Dlaboka Reka

The upper valley of Dlaboka Reka, with the waterfall in the background

Dlaboka Reka (Macedonian: Длабока река), literally meaning Deep River, is a river in western Macedonia. It is a left tributary to Ribnicka river, which is one of the largest tributaries of Radika river.[1] Its source is high on Mount Korab, forming a steep valley which is one of the few places with alpine climate in Macedonia.[2]

The famous Korab waterfall is located near the source of the river. 41°45′47.22″N 20°32′15.24″E / 41.7631167°N 20.5375667°E / 41.7631167; 20.5375667 The river flows by the abandoned village of Zuznje, then into the canyon beneath the villages Nistrovo and Bibaj, and then empties into the Ribnicka river.


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