Diana Budisavljević

Diana Budisavljević
Born 15 January 1891
Innsbruck, Austria-Hungary
Died 20 August 1978(1978-08-20) (aged 87)
Innsbruck, Austria
Occupation Humanitarian
Partner Julije Budisavljević

Diana Budisavljević (Serbian Cyrillic: Дијана Будисављевић) (15 January, 1891 - 20 August 1978) was a humanitarian of Austrian descent who saved 12,000 children from the Jasenovac death camps during World War II.[1]


She was born as Diana Obexer and changed her surname upon marrying Julije Budisavljević, the head of the Surgical Clinic at the Medicinal University in Zagreb.

Saving children

In 1942, Budisavljević came into contact with German officers at Stara Gradiška concentration camp about releasing children from the camp.[2] With the help of the Ministry of Social Affairs, especially prof. Kamil Bresler, she was able to relocate child inmates from the camp to Zagreb, and other places.[2]


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