Double (association football)

The Double is a term in association football which refers to winning a country's top tier division and its primary cup competition in the same season. It can also mean beating a team both home and away in the same league season, a feat often noted as doing the double over a particular side.


List of Doubles in Europe

The list includes clubs from England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. These are the top five in UEFA coefficient as of 24 May 2010

Country Football Club Year League Cup Notes
 ENG Preston North End 1889 Football League FA Cup
 ENG Aston Villa 1897 Football League FA Cup
 ENG Tottenham Hotspur 1961 Football League FA Cup
 ENG Arsenal (1) 1971 Football League FA Cup
 ENG Liverpool 1986 Football League FA Cup
 ENG Manchester United (1) 1994 Premier League FA Cup
 ENG Manchester United (2) 1996 Premier League FA Cup
 ENG Arsenal (2) 1998 Premier League FA Cup
 ENG Manchester United (3) 1999 Premier League FA Cup Won UEFA Champions League in the same season
 ENG Arsenal (3) 2002 Premier League FA Cup
 ENG Chelsea 2010 Premier League FA Cup
 ESP Athletic Bilbao (1) 1930 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Athletic Bilbao (2) 1931 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Athletic Bilbao (3) 1943 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Barcelona (1) 1952 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Barcelona (2) 1953 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Athletic Bilbao (4) 1956 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Barcelona (3) 1959 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Real Madrid (1) 1962 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Real Madrid (2) 1975 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Real Madrid (3) 1980 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Athletic Bilbao (5) 1984 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Real Madrid (4) 1989 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Atlético Madrid 1996 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Barcelona (4) 1998 Primera División Copa del Rey
 ESP Barcelona (5) 2009 Primera División Copa del Rey Won UEFA Champions League in the same season
 ITA Torino 1943 Serie A Coppa Italia
 ITA Juventus (1) 1960 Serie A Coppa Italia
 ITA Napoli 1987 Serie A Coppa Italia
 ITA Juventus (2) 1995 Serie A Coppa Italia
 ITA Lazio 2000 Serie A Coppa Italia
 ITA Internazionale (1) 2006 Serie A Coppa Italia Finished third in Serie A but awarded title after 2006 match fixing scandal
 ITA Internazionale (2) 2010 Serie A Coppa Italia Won UEFA Champions League in the same season
 GER Schalke 04 1937 Championship Tschammerpokal
 GER Bayern Munich (1) 1969 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER FC Cologne 1978 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (2) 1986 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (3) 2000 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (4) 2003 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Werder Bremen 2004 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (5) 2005 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (6) 2006 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (7) 2008 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 GER Bayern Munich (8) 2010 Bundesliga DFB-Pokal
 FRA Sète 1934 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA RCF Paris 1936 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Lille 1946 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Nice 1952 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Stade de Reims 1958 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Monaco 1963 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Saint-Étienne (1) 1968 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Saint-Étienne (2) 1970 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Marseille (1) 1972 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Saint-Étienne (3) 1974 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Saint-Étienne (4) 1975 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Bordeaux 1987 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Marseille (2) 1989 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Auxerre 1996 Division 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Lyon 2008 Ligue 1 Coupe de France
 FRA Lille (2) 2011 Ligue 1 Coupe de France

List of Doubles in South America

The list includes clubs from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela as of 30 May 2010. The other countries in South America do not have a cup competition and cannot complete a domestic double.

Country Club Year League Cup Notes
 COL Millonarios 1953 Primera A Copa Colombia
 COL Millonarios (2) 1963 Primera A Copa Colombia
 VEN Deportivo Galicia 1969 Primera División Copa Venezuela
 ARG Boca Juniors 1969 Campeonato Metropolitan 1969 Copa Argentina
 CHI Colo-Colo 1981 Primera División Copa Chile
 VEN Marítimo 1986–1987 Primera División Copa Venezuela
 CHI Colo-Colo (2) 1989 Primera División Copa Chile
 CHI Colo-Colo (3) 1990 Primera División Copa Chile
 VEN Caracas 1994–1995 Primera División Copa Venezuela
 CHI Colo-Colo (4) 1996 Primera División Copa Chile
 CHI Universidad de Chile 2000 Primera División Copa Chile
 BRA Cruzeiro (2) 2003 Série A 2003 Copa do Brasil Won Campeonato Mineiro in the same season
 BOL Bolivar 2009 La Liga Copa Aerosur
 VEN Caracas (2) 2009–2010 Primera División Copa Venezuela

