articles which were bolded in the hook. If one or more bolded articles were moved while on the main page, add views for the main article(s) and the redirect page(s).
  3. This page aims to list the views originating from the DYK section of the main page. Some articles draw additional views unrelated to DYK. Those views are removed by subtracting a half sum on the days before and after, that is V(X) – (V(X+1)+V(X-1))/2. Example [1] V(X)=18,400; V(X+1)=4,400; V(X-1)=2,000; total=18,400-(4,400+2,000)/2=15,200.
  4. Subject to rule 3, any article receiving at least 5,000 views (after subtracting background views) is eligible for listing on the "STATS" page. If you know of an article that has received more than 5,000 views while on DYK, feel free to add it to the list.
  5. Anyone is free to help by checking page views and listing hooks here that meet the requirements. Help is also welcome reviewing page views for earlier months where data is waiting to be mined (Jan–May 2008).

All-time DYK page view leaders

Lead hooks with at least 25,000 views

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article (DYK date) Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook Nominator
Paul the Octopus
(Jul. 11, 2010)
Oktopus-Orakel Paul mit Schuh.JPG 152,200 25,366 ...that Paul the Octopus (pictured) predicts Spain winning the World Cup today, while Mani the Parakeet tips a victory by the Netherlands? AngChenrui
Barry slaff
Eternal Silence (sculpture)
(Oct. 31, 2011)
Chicago, Illinois Eternal Silence1 crop.jpg 71,800 5,983 ... that according to folklore, people looking into the eyes of Eternal Silence (pictured) will see a vision of their own death? IvoShandor
Ivan Castro (soldier)
(Dec. 8, 2008)
Lt. Castro 4pg.jpg 71,300 5,941 ... that Captain Ivan Castro is the only blind officer serving in the United States Army Special Forces? Marine 69-71
Leroy Petry
(Jul. 12, 2011)
Leroy Petry 2nd Ranger Bn crop.jpg 66,900-
7,987 ... that Leroy Petry (pictured) is receiving the U.S. Medal of Honor today, marking only the second time that the award has been bestowed upon a living soldier for actions after the end of the Vietnam War? Jwillbur
2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade
(May 9, 2010)
Moscow Victory Day 65th anniversary logo.png 53,000 ... that the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade (logo pictured) to be held today (9 May), will be the first Victory Day Parade to include foreign troops marching on Moscow's Red Square? Russavia
Fortress of Mimoyecques
(Jun. 29, 2011)
Mimoyecques2.jpg 51,700 8,616 ... that the underground Fortress of Mimoyecques (pictured) was built by Nazi Germany to bombard London with 10 shells a minute using the V-3 supergun? Prioryman
Leonard Siffleet
(May 8, 2009)
Len Siffleet's execution in WWII 49,500 ... that Sergeant Len Siffleet was the subject of a famous photograph (pictured) depicting an execution by the Japanese in World War II? Ian Rose
Giovanni de Ventura
plague doctor
beak doctor costume
plague doctor contract
Beak Doctor.jpg 7,600 + 1,600 + 6,400 + 1, 700 + 17,800 + 5,000 + 3,700 + 865 =
44, 665
... that Giovanni de Ventura, a plague doctor who may have worn a beak doctor costume (pictured), was restricted by a covenant to treat only infectious patients? Doug Coldwell
Longest recorded sniper kills
(May 8, 2010)
Sniper rifle 44,600 ... that the longest recorded sniper kill is from 2,475 m (8,120 ft) using a L115A3 Long Range Rifle (pictured)? Esemono
Bacon Explosion
(Feb. 6, 2009)
Bacon Explosion.jpg 40,500 ... that the 5,000-calorie Bacon Explosion (pictured) was created in response to a Twitter challenge to develop "the ultimate bacon recipe"? Dravecky
Saxbe fix
(Nov. 29, 2008)
Hclintonm cropped.jpg 39,600 ... that Hillary Rodham Clinton (pictured) may be ineligible for appointment as United States Secretary of State by Barack Obama unless a Saxbe fix can be worked out? TonyTheTiger
Slow loris
(Mar. 30, 2011)
