Disney Channel (Australia)

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Disney Channel
Disney Channel wordmark.svg
Launched 8 June 1996[1]
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Audience share 1.3% (February 2008, [1])
Country Australia, New Zealand
Language English
Broadcast area Australia
New Zealand
Sister channel(s) Disney Junior
Website disneychannel.com.au
Foxtel Channel 707
Austar Channel 707
SKY Network Television (New Zealand) Channel 040
Optus TV Channel 707
Foxtel Channel 707
Austar Channel 707
TransTV Digital Channel 201
Neighbourhood Cable Channel 28
TelstraClear InHomeTV (New Zealand) Channel 40
Xbox 360 Channel 707

Disney Channel Australia is a television channel that is broadcast in Australia and New Zealand. It is mainly aimed at children and their families. It does occasionally broadcast commercial advertisements and programming is broken up by a number of breaks, during which trailers for Disney's programming are usually shown. On 1 September 2009 Disney channel started broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen.


History and Availability

Disney Channel has been broadcast by Optus since 8 June 1996.[1] It became available though Austar on 1 April 2001,[2] Foxtel on 1 December 2001,[3][4] TransTV on 21 January 2002,[5] and is also available on Neighbourhood Cable. It was formerly available on SelecTV from September 2008 until the closure of its English service in late 2010.[6][7]

It has been broadcast on New Zealand's pay television network (SKY Network Television) since December 2003.

On 5 December 2005, Disney Channel launched Playhouse Disney Channel in Australia on the Foxtel, Austar and Optus Television digital services and in New Zealand on the SKY Network Television digital service.

Starting on 1 September 2009 Disney Channel Australia and New Zealand started 16:9 widescreen broadcasting.


Almost all of Disney's shows are rated G and usually feature low level violence. When there is a DCOM, the ratings sometimes go up to PG, being the cause of violence, action and sci-fi themes throughout the showing of the movie.


Disney Channel (Australia and New Zealand) features many of the shows the U.S. version broadcasts. The channel also airs shows made in Australia, such as H2O: Just Add Water, Wicked Science, As The Bell Rings and Double Trouble, and New Zealand, such as Camp Rock the Tasman.

Shows are often shown on Disney Channel a few months after their US counterpart, although there are some exceptions.

Current shows


Show title Original Run Disney Channel Run
Hannah Montana 2006–2011 2006 – present
The Suite Life On Deck 2008 – 2011 2008 – present
Wizards of Waverly Place 2007 – 2011 2007 – present
Sonny with a Chance 2009 – 2011 2009 – present
JONAS L.A. 2009–2010 2009 – present
I'm in the Band 2010 – present 2010 – present
Good Luck Charlie 2010 – present 2010 – present
That's So Raven 2003-2007 2003 – present
Pair of Kings 2010 – present 2011 – present
Shake It Up 2010 – present 2011 – present
Zeke and Luther 2009 – present 2009 – present
A.N.T. Farm 2011 - present 2011 - present

Drama/Sci Fi

Show title Original Run Disney Channel Run
Young Dracula 2006–2008 2008 – present

Animated Shows

Other Shows

Upcoming Series

  • Jessie (30 September 2011)[8][9][10] (Series is currently in production.)[11]
  • Austin & Ally (Late 2011)[12] (Production starts mid August 2011)


  • Gravity Falls (Spring 2012)[13]

Pilot for Consideration

  • Madison High[14][15] (Pilot filmed in March 2011, if picked up, it will premiere in early 2012)

Former Programming


Disney Channel (Australia and New Zealand) traditionally broadcasts most of Disney's movies, including Walt Disney Studio movies and Disney Channel Original Movies. Until 2003, these broadcasted daily at 7pm under the title of The Wonderful World of Disney, which was aired since the mid 1990s. They now broadcast under the title of Disney Channel Movie or Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). Movies, like all Disney Channel Australia and New Zealand content as of 1 September 2009, are broadcast in a 16:9 format, presented in letterbox (film) format for those viewing on regular 4:3 television sets.

Starting on 1 September (when Disney Channel went 16:9 widescreen) all movies are now shown in their original 16:9 widescreen format.

Disney Channel also airs many movies produced by Disney Channel, and Fox Family and ABC Family Channel, many of which are no longer shown in the United States, among them include Searching for David's Heart, Casper: A Spirited Beginning, Escape to Witch Mountain, Stepsister From Planet Weird, and Au Pair.

Disney Channel also played the following successful DCOMs:

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