History of The Double


Club Number Years
1965, 1972, 1994
Club Brugge
1977, 1996
Cercle Brugge
Union Saint-Gilloise


Two teams have won the Croatian Double (The Prva HNL and the Croatian Cup):


Only four teams have won the Danish Double (The Danish Superliga and the Danish Cup):

  • Aarhus GF in 1955, 1957 and 1960
  • Vejle Boldklub in 1958 and 1972
  • Brøndby IF in 1998 and 2005
  • FC Copenhagen in 2004 and 2009


In England winning the Double involves finishing first in the League – Division One prior to 1992, and since then, the Premier League – and winning the FA Cup.

List of teams who have won the Double in England:

The Aston Villa team of 1897 that won The Double.

League and League Cup Double

A rarer, and less coveted, double in English domestic football is that of winning the league championship and the League Cup. This feat was first achieved in 1978 by Nottingham Forest. Liverpool achieved this double three times in succession (1982, 1983 and 1984 in the latter case with the European Cup, making it a Treble). The latest team to achieve it were Manchester United in 2009, the second occasion this has been achieved in the Premier League era, after Chelsea in 2005.

FA Cup and League Cup Double

Again rarer and less coveted, this 'Cup Double' has been achieved three times. In 1993 Arsenal won both major English domestic cup finals (defeating Sheffield Wednesday in each). In 2001 Liverpool won both and also won the UEFA Cup. Most recently, in 2007 Chelsea won both cups.

Double Double

The Double Double is a term describing the defence of The Double (winning back-to-back Doubles) in the subsequent season. It is yet to be achieved, but there have been teams that have come close. In 1962, Tottenham Hotspur came close when they followed their first double, which they won in 1961, by retaining the FA Cup and coming third in Division One of The Football League, in 1995, Manchester United fell at the last hurdle when they followed up their 1994 Double by coming runners-up in both the Premier League and the FA Cup. In 1999, Arsenal finished second in the league and were beaten in a replayed semi-final of the FA Cup, and in 2003 Arsenal successfully defended their FA Cup crown, but finished as runners-up in the Premier League. During the 1996 FA Cup final, it was commonly misconcepted by the BBC Sport punditry team, that Manchester United won the Double Double, by winning the league and FA Cup as they won the double in 1994. However, due to their trophyless season of 94-95 this has still yet to be achieved properly, despite the misconception made by the British media saying United did in 1996.


Doubles in Finland have been possible since 1955, when the Finnish Cup was inaugurated.

Multiple doubles in Finland, consisting of the Finnish Championship and the Finnish Cup, have been achieved by two clubs, FC Haka of Valkeakoski (1960 and 1977), and HJK Helsinki (1981, 2003, and 2011). Tampere United from Tampere has won one double, in 2007.


Several clubs have realised the French Double : FC Sète (1934), RC Paris (1936), Lille (1946, 2011), OGC Nice (1952), Stade de Reims (1958), AS Monaco (1963), Saint-Étienne (1968, 1970, 1974, 1975), Marseille (1972, 1989), Girondins de Bordeaux (1987), Auxerre (1996) and Lyon (2008).

The League and League Cup Double has been achieved on two occasions, in 2009 by Girondins de Bordeaux and in 2010 by Olympique de Marseille.

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. won the French Cup and the League Cup in 1995 and in 1998.


In Greece, only the big three of Athens have managed to win The Double, meaning Super League Greece and the Greek Cup.

Club Number Years
1947, 1951, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1959*, 1973, 1975, 1981, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009
1969, 1977, 1984, 1986, 1991, 1995, 2004, 2010
AEK Athens
1939, 1978
  • In 1959, Olympiacos won the double (Greek Championship and Greek Cup) and also four unofficial cups, winning six (6) trophies in a season.


Seven times an Italian club won both Serie A and Coppa Italia (Italian Cup) in the same season.


In Luxembourgian football, the Double is a single club's victory in both the National Division and the Luxembourg Cup in the same season. As there are no other senior football competitions in Luxembourg, and Luxembourgian clubs have never come close to winning any European tournament, the Double is the ultimate achievement for a Luxembourgian club in one season.