Nycticebus tooth removal 01.jpg 39,200 ... that the slow lorises that are illegally caught and traded as exotic pets have their front teeth cut out (pictured) due to fear of their toxic bite? Visionholder, Sasata
Todd Palin
(September 4, 2008)
Todd Palin.jpg 37,900 ... that Alaska's First Gentleman Todd Palin won the world's longest snowmobile race four times? Radiomango
Tett turret
(October 14, 2010)
Tett Turret Close up - - 168509.jpg 35,100 ... that the only exit from a Tett turret (pictured) could expose a soldier trying to leave the fortification to direct fire from the enemy? Gaius Cornelius
Andaman Sea
Khao Phing Kan
(September 29, 2010)
JamesBondEiland.jpg 6,100 + 27,900 = 34,000 ... that there is a James Bond Island (pictured) in the Andaman Sea? Materialscientist
1907 Tiflis bank robbery
(December 20, 2010)
Lenin-1895-mugshot.jpg 32,200 ... that a 1907 stagecoach robbery organized by Vladimir Lenin (pictured) and Joseph Stalin killed an estimated 40 people and netted approximately 250,000 rubles (over $3 million in current USD)? Remember
Spragg Bag
(Dec. 21, 2010)
Spragg Bag air test.jpg 32,200 ... that a large waterbag (pictured) can bring water to California and, according to its inventor, peace to the Middle East? Doug Coldwell
Daniel Lambert
(July 6, 2010)
Daniel Lambert 31,400 ... that English gaol keeper and animal breeder Daniel Lambert (pictured) weighed 52 stone 11 lb (739 lb; 335 kg)? Iridescent
Brittany CoxXx
(Jan. 21, 2011)
Brittany CoxXx with a pink flower in her hair 31,400 ... that Borat Sagdiyev's son, who appeared in photos in the movie Borat, was actually trans woman and porn star Brittany CoxXx (pictured)? EdChem
Walter Koch (Fallschirmjäger)
(Mar. 2, 2011)
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-L04232, Walter Koch.jpg 31,200 ... that German paratrooper Walter Koch (pictured) acted against the Commando Order and saved John Dutton Frost's British paratroopers from execution? MisterBee1966
Candy desk
(April 1, 2011 - April Fools Day)
Candy desk 32,100 4,012 ... that there is a desk full of candy (pictured) on the floor of the US Senate? Found5dollar
Stannard Rock Light
(June 16, 2009)
Stannard Rock Light 31,000 ... that the Stannard Rock Light (pictured), known as the "Loneliest Place in the World", is the furthest lighthouse from land and described as one of the top ten engineering feats in the United States? Wpwatchdog
Nazi-Soviet military parade in Brest-Litovsk
(Sep. 17, 2009)
Nazi and Soviet soldiers standing together shoulder to shoulder during the parade 30,900 ... that a joint Nazi-Soviet military parade in Brest-Litovsk (pictured) was held on September 22, 1939, to display the power of the newly formed Soviet-Nazi pact to the whole world? Radeksz
Brad Stevens Brad Stevens on Butler sideline.jpg 30,800 ... that Butler men's basketball head coach Brad Stevens (pictured) has won 89 games in his first three years, exceeding the previous NCAA record by 8 games? ThaddeusB
Sea of Japan
Kamome Island
(October 18, 2010)
Heishiiwa Rock Esashi crop.jpg 5,000 + 25,700 = 30,700 ... that according to a legend, the Heishi rock (pictured) represents the God of the Sea of Japan? Materialscientist
Love dart
(Oct. 9, 2008)
Monachoides vicinus dart lateral.jpg 30,700 ... that some hermaphrodite snails and slugs pierce each other with love darts (pictured) during mating? Invertzoo
Gleno Dam
(March 23, 2011)
Diga gleno1.jpg 30,400 ... that, in 1923, the Gleno Dam (pictured) in Italy failed shortly after it was completed and its flooding killed at least 356 people? NortyNort
Etruscan shrew
(October 25, 2010)
Suncus etruscus crop.jpg 30,400 ... that the Etruscan shrew (pictured on a human thumb) is the smallest known mammal by weight? Materialscientist
Ernest R. Kouma
(Aug. 10, 2011)
Cmoh army.jpg 30,200 ... that US Army Master Sergeant Ernest R. Kouma was awarded the Medal of Honor (pictured) in the Korean War for singlehandedly killing approximately 250 North Korean troops? User:Ed!
