List of Case Closed episodes (season 14)

List of Case Closed episodes (season 14)
The cover of the first DVD compilation for season fourteen of Detective Conan released by Shogakukan

The thirteenth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン?, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures, including an episode in where the Black Organization attempts to assassinate a political candidate.

The episodes use nine pieces of theme music: four opening themes and five ending themes. The first opening theme is "Start" by Rina Aiuchi until episode 393.[3] The second opening theme is "Hoshi no Kagayakiyo" (星のかがやきよ?, lit. "Shining of the Stars") by Zard until episode 414. The third opening theme is "Growing of My Heart" by Mai Kuraki until episode 424. The fourth opening is "Shōdō" (衝動?, lit. "Impulse") by B'z for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Wasurezaki" (忘れ咲き?, lit. "Unforgetable") by Garnet Crow until 397.[3] The second ending theme is June Bride〜Anata shika mienai〜 (ジューンブライド〜あなたしか見えない〜?, lit. "June Bride〜You can only see one〜") by U-ka Saegusa in dB until episode 406. The third ending theme is Sekai Tomete (世界 止めて?, lit. "World Stops") by Shiori Takei until episode 416. The fourth ending theme is "Thank You for Everything" by Sayuri Iwata until episode 424. The fifth ending theme is "Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki" (悲しいほど 貴方が好き?, lit. "I miss you so much I'm sad") by Zard.

The season initially ran from February 14, 2005 through January 16, 2006 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes 388 to 426 were later collected into ten DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between May 26, 2006 and October 27, 2006 in Japan.[5]


Episode list

Ep no. Title Original Airdate
388 "Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part 1)"
"Satsuma ni You Kogorou (Zenpen)" (薩摩に酔う小五郎(前編)) 
February 14, 2005
Kogoro is invited Kagoshima for a variety talk show to promote their local shochu and is later invited by Takakuma Shochu sample their handmade sake. Tatsumura wants to increase production of sake by mechanizing the production process at the expense of quality. Fumiko takes Kogoro on a tour of the city and asks him to decline Tatsumura's offer to be a spokesperson. Later Tatsumura is found to be missing; there is blood on the floor and evidence to suggest that he was struck with a blunt object and kidnapped. Two days pass and then through an anonymous tip the police discover Tatsumura dead in his car in a park. 
389 "Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part 2)"
"Satsuma ni You Kogorou (Kōhen)" (薩摩に酔う小五郎(後編)) 
February 21, 2005
Conan, Kogoro, and the police continue to search for clues to solving the case. Conan learns more about Tatsumura, the current owner, Satoshi, and the company's history from one of the employees. Satoshi is unwilling to fire Tatsumura because he was responsible for saving the company years ago. Conan learns that Fumiko used to be a nurse, and that she made sure Tatsumura got a check up the day before he got murdered/kidnapped. Everyone gathers to hear Kogoro's deduction, and Conan reveals the culprit's trick. 
390 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 (Part 1)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koimonogatari 6 (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語6(前編)) 
February 28, 2005
Yumi overhears that a promotion for Takagi will send him to a case in a far away place where he shall remain there until the case is solved. Apparently the case involves a large number of people in a crime organization, where he is expected to be there for three years. Later the Detecitve Boys are walking home when they noticed a strange jogger. Takagi, Sato, and Chou are placed on the case of a murder. The Detective Boys come across them and identify the jogger as the suspect. When they arrive, the suspect's allibi of video recordings proves he was there the whole time the murder took place, but the Detective Boys are certain he was the jogger. What's more, the allibi is confirmed by Officer Chiba, since it's his roommate. 
391 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 (Part 2)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koimonogatari 6 (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語6(後編)) 
March 7, 2005
Conan discovers that the suspect tricked Chiba's sense of time. He revealed that there was a re-air of the news, and it was dubbed. He also revealed that the culprit cut out parts and fast forwarded parts of the video to manipulate time. He also spun the time two hours behind, and slowly fixed it as the day dragged on. Afterwards, Takagi almost proposes to Sato but Megure reveals to him Chou Takagi is the one being sent for the case. They later take the Detective Boys to Karaoke. 