It has been accomplished twenty-three times in the eighty-four years in which the Luxembourg Cup has been contested (and, therefore, the Double has been possible). By far the most successful club in terms of winning Doubles has been Jeunesse Esch, who have completed eight of the twenty-two Doubles.

Club Doubles Years
Jeunesse Esch 8 1937, 1954, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1988, 1997, 1999
FA Red Boys Differdange 3 1926, 1931, 1979
FC Avenir Beggen 3 1984, 1993, 1994
F91 Dudelange 3 2006, 2007, 2009
CS Fola Esch 1 1923
CA Spora Luxembourg 1 1928
Stade Dudelange 1 1948
FC Progrès Niedercorn 1 1978
Union Luxembourg 1 1991
CS Grevenmacher 1 2003


Club Number Years
1966/1967, 1969/1970, 1971/1972, 1978/1979, 1982/1983, 1997/1998, 2001/2002
1975/1976, 1987/1988, 1988/1989, 2004/2005
1964/1965, 1968/1969, 1983/1984
AZ (then AZ '67)
RAP Amsterdam


Six teams have won the Norwegian Double (Norwegian Football Cup and Norwegian Premier League)

Club Doubles Years
Rosenborg BK
1971, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003
Fredrikstad FK
1938, 1950
Lyn Football
Strømsgodset IF
Lillestrøm SK
Viking FK


In Portugal, the Double is called "Dobradinha" and is achieved by winning the top tier league and the Portuguese Cup. Without surprise, only the Big Three have done it since the nationwide round-robin league competition was introduced in 1934.

On account of the League Cup having been introduced in 2007 only, a Treble has been considered since the Super Cup was introduced in 1979. Winning it after achieving the Double (contested between the League champion and the Cup runner-up when Doubles happen) was attained only by Sporting (1982 and 2002) and F.C. Porto (1998, 2003, 2006 and 2009).

Two Quadruples are considered for F.C. Porto in 2003 when José Mourinho lead them to win the domestic Treble and the UEFA Cup and in 2004 when they won the domestic League, the Champions League, the domestic Supercup and the Intercontinental Cup.

Sporting was the first side to achieve the Double (1941) as well as the first domestic Treble (1982). Benfica never achieved any type of Treble, but holds the record for Doubles (9). Benfica also became the first (and do far the only) side to complete the double of League and League Cup in 2009-10.

Club Number Years
1943, 1955, 1957, 1964, 1969, 1972, 1981, 1983, 1987
F.C. Porto
1956, 1988, 1998, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011
1941, 1948, 1954, 1974, 1982, 2002

1Benfica also Doubled F.C. Porto in 1981 and 1983, and could have made it Treble, since the Supercup was already existent (since 1979): Porto not only saved a triple horror by winning the 1981 and 1983 Supercups, but filling the slot for European Cup Winners' Cup 1983–84 as 1983 Portuguese Cup runners-up, they even managed to reach the final, failing their first Quadruple in 1984 by a close margin.

2In 1974, Sporting was the first team to win the Double over the same team, making Benfica running up in both League and Cup. Almost winning a European Treble, Sporting saw 1. FC Magdeburg win 1974 Cup Winners' Cup after being eliminated by them in the semi-finals by one goal and after a series of misfortunes (two injuries, an own-goal at home, a missed penalty and a shot on the post). That year, Hector Yazalde established a record of goals scored in one Portuguese football season which still lasts to this day.

Republic of Ireland

In Ireland, The Double is achieved by winning the League of Ireland and FAI Cup. A clean sweep can be achieved by also winning the League of Ireland Cup and the Setanta Cup. Although no team as yet has done this, Bohemians managed a similar feat in 1928 season by winning the League, FAI Cup, the League of Ireland Shield, Leinster Senior Cup Derry City FC completed 'The Treble' in 1988/'89 by also winning the League of Ireland Cup.