Swimming Reindeer
(Aug. 18, 2010)
Sleeping Reindeer cropetc.jpg 30,000 ... that the Swimming Reindeer (pictured), a 13,000-year-old Ice Age sculpture, was originally thought to be two separate reindeer sculptures until Henri Breuil realised they fitted together? Victuallers
Bubba hotep
West Loch Disaster
(Apr. 23, 2010)
US Navy 030521-N-8157C-040 59 years after explosions rang out in Pearl Harbor^rsquo,s West Loch, a memorial of disaster reminds all of a quiet Sunday afternoon on May 21, 1944.jpg 29,500 ... that the hulk of LST-480 (pictured) is the only remaining evidence of the West Loch Disaster, the second tragedy to befall Pearl Harbor during World War II? MickMacNee
Giant huntsman spider
(Dec. 19, 2008)
Heteropoda maxima 1.jpg 29,300 4,883 ... that with a leg-span of 30 centimetres (12 inches), the giant huntsman (pictured) is one of the world's largest spiders? Bender235
Neel Kashkari
(Oct. 13, 2008)
Neel-kashkari cropped.jpg 29,200 ... that Neel Kashkari (pictured), six years after completing his MBA, was put in charge of the $700 billion U.S. Government bailout of financial institutions? Nagle
Valonia ventricosa
(Sep. 7, 2010)
Ventricaria ventricosa.JPG 29,100 ... that "sailors' eyeballs" (pictured) is one of the largest single-celled organisms? Theornamentalist
Lazarus syndrome
(Nov. 5, 2008)
Lazarus, Russian icon cropped.jpg 27,800 ... that the Lazarus syndrome is named after Lazarus of Bethany (pictured), who the Bible says was raised from the dead by Jesus? Alanyst
Omid Tahvili
(May 6, 2008)
Omid Tahvili.jpg 27,500 ... that in April 2008, Forbes listed Omid Tahvili (pictured) as one of the world's ten most wanted fugitives? BorgQueen
TiME (spacecraft)
(Nov. 10, 2009)
TSSM-TandEM-Lander.jpg 27,400 ... that TiME (artist's rendering pictured) is a boat that is not designed to sail on any water on this planet? Bruce1ee
Aircraft camouflage
(Nov. 4, 2009)
A-7E VA-72 CV-67 1991.jpeg 27,400 ... that experiments with modern aircraft camouflage (pictured) have used panels that emit light? Binksternet
Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi
(Nov. 6, 2011)
IJN carrier Amagi capsized off Kure in 1946.jpg 27,100 2,258 ... that the Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi (wreck pictured) capsized on 29 July 1945 as a result of cumulative damage inflicted by American airstrikes on 24 and 28 July? Sturmvogel 66
(Oct. 9, 2009)
Gomboc2.jpg 27,000 ... that the discovery of geometrical body Gömböc (pictured) in 2006 helped understanding the body shape of turtles? Materialscientist
Wait for me, Daddy
(Oct. 1, 2010)
British Columbia Regiment 1940.jpg 26,900 ... that 70 years ago on October 1, 1940, little "Whitey" Bernard was photographed running after his father (pictured) who was marching to war? Esemono
Termitaradus mitnicki
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
Termitaradus mitnicki (dorsal view).jpg 26,600 ... that researchers have identified the pictured life form which no longer lives on this planet? Kevmin
Akutan Zero
(Dec. 7, 2008)
AkutanZero1.jpg 26,600 2,216 ... that the U.S. devised tactics to defeat Japan's Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane from the 1942 capture of an intact example dubbed the Akutan Zero (pictured)? Raul654
Chicken fried bacon
(Feb. 17, 2009)
Chicken Fried Bacon.jpg 26,500 ... that the recipe for chicken fried bacon (pictured) was developed in the small town of Snook, Texas, at Sodolak's Original Country Inn? Drmies
Air well (condenser)
(May 1, 2009)
Air well in Trans-en-Provence 26,300 ... that an air well (pictured) collects water by promoting the condensation of moisture from air? Gaius Cornelius
Earth's shadow
(Oct. 26, 2010)
Earth's shadow and Belt of Venus.jpg 26,200 ... that the Earth's shadow (pictured) can be observed during twilight hours? Mbz1
Elephant of the Bastille
(Aug. 29, 2011)
Elephant-siderography-LaBastille2.jpg 26,200 ... that a giant elephant (engraving pictured) in Paris was protected by a man living in one of its legs? violet/riga
(Oct. 6, 2008)
Puzzlewood.jpg 25,600 ... that the ancient opencast iron ore workings known as scowles (pictured) in the Forest of Dean, England, are believed to have been an inspiration for settings in J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings? Ghmyrtle
The Trons
(Sept. 19, 2008)
Thetrons.jpg 25,000 ... that New Zealand band The Trons (pictured) has no human members? Ameliorate!