392 "The Mysterious Height Difference of 20cm"
"Nazomeku Shinchousa 20 cm" (謎めく身長差20cm) 
March 14, 2005
On a walk with Ran, Conan runs into Takagi who explains that Katsugoro Kitamura, the president of a construction company, is found dead from a stab wound. The suspect, Yuuichi Minamida, is in custody while the police attempt to figure out how the murder was done. The knife angle on the body suggests Kitamura was murdered by someone shorter than him; Minamida is 20 cm taller than Kitamura making it technically impossible. Conan drops subtle hints allowing Takagi to solve the murder. Takagi reveals that Minamida unscrewed the light bulbs in Kitamura's room. During the meeting, Kitamura uses a step ladder to fix the lights but is stabbed by Minamida. As evidence, Takagi reveals that there is a lack of evidence on the light bulbs even though Kitamura changed them recently. Minamida confesses to the crime and reveals that Kitamura had been blackmailing him for the land below Minamida's restaurant. The restaurant was the gift his father gave him after he was shunned by his family for a murder he did not commit. 
393 "A Kidnapping Case... So It Seems"
"Yuukai...Rashii Jiken" (誘拐...らしい事件) 
March 21, 2005
A motorcyclist crashes outside of Mouri's detective agency. The motorcyclist is dead, but they find a suitcase with 300,000 yen and a note suggesting the money is a ransom drop. From the note they can only determine the last name of the person abducted, but they also find heart medicine and by calling various hospitals they find the family. After speaking with the family and gathering clues they find out that the motorcyclist had an accomplice. The son-in-law of the kidnapped man was constantly being berated by his father-in-law, and recently his wife started to lose faith in him it seems. Conan begins to suspect the son-in-law and they are able to find the man in time to give him the medicine. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and deduces that the son-in-law was responsible for the kidnapping. He admits to the kidnapping, and sadly it is revealed that neither his father-in-law nor his wife harbored any ill-feelings toward him (he was trying to be strict with him so that he would be able to inherit the family business). 
394 "Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The Seal"
"Kibatsu na Yashiki no Daibouken (Fuuinhen)" (奇抜な屋敷の大冒険(封印編)) 
April 18, 2005
Agasa, Haibara, Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta go camping. While they're camping they find a lantern in a pond with some writing inside. They show the stone lantern to Conan who determines that it is a code to finding a large diamond. The lantern is also hiding another secret...a dead body at the bottom of the pond. After searching the body they find out that he was a treasure hunter who was straggled to death by another person looking for the treasure. They also find a tear-shaped stone with the kanji "inflammation" written on it and a notebook. The notebook suggests that he was murdered by his partner and that Kaitou Kid is also seeking the treasure. Dr. Agasa goes back to camp to call the police. 
395 "Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The Mechanism"
"Kibatsu na Yashiki no Daibouken (Karakurihen)" (奇抜な屋敷の大冒険(絡繰編)) 
April 25, 2005
Conan, Haibara, and the kids decide to enter the house which belonged to Kichiemon a puppet maker and architect of the riddle. The house is filled with all kinds of booby-traps which Genta almost falls victim too until another treasure hunter saves him from a pit of spikes. As they continue to search the house they meet another treasure hunter, and end up falling down a trap door into the basement. Luckily they are saved by Conan's supersized soccerball. In the basement they find Kichiemon's grave, a bunch of human remains, and an old lady. The first treasure hunter reveals grudgingly that he found the mirror artifact and Conan reveals the tear-shaped stone. They continue looking for the sword, which is the last piece of the puzzle. 
396 "Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The Resolution"
"Kibatsu na Yashiki no Daibouken (Kaiketsuhen)" (奇抜な屋敷の大冒険(解決編)) 
May 2, 2005
The old lady nearly gets chopped up by four swinging blades when she steps on a trap. Conan realizes that if one stands in the right spot the blades will not harm you and that one of the blades actually has a handle allowing him to swing over towards the sword. The sword contains the last clue, which leads everyone back to the pond. Mitsuhiko accidentally discovers that the diamond is at the bottom of the pond. The first treasure hunter dives in after it while the second pulls a gun planning to kill everyone and take the diamond for herself. Conan is able to tranquilizer her, but when the treasure hunter comes back up with the diamond the spring starts to pour into the pond causing a massive flood. The only way to stop the flood is to put the diamond back. The old lady turns out to be Kaitou Kid who knew all along that the diamond was unable to be stolen, and Conan allows him to escape on his hang-glider. 
