Vladimir Nikolayevich

Dr. Vladimir Nikolayevich IV
Др. Владимир Ульянов

Vladimir (Late 1940's)
Born March 14, 1930
Naro-Fominsk, Russian Empire
Residence Mosscow, Russia
Ethnicity Russian
Citizenship USSR
Alma mater Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
Known for One of the lead architects behind many Soviet space missions. He is highly known for his work in , rocket science, astronautics, space exploration.
Title Doctor

Vladimir Nikolayevich was born Vladimir Nikolayevich IV (Russian: Владимир Ульянов IV) on March 14, 1930. He is one of the hidden figures in the USSR's space program. He worked on many classified projects; such as the U-2 copy, and the Sputnik spy satellites.


Early life

Vladimir was born Vladimir Vladimirovich Nikolayevich IV (Russian: Др. Владимир Ульянов) on March 14, 1930 in the town of Naro-Fominsk in the Russian Empire. Vladimir's mother died during child birth. He was raised by his father, Vladimir Nikolayevich III, who was a worker in the textile mill. His father was a hard working man that wanted the best for his only son so in 1946 with the war over his father moved him to live with his uncle in Moscow. He attended Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology[1]and received his Doctorate in Engineering Science. While he was studying at the university he worked odd jobs to send money back to his father, now sick. Even with support from his son, the elder Vladimir died in 1947.


As in the case of other Soviet space pioneers, the Soviet authorities for many years refused to disclose Vladimir's identity to the public. Because of that little is known about him after he graduated from M.I.P.T. Records do not surface about him until the 1960's when he started to work with Kerim Kerimov in the Third Directorate of the Main Directorate of Missile Weapons (GURVO) of the USSR Ministry of Defense where he worked with the secret rocket test launches.

Before the fall of the USSR

After learning about Vladimir’s wishes to leave Russia, the US government offered amnesty to the Doctor in return for plans on the USSR’s space program. He took the deal in spring of 1978 and was about to leave via plane when a mole in the CIA informed his superiors and he was taken into custody. He escaped and made his way to East Germany and met his contact and was taken to the US. He was debriefed at a facility in Langley, Virginia and then taken to a research facility in Colorado working on the Minuteman missiles.

After the USSR

He worked on the missiles until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. After the USSR fell the missile facilities were decommissioned and Vladimir was going to be moved. Before he was moved he left America and moved back to Russia until 2002, when he moved back to the US. His last know location was in Boulder, CO in 2008. His current location is unknown.

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