Frilled shark
(May 4, 2010)
Frilled shark head2.jpg 25,000 ... that the frilled shark (pictured) may have the longest gestation period of any vertebrate, at three and a half years? Yzx

Non-lead hooks with at least 15,000 views

Articles in the lead slot on DYK tend to get the most page views. In order to recognize outstanding hooks which do not appear in the lead slot, this chart displays non-lead article hooks that have received at least 15,000 page views.

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article (DYK date) DYK views Views / hour DYK hook Nominator
Euthanasia Coaster
(May 3, 2011)
86,300 14,383 ... that the concept for the Euthanasia Coaster, a roller coaster designed to kill its riders, caused concern among anti-euthanasia groups when it went on display? PimRijkee
Batman Province
(Apr. 1, 2011)
38,300 4,787 ... that Batman is half female? Materialscientist
Labia minor
(Apr. 1, 2011)
27,700 3,462 ... that a typical Labia minor is chocolate brown, up to 7 mm long, and is equipped with pincers? Stemonitis
Malus baccata
(Apr. 1, 2011)
26,100 3,262 ... that 14-metre (46 ft) tall Siberian crabs are being used in experimental breeding programs? Materialscientist
John's Phone
(Sep. 27, 2011)
25,500 2,125 ... that John's Phone has been dubbed "the world's simplest phone"? KuduIO
Harry Powers
(Oct. 31, 2011)
25,500 2,125 ... that Harry Powers said that watching his victims die was more fun than a brothel? Frank
La Pelegrina pearl
(Apr. 1, 2011)
24,500 3,062 ... that a wanderer survived both the French Revolution of 1789–99 and the Russian Revolution 127 years later? Mbz1
Red or Black?
(July 11, 2011)
23,300 2,912 ... that Simon Cowell conceived the idea for Red or Black?, the most expensive game show ever made? Miyagawa
Angel Island mouse
(Oct. 18, 2011)
22,400 1,866 ... that the entire population of Angel Island mice on the island of Estanque in the Gulf of California may have been killed by a single domestic cat in a period of just two years? Anaxial
Fowler's Ghost
(Oct. 31, 2011)
22,400 1,866 ... that Fowler's Ghost was first seen on the London Metropolitan Railway in 1861, nearly exploded and was never seen again after 1895? Bob Castle
People sniffer
(Oct. 30, 2008)
22,000 ... that during the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong hung buckets of mud with urine in trees to thwart American people sniffers? IvoShandor
Segregated prom
(Apr. 3, 2010)
21,800 ... that despite criticism, some high schools in the United States still hold separate segregated proms for black and white students? Milowent
Muria people
premarital sex
(Aug. 27, 2011)
... that although the Muria generally encourage premarital sex, some communities punish young people who take the same sexual partner for more than three nights? Crisco 1492
Dewi Sandra
Quickie Express
(Oct. 27, 2011)
1,783 ... that Sandra Dewi gave an "arousing" performance in Quickie Express, but has refused to do "vulgar" photo shoots? Crisco 1492
John C. Colt
(Oct. 31, 2011)
21,000 1,750 ... that the unusual way that John C. Colt disposed of his murder victim's corpse may have influenced Edgar Allen Poe's story "The Oblong Box"? Mike Searson
List of fastest production motorcycles
(Jun. 29, 2011)
20,800 3,466 ... that the competition to build the fastest production motorcycle raged for over a century, and then ended in a truce? Dennis Bratland
Cathy Wayne
(Feb. 26, 2009)
20,700 ... that pop entertainer Cathy Wayne was the first Australian woman killed in the Vietnam War, when a US Marine shot her on stage while she was performing? Shaidar cuebiyar
Android lawn statues
(Nov. 10, 2011)
20,400 1,700 ... that Google keeps giant dessert items on its lawn? Found5dollar
The River (1997 film)
(December 16, 2010)
20,000 ... that The River was called a "porn movie" by the lead actor's father? PM800
Meat dress of Lady Gaga 19,900 ... that the meat dress of Lady Gaga was to be preserved by being made into a type of jerky? Miyagawa
George Spencer (New Haven)
(Nov. 13, 2011)