397 "Spicy, Bitter, Sweet Soup"
"Karaku Nigaku Amai Shiru" (辛く苦く甘い汁) 
May 9, 2005
A woman, Fumie Ozawa, is found dead in her bathroom around 9 am, having appeared to have committed suicide by hanging her self with a thin wire, by her friend Etsuko Aikawa who claims it was murder. The medical examiner puts the time of death between 6 and 8 pm the previous night. Mouri investigates the scene and sees that she schedules a dentist appointment for the same day of her "suicide". Conan finds a powdered substance, sneaks away with a sample, and when asking a store clerk of it, she says it is katakuri starch- a thickner with sugar properties. When looking in to Ozawa's company financials, the police find a 30 million yen deficit that they believed she embezzled and her superior/boyfriend, Ryota Shimizu, who was off the same day she died and received an e-mail from Ozawa at 5:45 pm yesterday, may have a connection. Aikawa claims she treated Fumie like a surrogate daughter all her life and would do nothing to harm her when the police question her as a suspect. Later, Aikawa's alibi is in question when a delivery man saw her earlier than she stated. She states that she found the body earlier than she did, but after she left money for Ozawa before finding her, and was going to notify the police afterwords. As the case is thought to be over, the authorities believing Aikawa to be the killer trying to frame Shimizu, Conan tranquilizes Kogorou as they are leaving then explains that Shimizu is the true culprit. Shimizu used ice which melted over the course of the day to slowly hang Fumie Ozawa, and that he used her cell phone on vibrate when he called it to send an e-mail to give him an alibi by shaking off a book self above to land on the mouse. His hair is also found on the wire used to kill her. He confesses, revealing that he did it because he didn't want to see her remain in jail for the rest of her life for her embezzling. 
398 "The Weird Family's Commission (Part 1)"
"Kimyou na Ikka no Irai (Zenpen)" (奇妙な一家の依頼(前編)) 
May 16, 2005
Ran sends a message to Shinichi's phone only to find Conan's phone has also received the message causing her to suspect Conan of being Shinichi. A woman named Tomoko Kiriya hires Kogoro to search for her cellphone which contains messages of her affair. She attempted to call her phone and someone always hangs it up. She suspects that her either her father-in-law, brother-in-law, or husband has her phone. After questioning the three, Tomoko calls her phone and finds it and sends Kogoro away. While heading home, Conan learns from the news that Tomoko was found dead in her car after being stabbed and bludgeoned. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan return to the Kiriya home with the police to investigate. The three have established alibis: The father was heard behind the shōji, the brother's shadow was seen by the shōji, and the husband's pipe smoking was smelt. After ruling out the man having an affair with Tomoko, the police's investigation leads them to believe the case is somehow related to a murder twelve years ago which was done by Eisuke Kiriya, the third family son who disappeared after being suspected for the murder of his fiancée
399 "The Weird Family's Commission (Part 2)"
"Kimyou na Ikka no Irai (Kōhen)" (奇妙な一家の依頼(後編)) 
May 23, 2005
Conan reveals that the person who has the cellphone is obviously inexperienced with one. Since cellphones weren't popularized until a decade ago, the one who had the phone is Eisuke. Conan reveals that one of the three is hiding Eisuke. The police rule out the father and husband leaving Shigehide Kiriya, the brother-in-law, as their suspect. Conan points to the fact that Shigehide's books were old fashion and lacked cellphones raising the possibility that Eisuke is the one writing the novels for him. Eisuke reveals himself and confesses to stabbing his fiancée twelve years ago after learning of her affair. The police reveal that the fiancée was also bludgeoned to death, meaning Shigehide finished her off. After finding Tomoko's phone, they have the evidence to the murder. Shigehide confesses and reveals that twelve years ago, he was having an affair with Eisuke's fiancée and bludgeoned her when she told him she only intended to marry one of them for the money. As for Tomoko, she discovered Eisuke when she found her phone and used that information to blackmail Shigehide for murder and thus motivated his murder. Later that night, Ran grabs a hold of Conan's phone when he drops it in the car and checks to see the message she sent to Shinichi is there. 
