Dimp Animator

Dimp Animator
Developer(s) Hyzkia
Stable release preview 1.6b[1]
Written in Objective-C
Operating system Mac OS X
Available in English
Type Animation
License proprietary
Website http://dimp-animator.com

Dimp Animator is an upcoming animation program for Mac OS X[2]. The concept of the program is based on Pivot Stickfigure Animator. The animation consists of one or more stick figures composed from so called 'bones' which have handles to rotate them. Combined with tweening over time, this allows the user to animate the figures. On December 31, 2008, a "preview" of Dimp Animator was released.[3] On December 28, 2008 the forum "Dimpleton" was launched for discussion of the program.

The main difference between Dimp and other stick figure applications like Pivot is that it primarily uses tweening instead of frames, making it easier to create smooth animations.


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