19,700 1,641 ... that a stillborn, deformed piglet's resemblance to George Spencer led to him becoming the first white man executed in Connecticut? Violetriga
Han solo (trilobite)
(Apr 1, 2009 – April Fool's Day)
~19,700 ... that a team of archaeologists discovered a fossilized Han Solo in the rocks of China? Hesperian
Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley
(May 11, 2011)
19,600 ... that "That Dress", worn by Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994, has been voted the greatest red carpet dress of all time and is perhaps Gianni Versace's best-known creation? Dr. Blofeld
Prada Marfa
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
19,600 ... that the Prada Store in Marfa, Texas, is never open? Found5dollar
Green Versace "jungle" dress of Jennifer Lopez
(May 25, 2011)
19,500 ... that David Duchovny said, "I'm sure that nobody is looking at me", when standing beside Jennifer Lopez who was wearing her "jungle" Versace dress? Dr. Blofeld
Blood rain
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
19,400 ... that a rain of blood in Germany foreshadowed the coming of the Black Death? Nev1
Murder of Julia Martha Thomas
(Jul. 20, 2011)
19,400 2,425 ... that the severed head of Julia Martha Thomas, murdered, boiled and dismembered by her maid in 1879, was found next door to Sir David Attenborough's house in 2010? Prioryman
(Aug. 19, 2011)
19,300 ... that a terrible Mouse weighing 500 kg (1,100 lb) has killed three people in Spain in the last five years? Prioryman
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
(Jun. 17, 2011)
3,133 ... that The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) has been banned by the British Board of Film Classification? Coolug
Diethyl azodicarboxylate
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
18,600 2,325 ... that even small amounts of dead cat can explode when heated? Materialscientist
Law Ting Holm
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
18,400 2,300 ... that nesting is not used by breeding Mute Swans but they do use this thing? Ben MacDui
Hexagonal water 18,400 1,533 ... that hexagonal water, a configuration of water that supposedly stops aging, is a marketing scam? Sesamehoneytart
Disappearing Model
(May 1, 2009)
18,300 ... that Disappearing Model, a body painting in which a model is painted so that she is indistinguishable from her background, is Joanne Gair's most famous work and was displayed on Ripley's Believe It or Not!? TonyTheTiger
2008 Kerry bogslide
(Sept. 9, 2008)
17,900 ... that the 2008 Kerry bogslide was described as "one of the most frightening and overwhelming events ever witnessed"? candlewicke
Commodore Nutt
(Sept. 8, 2008)
17,600 ... that Commodore Nutt grew only 37 inches (94 cm) tall? Boston
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
17,200 ... that humpbacked elves are rarely seen because their bodies are microscopic? EncycloPetey
Lighthouse and naval vessel urban legend
(Sep. 24, 2011)
17,200 1,433 ... that the Military Officers Association of America reports that the "I'm a lighthouse. Your call" urban legend is forwarded to the organization an average of three times a day? Daniel Case
The Story of Menstruation
(Apr. 1, 2009 – April Fool's Day)
17,000 ... that in Disney's animated film The Story of Menstruation, the flow is snow white? Ecoleetage
Jacqueline Voltaire
(May 12, 2008)
16,900 ... that British actress Jacqueline Voltaire won a "most bizarre sex scene" award in 2005 for her performance in the Mexican film Matando Cabos? Scanlan
Clubfoot George
(Apr. 1, 2011)
16,900 2,112 ... that Clubfoot George was executed by vigilantes because they believed that he was innocent? Mbz1
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
(Mar. 31, 2009)
16,500 ... that Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the only known survivor of the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II? Markmark28
John 3:7 (sign)
(Aug. 18, 2009)
16,300 ...that John 3:7, once flung from a train window, made the news again in 2009 after going missing on a train? candlewicke
(Apr. 1, 2011 – April Fool's Day)