400 "Ran's Suspicions"
"Giwaku wo Motta Ran" (疑惑を持った蘭) 
May 30, 2005
Ran turns on Conan's cellphone only to find out there is a four digit lock. She reminisces about the time Shinichi was forming words through the Hiragana and numbers found on the license plates. Shinichi witnesses a car with an illegal license plate as cars are not allowed to use the Hiragana "shi" or "he" and reports this to the police. The police capture the criminals before they robbed a bank. Back in the present time, Ran uses the word Sherlock which are the numbers 4869 and unlocks Conan's phone. Ran suspects Conan deleted her messages and resents the mail only to receive a phone call from an irritated Shinichi. Conan appears and asks for his phone and returns to his room where it is revealed that he used a prerecorded message to call Ran in the event of her getting close to finding his secret. Conan then gives Ran his phone number and accepts the dangers that would come by doing so. 
401 "Red-Handed Jewel Robber (Part 1)"
"Houseki Goutou Genkouhan (Zenpen)" (宝石強盗現行犯(前編)) 
June 6, 2005
The Detective Boys meet Takagi in a jewelry store, and soon after, they witness the store being robbed. They chase him to a nearby roof, which he jumps off of, killing himself. Conan notices several suspicious things about the incident, leading the police to believe that it wasn't as simple of a case as it first appeared to be, including the fact that the van he fell onto was being used by the culprit's former boss. At the end, Conan realizes that it was a murder, and who did it. 
402 "Red-Handed Jewel Robber (Part 2)"
"Houseki Goutou Genkouhan (Kōhen)" (宝石強盗現行犯(後編)) 
June 13, 2005
The Detective Boys and Conan solve the case and show the police that they were wrong about almost everything that happened. 
403 "The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 1)"
"Fushigi na Tenshi no Yakata (Zenpen)" (不思議な天使の館(前編)) 
June 20, 2005
The Detective Boys and Conan meet Yuriko an orphaned girl. She is a potential heiress to her great-grandfather's fortune, but she must first solve a riddle. Tokei, the man's secretary, instructs her to seek out the Detective Boys' help, and they all gather at the mansion. At 9:00pm he announces the riddles: "When the bull loses its horns, and his tail becomes his head. The angel will come down and play the horn. That melody is my treasure." They have exactly 24 hours in which to solve the riddle. Conan solves the first part of the riddle and finds a black stone, but they fall into a trap which leaves them in a labyrinth. 
404 "The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 2)"
"Fushigi na Tenshi no Yakata (Kōhen)" (不思議な天使の館(後編)) 
June 27, 2005
The Detective Boys parallel the legend of the Minotaur and Theseus by using the yarn from their clothes to navigate the labyrinth. Eventually they find their way out with 3 hours left to solve the riddle. Conan has a revelation and uses the spotlight and the black stone to cast a shadow which leads to the treasure. Tokei and the Detective Boys dig up the treasure and find a mountain of gold and a picture of the old man and his granddaughter. It is then revealed that Tokei, who served the old man, who was apparently involved with the yakuza, is Yuriko's father. 
405 "Man Who Went to Call For An Ambulance"
"Kyuukyuusha wo Yobi ni Itta Otoko" (救急車を呼びに行った男) 
July 4, 2005
One day a man was jogging and finds a dead body. He calls the Ambulance but worried about the mans life, decides to run to the nearest bus station. Because of his actions he is considered the main suspect. Takagi comes to the case and with Conan's help, solves the case. He proves the mans innocence and captures the culprit. It turns out the Manger's dying message was for the culprit saying he should always try and smile. 
406 "Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The Trick"
"Konan Heiji no Suiri Majikku (Shikakehen)" (コナン·平次の推理マジック(仕掛編)) 
July 11, 2005
Conan, Heiji, Ran, and Kazuha are at a magic show. When the magician enters a cube of water with chains, something goes wrong and Ran and Kazuha rush to the stage ready to break it open. The magician escapes revealing it was part of the trick. Ran and Kazuha are invited to come to a party with the Magician. At the party, there are magicians there who were the fans of a famous magician. When there, a murder happens. 
407 "Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The Mansion"
"Konan Heiji no Suiri Majikku (Yakatahen)" (コナン·平次の推理マジック(館編)) 
July 18, 2005
Conan and Heiji investigate and the magicians back stories are given more indept. Heiji tells Conan that he feels angry seeing Kazuha with another man for some reason with Conan calling Heiji child like afterwards. 
