Airmobile Operations Division (Germany)

Airmobile Operations Division
Division Luftbewegliche Operationen
Airmobile Operations Division Shoulder Insignia
Active In current form: July 2002 - present
Country Germany
Branch Army
Type Division
Role Air assault, providing specialized forces
Size About 14,600 soldiers
Part of German Army
Garrison/HQ Veitshöchheim
Motto Forwards!
Nach vorn!
Anniversaries July 1
Engagements United Nations Operations in Somalia
United Nations Operations in Iraq
War in Bosnia
Civil war in Albania
Kosovo war
War in Afghanistan
Major General Eberhard Drews
Lieutenant General Hans-Otto Budde, currently commander of the German Army

Airmobile Operations Division (Division Luftbewegliche Operationen) is a division of the German Army. Its staff is based at Veitshöchheim near Würzburg. The division was founded on July 1, 2002 and reported for duty October 8, 2002 [1]. It incorporates units from various branches of the German Army. These units are stationed all over Germany. Airmobile Operations Division consists of approximately 14,500 soldiers, 350 of which are stationed at the divisionary headquarters in Veitshöchheim. The tasks of this division are unique within the modern German military. It is able to provide air mobility as well as ground based fire support, aerial defence and counter chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear assets to all parts of the German military. With an additional infantry component, it is also capable of limited air assault operations. Troops of Airmobile Operations Division also rendered assistance to civilian authorities during in disaster relief operations.

In October 2011 the German Federal Ministry of Defence announced a reorganisation/reduction of the German Armed Forces. As a consequence, Airmobile Operations Division will be disolved and those units not being disbanded will be either transferred to other parts of the armed forces or incoprorated into a different command structure.[2]


  • Airmobile Operations Division
    • Staff Company
    • Army Band 12
    • Signals Battalion DLO
    • Medium Transport Helicopter Regiment 15 "Münsterland"
    • Medium Transport Helicopter Regiment 25 "Oberschwaben"
    • Light Transport Helicopter Regiment 30
    • Airmobile Brigade 1
      • Staff Company
      • Air Assault Infantry Regiment 1
      • Light Transport Helicopter Regiment 10 "Lüneburger Heide"
      • Attack Helicopter Regiment 26 "Franken"
      • Attack Helicopter Regiment 36 "Kurhessen"
    • Army Forces Brigade
      • Staff Company
      • NBC Defense Regiment 750 "Baden"
      • Artillery Regiment 345
      • Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battery 300
      • Air Defense Battalion 12 based at Hardheim
      • Light NBC Defense Company 120


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