15,900 1,987 ... that Ntrepid was paid $2.76 million by the U.S. military to create sock puppets? Ericoides
Megapenthes lugens
(June 27, 2010)
15,800 ... that the Queen's executioner lives in Windsor Great Park and feeds on weevils and nectar? Stemonitis
Boise homosexuality scandal
(June 9, 2009)
15,700 ... that a sex scandal in Boise, Idaho, in 1955 resulted in almost 1,500 people being interviewed and a list of 500 suspected homosexuals? Otto4711
White Tights
(Dec. 9, 2008)
15,700 1,962 ... that White Tights are mysterious blonde female snipers from the Baltic states who have supposedly fought against the Russian Army in various conflicts? Zalktis
Faces of Meth
(February 1, 2011)
15,505 ... that the Faces of Meth project shows before-and-after images documenting physical deterioration caused by meth use? Anna Frodesiak,
TSS The Queen
(Apr. 1, 2010 – April Fool's Day)
15,500 ... that The Queen was captured by the Germans in 1916? Mjroots
(May 25, 2011)
15,500 ... that the icon of "the Death of Death" is popular in South India? Redtigerxyz
Disney bomb
(Jun. 22, 2011)
15,500 2,583 ... that the Disney bomb of the Second World War is thought to have been inspired by the Walt Disney cartoon Victory Through Air Power? Catsmeat
Fucking, Austria
(Nov. 14, 2009)
15,400 ...that the Austrian town of Fucking installed theft-resistant road signs in 2005 because the signs were frequently stolen by tourists? Russavia
How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You Have All the Guns?
(June 26, 2009)
15,400 ... that How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You Have All the Guns? was described as "disgusting" by the parents of one of its creators? candlewicke
USCGC Chincoteague (WPB-1320),
MY Titanic
(Apr. 1, 2011)
1,924 ... that in 2010, three survivors of the Titanic were rescued by the USCGC Chincoteague? Mjroots
Ann Ward
(December 6, 2010)
15,300 ... that fashion model Ann Ward, who was mocked as a child due to her height, was the only contestant of America's Next Top Model to be named best photo five times in a row? Hunter Kahn
Spoons sex position
(December 11, 2010)
15,300 ... that a woman's G-Spot can be easily reached in the spoons sex position? PM800
Batman, Turkey Batman River Batı Raman oil field
(March 1, 2011)
... that the largest oil field in Turkey lies near the city of Batman and the Batman River? Materialscientist
Fossil Cabin
(June 26, 2009)
15,000 ... that the Fossil Cabin in Wyoming was built of dinosaur bones and was billed by its builder as "the building that used to walk"? Acroterion
Linni Meister
(Mar. 29, 2011 )
15,000 ... that glamour model Linni Meister appeared nude in the music video for her single "My Ass" which was released as promotion for the 2009 Norwegian comedy-horror film Dead Snow? BabbaQ
Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler story
(May 20, 2011)
15,000 ... that during World War II, a Luftwaffe pilot, observing that there were several wounded crewmen on a United States Army Air Corps's plane, declined to fire and safely escorted it to the North Sea? Mbz1 and Qrsdogg
Naked Woman Climbing a Staircase
(Oct. 19, 2011)
15,000 1,250 ... that the effort put forth by the subject of Miró's 1937 Naked woman climbing a staircase and her heavy limbs are thought to reflect the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War? Victuallers

DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)

November 2011

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi IJN carrier Amagi capsized off Kure in 1946.jpg 27,100 2,258 ... that the Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi (wreck pictured) capsized on 29 July 1945 as a result of cumulative damage inflicted by American airstrikes on 24 and 28 July?
Scandinavian Scotland UpHellyAa7(AnneBurgess)30Jan1973.jpg 21,700 1,808 ... that Scandinavian influence in Scotland, still evident today (pictured), was probably at its height during the time of Thorfinn the Mighty?
Android lawn statues 20,400 1,700 ... that Google keeps giant dessert items on its lawn?
