Draco (Chinese astronomy)

In Chinese astronomy, constellation Draco were divided in two areas. The areas are:

  • Three Enclosures (三垣, Sān Yuán)
  • The Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ)

If we look at the areas, possibly constellation Draco in Chinese sky is concentrated in "kingdom" area, and touched a little bit of northern area.



The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Draco area consists of :

Four Symbols / Enclosures Mansion / Enclosure (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Three Enclosures (三垣) 紫微垣 Zǐ Wēi Yuán Purple Forbidden enclosure
天乙 Tiānyǐ Celestial Great One 10 Dra 天乙 Tiānyǐ (One star of)
太乙 Tàiyǐ First Great One HD 119476 太乙 Tàiyǐ (One star of)
紫微左垣 Zǐwēizuǒyuán Left Wall[1]
ι Dra
紫微左垣一 Zǐwēizuǒyuányī 1st star
左樞 Zuǒshū The Left Pivot
θ Dra
紫微左垣二 Zǐwēizuǒyuánèr 2nd star
上宰 Shǎngzǎi The First Premier
η Dra
紫微左垣三 Zǐwēizuǒyuánsān 3rd star
少宰 Shǎozǎi The Second Premier
ζ Dra
紫微左垣四 Zǐwēizuǒyuánsì 4th star
上弼 Shǎngbì The First Minister
υ Dra
紫微左垣五 Zǐwēizuǒyuánwu 5th star
少弼 Shǎobì The First Minister
73 Dra
紫微左垣六 Zǐwēizuǒyuánliù 6th star
上衛 Shǎngwèi The First Imperial Guard
紫微左垣 Zǐwēiyòuyuán Right Wall[2]
α Dra
紫微右垣一 Zǐwēiyòuyuányī 1st star
右樞 Yòushū The Right Pivot
κ Dra
紫微右垣二 Zǐwēiyòuyuánèr 2nd star
少尉 Shǎowèi The Second Chief Judge
λ Dra
紫微右垣三 Zǐwēiyòuyuánsān 3rd star
上輔 Shǎngfǔ The First Minister
陰德 Yīndé Hidden Virtue HD 91190 陰德一 Yīndéyī 1st star
尚書 Shàngshū Royal Secretary[1]
ω Dra 尚書一 Shàngshūyī 1st star
15 Dra 尚書二 Shàngshūèr 2nd star
18 Dra 尚書三 Shàngshūsān 3rd star
HD 148293 尚書四 Shàngshūsì 4th star
19 Dra 尚書五 Shàngshūwu 5th star
女史 Nǚshǐ Female Protocol[1] ψ Dra 女史 Nǚshǐ (One star of)
柱史 Zhùshǐ Official of Royal Archives[1] φ Dra 柱史 Zhùshǐ (One star of)
御女 Yùnǚ Maids-in-Waiting[1]
τ Dra 御女一 Yùnǚyī 1st star
50 Dra 御女二 Yùnǚèr 2nd star
29 Dra 御女三 Yùnǚsān 3rd star
χ Dra 御女四 Yùnǚsì 4th star
天柱 Tiānzhù Celestial Pillars
77 Dra 御女一 Tiānzhùyī 1st star
76 Dra 御女二 Tiānzhùèr 2nd star
59 Dra 御女四 Tiānzhùsì 4th star
40 Dra 御女五 Tiānzhùwǔ 5th star
天廚 Tiānchú Celestial Kitchen[3]
δ Dra 天廚一 Tiānchúyī 1st star
σ Dra 天廚二 Tiānchúèr 2nd star
ε Dra 天廚三 Tiānchúsān 3rd star
ρ Dra 天廚四 Tiānchúsì 4th star
64 Dra 天廚五 Tiānchúwu 5th star
π Dra 天廚六 Tiānchúliù 6th star
天棓 Tiānbàng Celestial Flail
ξ Dra 天棓一 Tiānbàngyī 1st star
ν Dra 天棓二 Tiānbàngèr 2nd star
β Dra
天棓三 Tiānbàngsān 3rd star
天棓西南星 Tiānbàngxīnánxīng Northwestern star
中台西北星 Zhōngtāixīběixīng Star of the celestial body in the northwest
γ Dra
天棓四 Tiānbàngsì 4th star
天棓东中星 Tiānbàngdōngzhōngxīng Northern and center star
內廚 Nèichú Inner Kitchen
7 Dra 內廚一 Nèichúyī 1st star
8 Dra 內廚二 Nèichúèr 2nd star
天床 Tiānchuáng Celestial Bed
HD 141653 天床一 Tiānchuángyī 1st star
HD 146603 天床二 Tiānchuángèr 2nd star
The Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武) Girl 扶筐 Fúkuāng Basket for Mulberry Leaves[4]
46 Dra 扶筐一 Fúkuāngyī 1st star
45 Dra 扶筐二 Fúkuāngèr 2nd star
39 Dra 扶筐三 Fúkuāngān 3rd star
ο Dra 扶筐四 Fúkuāngsì 4th star
48 Dra 扶筐五 Fúkuāngwǔ 5th star
49 Dra 扶筐六 Fúkuāngliù 6th star
57 Dra 扶筐七 Fúkuānqī 7th star
Wēi Rooftop 天鈎 Tiāngōu Celestial Hook[5] HD 194298 天鉤二 Tiāngōuèr 2nd star

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