Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic Corporation
Type Private
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2009
Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Website www.dialogic.com

Dialogic Corporation is a designer, developer and manufacturer of communication products. It was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada. Dialogic products are sold worldwide through a large network of distributors and resellers, and supplied to OEMs.


Brief Company History

The original 'Dialogic' was bought by Intel in 1999[1] and run as the Media & Signaling Division. In October 2006, Eicon Networks bought the Media & Signaling Division of Intel[2] and then changed its name to Dialogic.

Since the formation of the new 'Dialogic' other competitors in the same industry have been acquired and merged into the company, including NMS Communications[3] and Cantata[4]. The latter was itself a collection of companies including Brooktrout and the Excel Switching Corporation[5][6].

In early 2008, Dialogic also acquired Open Media Labs[7], which now functions as Dialogic Media Labs, and is has an expertise in the area of video algorithms.

The Dialogic CEO, Nick Jensen, is on record as saying that 'video' is the company's direction[8][9].

May 2010 saw Dialogic announcing a merger with San Jose, California-based Veraz Networks[10], a company interesting for its SBC and compression technology[11]. The resulting company would retain the name Dialogic, and Nick Jensen as overall CEO.


The product range includes Media Servers, Media Gateways, Media Boards (voice & fax) and signalling products. There are also a variety of products serving legacy markets like X.25 (Eiconcard) and consumer ISDN.

Media server

Media server products include Dialogic Host Media Processing (HMP), with MSML capability, and two appliance products: IP Media Server and Vision VX Gateway, using open standards like VoiceXML, CCXML, MSCML and SIP. The IP Media Server and HMP were realigned in 2010 into a product family, PowerMedia[12], adding new products Web Media Server (WMS) and Media Server Connector (MSC).

Media gateways

The Dialogic Media Gateway (DMG) is a range of appliances addressing the needs of enterprises, combining SIP and PSTN technologies. For the service provider market, there is the Integrated Media Gateway (IMG) and Multi-Services Platform (MSP). The Vision CX gateway is a 3G-324M video gateway, capable of converting IP media video media (for example MPEG-4) to the format required for 3G mobile phones[13].

Media boards

Several product families of media boards (from different company acquisitions) are still in production[14], including DM3, JCT, Diva, CG, Brooktrout TR. The boards cover a range of technologies including E1/T1, VoIP, Fax and so on.

Signalling products

Signalling products are to connect to SS7 networks, and include the Signalling Interface Unit (SIU), the Multi Services Platform (MSP) and DSI and TX boards and protocol stacks.


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