Scar boat burial Scar Plaque.jpg 20,400 1,700 ... that despite being located in the Orkney Islands, the sand lining of the Scar boat burial (plaque from site pictured) matches no known Scottish sand?
George Spencer (New Haven) 19,700 1,641 ... that a stillborn, deformed piglet's resemblance to George Spencer led to him becoming the first white man executed in Connecticut?
Hexagonal water 18,400 1,533 ... that hexagonal water, a configuration of water that supposedly stops aging, is a marketing scam?
Feather tights Cropped angel with feather tights.jpg 15,400 1,283 ... that in medieval art, angels were often depicted wearing feather tights (pictured)?
The Bugaboos Snowpatch.jpg 13,400 1,675 ... that the Bugaboos (pictured) were apparently named by disgruntled prospectors?
Toilet god 13,000 1,083 ... that those who believe in toilet gods hold that they can be appeased by praying, eating or offering rice, clearing one's throat, or biting the toilet?
Gerry Hewson 12,800 1,066 ... that a nude picture of 1996 Summer Paralympics gold medallist Gerry Hewson and his pregnant wife was published by Time Out New York?
Corculum cardissa Corculum cardissa 002.jpg 12,100 1,008 ... that the heart cockle (pictured) is named after the shape of its bivalve shell?
Bassetki statue 12,100 1,008 ... that, after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Bassetki statue, which is more than 4,200 years old, was found in a cesspool?
Morphsuits 11,600 966 ... that all employment for Morphsuits spandex bodysuits is outsourced except for three positions?
Brighton Wheel Brighton Wheel, Madeira Drive, Brighton (Geograph Image 2638053 0f9e60e4).jpg 11,400 950 ... that the Brighton Wheel (pictured) in Brighton, England, stood in South Africa last year?
The End: Hitler's Germany 1944–45 11,400 1,425 ... that 49% of German military losses happened in the last 10 months of the Second World War in Europe?
Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion Florya001.jpg 11,300 941 ... that the Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion (pictured), built in 1935 as a summer residence for Turkish president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is on the sea about 70 m (230 ft) offshore?
Lon Myers Lon Myers.jpg 11,100 925 ... that runner Lon Myers (pictured), who set 11 world records, won one race with only one shoe, and another while running sideways?
Bud Weiser 11,100 925 ... that Bud Weiser was a Major League Baseball player?
Joshua L. Goldberg Joshua Goldberg.jpg 10,800 900 ... that Joshua L. Goldberg (pictured), the first rabbi to serve as a World War II U.S. navy chaplain, was a Russian army deserter?
Wilson desk 10,700 891 ... that Richard Nixon chose the Wilson desk as his Oval Office desk because he believed it was used by Woodrow Wilson, but it was actually used by Henry Wilson, Vice President under Ulysses S. Grant?
Obedient Wives Club 10,500 1,312 ... that the Obedient Wives Club is the publisher of a book called Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World?
Devil's Humps, Stoughton The Devil's Humps. - - 1503590.jpg 10,400 1,300 ... that, according to Sussex folklore, the Bronze Age barrows known as the Devil's Humps (pictured) were raised over the bodies of defeated Viking marauders?
Death of Wang Yue 10,300 858 ... that the hit-and-run death of a two-year-old girl has led to a possible "Good Samaritan" law in China?
Bredon Hill Hoard Bredon Hill Hoard coins.jpg 10,300 858 ... that some of the nominally silver Roman coins from the Bredon Hill Hoard (pictured) only have a 1% silver content?
Culture in music cognition 10,100 841 ... that the music a person hears in childhood may affect that person's musical cognition as an adult?
Port an Eilean Mhòir ship burial Ardnamurchan boat site, by Jon Haylett.jpg 10,000 833 ... that the Port an Eilean Mhòir ship burial (pictured), excavated in 2011, is the first confirmed Viking ship burial to be discovered in mainland Scotland since 1935?
Order of the Occult Hand 9,900 1240 ... that a media conspiracy calling itself the Order of the Occult Hand has infiltrated The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Times?
Poppy factory Royal British Legion's Paper Poppy - white background.jpg 9,700 808 ... that two poppy factories in England and Scotland produce approximately 41 million remembrance poppies (English example pictured) each year between them?