Club Number Years
Shamrock Rovers
1925 , 1932 , 1964 , 1985 , 1986 , 1987
1928 , 2001 , 2008
1979 , 1988
St James's Gate
Cork United
Cork Athletic
Derry City


In Romania, The Double is named "Event" and can be achieved by winning the Liga I and the Cupa României. The team that won most doubles until now is Steaua Bucureşti, with nine wins, followed by their city rivals, Dinamo Bucureşti with six wins. In the recent times, CFR Cluj won The Double twice, being the fourth non-Bucharest team to do so, after Universitatea Craiova, UT Arad and, the now defunct team, Ripensia Timişoara.

Club Number Years
Steaua Bucureşti
1951, 1952, 1976, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997
Dinamo Bucureşti
1964, 1982, 1984, 1990, 2000, 2004
CFR Cluj
2008, 2010
Universitatea Craiova
1981, 1991
UT Arad
Ripensia Timişoara

Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine

Six teams achieved the Double in the Soviet Union championships.

Dinamo Moscow was the first ever Double winner, in 1937.

Spartak Moscow won the Double six times (1938, 1939, 1958, 1992, 1994, 1998), a number unrivaled by any other Russian club. The Double Double feat of late 30s was only recently repeated by CSKA Moscow. The 1992 Double was unique because Spartak Moscow won the 1992 Russian Championship and the 1991/1992 USSR Cup, competitions technically belonging to different countries.

CSKA Moscow won the Double five times: as CDKA Moscow in 1948, as CDSA Moscow in 1951 and as CSKA Moscow in 1991 (winning the last ever USSR Championship) and in 2005–2006.

Torpedo Moscow won the Double in 1960.

Dynamo Kyiv won the Soviet Double four times: in 1966, 1974, 1985 and 1990. The Ukrainian Double seven times: in 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007.

Ararat Yerevan won the Double in 1973, with Nikita Simonian at the helm.

Zenit St. Petersburg is the latest team to win the Double in Russia, achieving this in 2010

In post-independence Ukraine, Shakhtar Donetsk are the only club other than Dynamo Kiev to win the Double, having done so in 2002, 2008 and 2011.


In Turkey, only four teams have managed to win The Double, meaning Süper Lig and the Turkish Cup.

Club Number Years
1963, 1973, 1993, 1999, 2000
1968, 1974, 1983
1990, 2009
1977, 1984

United States

Currently, in the United States, "The Double" may either mean the MLS Double, which is achieved by winning both the league premiership, the MLS Supporters Shield; as well as the league championship, the MLS Cup; in the same season.[1] The double may also be any variation of winning the MLS Cup, MLS Supporters' Shield, the U.S. Open Cup, the Canadian Championship or the CONCACAF Champions League.

The following is a list of doubles in the United States in the MLS era:

Club Number Years
D.C. United
1996 (MLS Cup, US Open Cup), 1997 (Supporters Shield, MLS Cup), 1999 (Supporters Shield, MLS Cup)
Chicago Fire
1998 (MLS Cup, US Open Cup), 2003 (Supporters Shield, US Open Cup)
Los Angeles Galaxy
2002 (Supporters Shield, MLS Cup), 2005 (MLS Cup, US Open Cup)
Sporting Kansas City
2000 (Supporters Shield, MLS Cup)
Columbus Crew
2008 (Supporters Shield, MLS Cup)


In Wales, The Double is achieved by winning the Welsh Premier League and Welsh Cup. Achieveing this and also winning the Welsh League Cup would achieve 'The Treble'. To date only two teams have achieved The Treble and only three have achieved The Double.

Club Number Years
Barry Town
1997 , 2001 , 2002 , 2003
The New Saints

Other countries

One notable double-winning team in 2006 was Bayern Munich in Germany, which became the first team in the country's history to successfully defend a double. Inter Milan in Italy earned the double in an unusual manner in the same season, being awarded the Serie A title to go along with their on-field win in the Coppa Italia after initial league champions Juventus were stripped of the title in the aftermath of the 2006 Serie A scandal.

In Japan, Urawa Red Diamonds won the J. League and the Emperor's Cup in 2006, and Kashima Antlers won in 2007. Of the 12 clubs that have been league champions (including the Japan Soccer League days), 9 have achieved doubles (the exceptions are Júbilo Iwata, Gamba Osaka, and Nagoya Grampus).

