Doña Teodora Alonzo High School

Doña Teodora Alonzo High School

Doña Teodora Alonzo High School is a high school in Manila, Philippines. Open since 1961, the school's current principal is Dolores Torcuator. The school's newspapers have received a number of regional awards.


Early Years

Manila City ordinance 4934 of 1961 gave birth to the Doña Teodora Alonzo High School when it provided that “for some effective administration, big schools should be divided into small independences”.

As early as July 1959, four branches of Cayetano Arellano High School; Zurbaran, Mayhaligue, Santander and O’Donnell Annexes were ordered to transfer to one big building at Teodora Alonzo Street. The four annexes were fused and recognized as T. Alonzo Annexes of Arellano High School. The late Gregoria Reyes was assigned as Executive Coordinator of all school activities assisted by three Officers-In-Charge, each assigned to one floor; Mr. Pedro Agbayani for the First floor, Ms. Benita de Jesus for the Second floor, and Mr. Ambrosio Rector for the Third floor.

Two years after, August 16, 1961, the T. Alonzo Annex was proclaimed as an independent school –the Doña Teodora Alonzo High School.

In its early years as an independent high school and newest additions of secondary schools in the City of Manila, there were 2,934 students among the 45 sections for the freshmen and 14 sections for the sophomores. There were 98 teachers, one guidance counselor headed by Ms. Ester Gaudinez; two department heads - Ms. Beatriz Low and Mr. Vallejo for the Vocational Department; two school librarians - Ms. Simplicia Galvez and Ms. Mercedes Alberto; school nurse - Ms. Marcelina Zambrano; seven janitors and a night guard. Mrs. Gregoria Reyes was assigned as the school’s Assistant Principal and Ms. Carmen Javier, then Assistant Principal of Arellano High School designated as the school’s pioneering Principal.

It was not until September 1962 that the school was given the permanent name Doña Teodora Alonzo High School; approved by the City Council during the term of then late Mayor, Arsenio H. Lacson.

In 1962 Mrs. Javier spearheaded the conduct of evening classes, a milestone in the history of the school. The night school started with four sections for the first year, three for the third year and one for the fourth year. Only six students composed of its batch graduated. The graduates joined the graduation ceremony of the day classes. The school was the smallest among the five big schools pioneered in the night academic classes.

Modern Era

In 1992 the school was able to have its own building bearing the name – DOÑA TEODORA ALONZO HIGH SCHOOL, the shaper of the youth for many years, located along Alvarez and Ipil Streets, occupying portion of the Habana Building of Francisco Balagtas Elementary School.

During the school year 1994-1995 Crescencia Mayor was chosen as Girl Mayor, a first for the Alonzo High School during the Boys and Girls Week Celebration. Another laurel was won by William Ramos as the 1994 Lakan during the 16th National Assembly of Students of Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) held in Baguio City. The school was also cited by the Division of City School Superintendent Paraluman Giron as one of the five cleanest schools in Manila.

In the school year 1997-1998 two of its faculty members, Mrs. Josefina Bustos and Ms. Maria Nelia Ortinez of the Mathematics Social Studies Departments, were chosen as Outstanding Teachers in the Division of Manila. Together with Mr. Juan Mayor, then President of the Parent-Teacher-Community Association (PTCA), they were able to construct a chess plaza and a computer center. The stage was renovated and another building was constructed. And for the first time in Manila, monitoring cameras were installed inside the classrooms, hallways, comfort rooms and offices.

During the schools’ 39th foundation anniversary the former first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos and the descendant of Doña Teodora Alonzo, Mr. Jose Lopez attended the occasion.

In 2001 major renovations were made in the school offices, library, stage, school perimeter and waterways. A bust of Doña Teodora Alonzo was donated by her descendants. The unveiling was held during the schools’ foundation day.

In 2003 several modernization projects occurred; monitoring cameras and the acquisition of several computer units for the use of different departments.

In 2005, renovation of the schools’ perimeter wall, elevation of the school grounds, and establishment of the conference room was completed.

In 2007, fire broke out in the nearby school, Francisco Balagtas Elementary School and it was razed to the ground. Alonzo High School was also damaged by the fire. The 3rd floor (Science Building), stage, the school clinic and guidance office were totally destroyed. The City Council was ordered by the City Mayor Alfredo Lim to release an amount of approximately P4.8 million for the reconstruction of the damaged facilities.

Recently, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made an ocular inspection at the school to see the ongoing construction of the two damaged schools including T. Alonzo High School.

Campus Papers

In 1962 two campus publications were founded, The Counselor in English and Ang Patnubay in Filipino.

In 1976 Erlinda Lopez-Paulino established The Ang Dagitab, an exploratory campus paper for the lower year journalism students.

The Counselor received 6th Best School paper in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) held in Baguio City and 2nd Best School Paper in the Regional Teodoro Valencia Search for Best Campus Papers in 1993. In 1997 it won 6th place in the National Secondary Schools Press Conference (NSSPC) over-all ranking as the Best School Paper nationwide. In the division level, it was consistently included in the top five in the ranking; in 1998-1999, it ranked 4th over-all as Best School Paper nationwide in the NSSPC held in Ilagan, Isabela.

Ang Patnubay placed 6th in both Science and News categories for the Best School Paper in the annual NSSPC in 1998; 9th and 10th places for the Science and Developmental Communication (DevCom) pages respectively; 2000–2001, ranked 8th as Best School Paper in the regional competition.

Both campus papers continue reaping awards from district up to the national press tilts and conferences.

Former Principals and Officers-In-Charge

Carmen Javier 1962–1966
Maximiano Rivera 1966–1971
Celia Manliclic 1971–1974
Emilio F. Mendoza 1974–1976
Dr. Consolacion Domingo 1976–1978
Nenita Concepcion 1978–1981
Julia Roxas 1981–1982
Rosenda Hutchings 1982–1983
Clarita Nolasco 1983–1989
Norma Escobar 1989–1990
Romeo Santos 1990–1993
Henry Panela 1993–1994
Lucila Cabrera 1994–1996
Arnulfo Empleo 1996–2001
Eugenia Gorgon 2001–2002
Aurora Reoma 2002
Marietta Astrologio Officer-In-Charge 2002
Aida Rondilla Officer-In-Charge 2002
Hilario G. Peña 2003–2004
Florence Tercias 2004
Julia Rillo Officer-In-Charge 2004
Imelda Animoza Officer-In-Charge 2005
Thelma Landicho 2005–2006
Romarico Barrientos 2006–present


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