Stauroteuthis syrtensis Stauroteuthis.jpg 9,500 791 ... that the octopus Stauroteuthis syrtensis (pictured) glows but nobody knows for what purpose?
Course Setting Bomb Sight 9,500 791 ... that its ability to solve wind drift calculations made the Course Setting Bomb Sight the "most important bombsight" of World War I?
New Scotland Avenue (Troop B) Armory New Scotland Avenue (Troop B) Armory 1.jpg 8,700 725 ... that the New Scotland Avenue Armory (pictured) in Albany is one of only six in the state of New York designed for use by a cavalry unit?
Independence, Pitkin County, Colorado Abandoned log cabins, Independence, CO.jpg 8,600 716 ... that the last residents of Independence, Colorado (remaining buildings pictured), billed their midwinter evacuation to nearby Aspen as a ski club race with an entry fee of one ham sandwich?
Marine isotope stage 8,500 1,062 ... that there have been only 22 marine isotope stages in the last million years?
RPS Rajah Soliman (D-66) RPS Rajah Soliman D-66.jpg 8,000 1,000 ... that RPS Rajah Soliman (pictured) was sunk by a typhoon with two names?
Dovedale by Moonlight Dovedale by Moonlight - Oberlin.jpg 7,900 658 ... that Joseph Wright of Derby had only seen the scene once at night before he painted Dovedale by Moonlight (pictured)?
Bellavista housing estate Arne Jacobsen Bellavista 2005-07.jpg 7,400 616 ... that in the Bellavista housing estate (pictured), designed by Arne Jacobsen in the functionalist Bauhaus style, every apartment has two rooms with views of the sea?
Frederick McEvoy 7,300 912 ... that racing driver and world champion bobsledder "Suicide Freddie" was an "internationally known Australian playboy" under surveillance by the FBI?
Baker's Hole 6,900 575 ... that Baker's Hole, near Dartford, Kent, England, contains a site at which Neanderthals made blades?
Galeria Copiola 6,700 837 ... that the ancient Roman dancer Galeria Copiola reached the age of 104?
Lufthansa Flight 502 6,500 812 ... that pilot fatigue was a likely factor in the crash of Lufthansa Flight 502 in 1959?
Hotel Arctic (Murmansk) 6,500 541 ... that the Hotel Arctic in Murmansk, Russia, is the tallest building above the Arctic Circle?
Royal manuscripts, British Library Westminster Knight.jpg 6,100 508 ... that the Old Royal Library dating back to the Middle Ages (manuscript detail right) was given to the British Museum by George II in 1757, and is now in the British Library?
Moonax 5,900 491 ... that in 1994 the world's oldest Classic was won by "the world's naughtiest horse"?
Cumdach Case of Molaise's Gospels.png 5,600 466 ... that some of the reliquaries for books called cumdachs (example pictured) were carried into battle as standards in Medieval Ireland?
Dario Gabbai 5,600 466 ... that while on the winter death march out of Auschwitz in January 1945, Dario Gabbai claimed he survived the cold by visualising Athens in the sunshine?
St Mary's Church, Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy Eglwys y Santes Fair, St Mary's Church, Llanfairynghornwy - - 1233677.jpg 5,500 458 ... that a 19th-century rector of St Mary's Church (pictured) in Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy, Wales, was awarded a gold medal for his attempt to save a boat during a gale?
Acacia binervia Acacia binervia-Minchen.jpg 5,400 675 ... that the foliage of the coast myall (pictured) can produce cyanide when cut?
Afterburn (film) 5,400 675 ... that the 1992 film Afterburn was inspired by a 60 Minutes report about an F-16 fighter aircraft's crash?
Brock Avion 5,400 450 ... that the fuel tank of the Brock Avion is built into the ultralight aircraft's pilot's seat?
LiSA 5,400 450 ... that LiSA was one of the two vocalists for a fictional band in an anime?
Stowe Missal Stowe Missal cumdach (inverted).png 5,200 650 ... that the Stowe Missal was written c. 750 and given its cumdach or case c. 1030 (pictured), with one new face added c. 1375?
Ghenadie Petrescu Ghenadie detronatul mitropolit-primat.jpg 5,200 433 ... that, when Ghenadie Petrescu (pictured) was ousted from his post of Metropolitan-Primate, Romania experienced protests and riots?

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