In the United States and Canada, the double consists of winning two of either the Supporters' Shield (league premiership), the MLS Cup (league championship), and the U.S. Open Cup or Canadian Championship (national championship). In league/cup doubles, five times has the Supporters' Shield winner gone on to win the MLS Cup that same year: D.C. United in 1997 and 1999, Kansas City Wizards in 2000, Los Angeles Galaxy in 2002, and Columbus Crew in 2008. In 2003, Chicago Fire became the first, and thus far only, Supporters' Shield winner to win the US Open Cup the same season. Three times has the domestic cup double been accomplished, with both the MLS Cup and US Open Cup being won by DC United in the inaugural 1996 season, by then-expansion Chicago Fire in 1998, and by Los Angeles Galaxy in 2005. No treble (or, Americanized, 'triple crown') has been accomplished in the modern era. However, five teams have come close, finishing no worse than runner-up in three domestic competitions or two domestic competitions and a continental competition in one season: DC United in 1997 and 1998, Chicago Fire in 2000 and 2003, and Los Angeles Galaxy in 2002. This paragraph does not include regular season premiership/postseason championship doubles won by North American Soccer League teams.

In 1999, Icelandic club KR Reykjavik men's and women's teams won both league and cup, and the club celebrated its centenary year with a double-double.

In 2007 and 2008, Singapore club Singapore Armed Forces Football Club (SAFFC) won a double-double through winning the S-league and Singapore Cup consecutively. Tampines Rovers and Home United have also won doubles.

The all-time leader for domestic doubles is Linfield, from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom — with 20 as of May 2008, after completing an unprecedented Treble Double.

Domestic Cup Double

A Domestic Cup Double consists of winning both domestic cup competitions in a single season or calendar year. Examples include:

European Double

In the same spirit as the European Treble, the European Double consists of winning the top tier European tournament (currently the UEFA Champions League) and domestic league title in a single season or calendar year. This has been achieved on 23 occasions by 15 clubs from 54 European competitions. FC Barcelona has achieved this on the most number of occasions (4). Ajax Amsterdam and Real Madrid are the only teams that have successfully defended a European Double.

Club Country Number
Year(s) won
Barcelona  Spain
1992, 2006, 2009 (as part of The Treble), 2011
Ajax  Netherlands
1972 (as part of The Treble), 1973, 1995
Real Madrid  Spain
1957, 1958
Internazionale  Italy
1965, 2010 (as part of The Treble)
Liverpool  England
1977, 1984
Bayern Munich  Germany
1974, 2001
Manchester United  England
1999 (as part of The Treble), 2008
Benfica  Portugal
Celtic  Scotland
1967 (as part of The Quadruple)
Hamburger SV  Germany
Steaua Bucharest  Romania
PSV Eindhoven  Netherlands
1988 (as part of The Treble)
Red Star Belgrade  Serbia
Milan  Italy
Porto  Portugal

The Unbeaten Double

In 1994–95, Louis Van Gaal's Ajax succeeded an unbeaten double, winning the Dutch Eredivisie with a 27–7–0 record, and the UEFA Champions League with a 7–4–0 record. Van Gaal's dream team was the only club to achieve a European Double with no defeat.

Near European Doubles

Defined as clubs who came runners-up in the domestic league and won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League, won the domestic league title but lost the European Cup final or both:

League runners-up

European Cup final – losing side


Continental Double

A Continental Double is identical to the European Double, but for sides outside the UEFA confederation winning the primary continental cup competition and the domestic league title. For example, the Copa Libertadores and top tier domestic league title in the CONMEBOL confederation would form a Continental Double. The Continental Double may be won in a calendar year, rather than a single season.


A combination of domestic league or cup and a lesser domestic or continental trophy, usually the UEFA Cup or former UEFA Cup Winners' Cup may be won in the same season or calendar year. Examples include:

