Dog Pound (film)

Dog Pound

French theactrical poster
Directed by Kim Chapiron
Produced by
  • Georges Bermann
  • Kim Chapiron
Written by
  • Jeremie Delon
  • Kim Chapiron
Cinematography Andre Chemetoff
Editing by Benjamin Weill
Release date(s) April 24, 2010 (2010-04-24) (Tribeca)
Running time 91 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Dog Pound is a 2010 film directed by Kim Chapiron and co-written with Jeremie Delon. It is a French film which is highly influenced by the British borstal film Scum.[1]


The movie chronicles the fictional experiences of several youths during their stay in a youth detention center. During which the several young men experience more feelings of rebellion and mistreatment then if they were left out of the detention center. It is more like a learning camp for the real rules of an actual jail. One of the boys 'Davis' is the pretty boy who is uncomfortable and afraid of the more dominant boys of the detention center and ends up befriending Butch, who has anger issues and is therefore made the not the be reckoned with attitude, alpha male and ends up putting all boys that abused his friend Davis, in the down played, vengeful state because he has made it clear that he is in charge now. Davis ends up getting raped while Butch is in the hole and when he finds out what has happened he is more then ever out of control of his emotions and ends up sending the whole detention center into a riot, of which the detention officers have to use physical violence and are forced to bring in a S.W.A.T team to handle the unarmed, blind with anger youths. But the main reason leading up to all of the young men there being angry and starting the riot, is that the most experienced officer in charge of them ends up accidentally killing one of Butch's other close friends 'Angel' because of a painting he made while doing one of the jobs assigned to the four boys makes a joke out of it. while Goodyear the detention officer is having family problems, and takes his anger out on the youth. Butch freaks out and is wrongfully put into the hole. Once he gets out is when the climax of the movies really reaches its point.


  • Adam Butcher as Butch
  • Shane Kippel as Davis (Butch's close friend)
  • Mateo Morales as Angel (Butch's close friend)
  • Slim Twig as Max
  • Taylor Poulin as Banks (Davis and Butches Tormentor)
  • Dewshane Williams as Frank
  • Lawrence Bayne as Goodyear (Unit Superviser)
  • Trent McMullen as Sands
  • Jeff McEnery as Loony
  • Bryan Murphy as Eckersley

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