  • Leeds United were the first English team to win a double involving European and domestic trophies. It was in 1968 when Leeds won the Football League Cup and Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.[2]
  • Liverpool won a League and UEFA Cup double in 1973 and again 1976, one year before winning the European Double in 1977.
  • Manchester City (1970) and Chelsea (1998) also did a domestic and European double involving a European trophy, winning the Cup Winners' Cup and the League Cup,
  • Liverpool won a league cup and European cup double in 1981.
  • Everton have completed a European double in 1985, with the club winning the League title and UEFA Cup Winner's Cup, but losing the FA Cup final just three days later.
  • Aberdeen won a European double in season 1982–83 when first off they captured the European Cup Winners Cup by beating Real Madrid 2–1 in Gothenburg, and 10 days later they captured the Scottish Cup with a last gasp 1–0 win over Rangers in the final. Aberdeen also went on to capture the European Super Cup at the end of 1983 to cap an unofficial treble winning year, but not in the same season.
  • Juventus won a Serie A and UEFA Cup Winner's Cup double in 1984.
  • Real Madrid won a unique double of the UEFA Cup and Copa de la Liga in 1984/85 season. Both were trophies the club hadn't previously won. This achievement will never be repeated or replicated, as the latter competition is now defunct.
  • Real Madrid won both the La Liga title and the UEFA Cup in 1986. This UEFA Cup victory also helped them become the first side to win the trophy in back to back seasons.
  • Zenit St. Petersburg won the Russian Premier League in Dec 2007 and the Uefa Cup in May 2008 , thus completing a league and a European cup double in the same footballing season.
  • CSKA Moscow won the Uefa Cup in May 2005 and the won the Russian Premier League in Dec 2005; this can be considered as a double even though it was not in the same season, it was in the same calendar year.
  • Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey and the Uefa Cup Winners Cup in 1997.

International Double

A national team cannot usually win a FIFA World Cup and their continental championship in the same year because they are usually not held in the same year (except for the Africa Cup of Nations), but one which wins both titles consecutively could be said to have "done the double".

Near International Doubles

A national team may be finalists in consecutive editions of FIFA World Cup and their continental championship, losing at least one final.

Near Domestic Doubles


Many sides have come close to winning the English league and FA Cup double but have either finished second in the league, or lost the FA Cup final. In 1985–86, Everton did both, losing the league title to cross-city rivals Liverpool on the last day of the season, and losing the FA Cup final to the same team the following week. They did however salvage some consolation by beating Liverpool in the subsequent 1985 FA Charity Shield. Similarly, Manchester United finished second to Blackburn Rovers in the 1994-95 season in the Premier League, but lost to different opposition in the cup final the following week, being Everton this time round. In a converse 'near-double', in 2006-07, Manchester United won the Premier League but were defeated in the FA Cup final by Premier League runners-up Chelsea.


League runners-up

French Cup losing finalists



In 1999, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga, but lost 2–1 in the Champions League Final on Manchester United's epic stoppage-time comeback, and lost the German Cup final to Werder Bremen in a penalty shootout after a 1–1 draw.

In 2002, Bayer Leverkusen had a season that its fans would call the "Treble Horror":

  • They blew a five-point lead in the Bundesliga with three matches to play to finish second behind Borussia Dortmund.
  • They were beaten 4–2 by Schalke in the German Cup final.
  • They were beaten 2–1 by Real Madrid in the Champions League Final.

Soviet Union and Russia

League runners-up

Soviet Union and Russian Cup losing finalists


Total Number of Doubles

Club Nation Number of
Linfield  Northern Ireland 22
Rangers  Scotland 18
Olympiacos  Greece 14
Al-Ahly  Egypt 13
Levski Sofia  Bulgaria 13
Celtic  Scotland 13
HB  Faroe Islands 12
Muharraq Club  Bahrain 12
FK Austria Wien  Austria 10
CSKA Sofia  Bulgaria 10
Dinamo Kyiv  Ukraine 10
Benfica  Portugal  9
Red Star Belgrade  Serbia  9
Steaua Bucureşti  Romania  9
Bayern Munich  Germany  8
Jeunesse Esch  Luxembourg  8
Maccabi Tel Aviv  Israel  7
AFC Ajax  Netherlands  7
Rosenborg BK  Norway  7
Partizani Tirana  Albania  7
Malmö FF  Sweden  7
Dinamo Bucureşti  Romania  6
Dinamo Zagreb  Croatia  6
Ferencváros  Hungary  6
Shamrock Rovers  Ireland  6
Partizan Belgrade  Serbia  4
Hapoel Tel Aviv  Israel  4

See also

  • The Treble
  • The Quadruple
  • The Quintuple
  • The Sextuple


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  2. ^ Chelsea also won the League Cup and the FA cup in 2007. "Football : Season Details: 1968" (accessed 17 October 2006)

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