408 "Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic: The Resolution"
"Konan Heiji no Suiri Majikku (Kaiketsuhen)" (コナン·平次の推理マジック(解決編)) 
August 1, 2005
The mystery is solved and Heiji shows that it involves how the house is built. They reveal the hallway has mirrors on the door with identical rooms on the side to cause an illusion. 
409 "The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 1)"
"Douji Shinkou Butai to Yuukai (Zenpen)" (同時進行舞台と誘拐(前編)) 
August 8, 2005
410 "The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 2)"
"Douji Shinkou Butai to Yuukai (Kōhen)" (同時進行舞台と誘拐(後編)) 
August 15, 2005
411 "The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 1)"
"Jinja Torii Bikkuri Angou (Zenpen)" (神社鳥居ビックリ暗号(前編)) 
August 22, 2005
The detective boys are hiking on a trip to find stag beetles on a mountain forest. There Conan receives a photo of Ran in a swimsuit from Sonoko. Later Conan receives a phone call from Ran and Sonoko who tells "Shinichi" that a burglar tried to steal Sonoko's bag. Since it relates to a murder, Conan investigates the picture sent by Sonoko to learn about the dying message. While at it, he helps the Detective Boys solve one of Agasa's code. 
412 "The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 2)"
"Jinja Torii Bikkuri Angou (Kōhen)" (神社鳥居ビックリ暗号(後編)) 
August 29, 2005
Later Conan solves both codes and finds out that Ran and Sonoko are riding with the murderer. The culprit tries to kill them but Ran knocks him out with her Karate. Later, Conan's picture of Ran is deleted by Haibara and the Detective Boys say that they asked Haibara to do it and that he should not have access to those kind of materials. 
413 "The Mystery of the Half-Completed Crime"
"Kanzen Hanbun Hanzai no Nazo" (完全半分犯罪の謎) 
September 5, 2005
Kogoro is invited by the producer of a detective show to share his stories. While he's there a murder occurs. The victim is one of the two main script writers for the show. The main suspect is a newbie third writer who brought the coffee to the producer and scriptwriters. The victim hated the him and has tried to get him fired from the show multiple times, so the motive is easily established. The only problem is figuring out how he got the victim to pick the poisoned coffee. In the end they realize that the suspect didn't use a trick at all; he didn't care which one of the two scriptwriters drank the poison. 
414 "The Detective Boys Blue Bird Chase"
"AoiTori wo Ou Tanteidan" (青い鳥を追う探偵団) 
September 12, 2005
Conan and the Detective Boys are invited by their classmate Yuka Konno to come to her house. At her house, they meet Shinya Sakaguchi, a man who is in a relationship with Yuka's mother and was told to take care of Yuka. Yuka shows the Detective Boys her pet budgerigar named Chichi. She explains that a male budgerigar's cere is blue while a female's is brown, yet Chichi's became brown; Yuka also notes Chichi looks smaller than usual. Haibara reveals that Sakaguchi bought a substitute pet for Yuka since Chichi is missing. The next day, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko question Sakaguichi on Chichi's whereabouts. Sakaguchi explains that he found Chichi dead in its cage, so he replaced the bird as not to sadden Yuka about its death. The three become suspicious of Sakaguichi and come to the conclusion he was testing an evaporating poison on the bird. As support to their idea, Mitsuhiko points out that explains why they found the all doors and windows open in that room; It was so the poison would be aired out. They come to the conclusion Sakaguichi put the poison in the soy sauce and rush to Yuka's house to tell her. They find Conan and Sakaguichi there and Conan explains what truly happened. He explained that Sakaguichi's story was true, since budgerigar become more lively and have their cere's turn brown when they are sick. He explains that the windows and doors were open to prevent them from noticing Sakaguichi's body odor due to the fact he had to work three days straight on an experiment and had not showered. Sakaguichi apologizes to Yuka for not telling her about Chichi's death and gives her a male budgerigar. 
415 "The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The Case"
"Butsumetsu ni Deru Akuryou (Jikenhen)" (仏滅に出る悪霊(事件編)) 
October 10, 2005
A man is being haunted by a ghost, since exorcisms did not work they want Kogorou to solve the case. The clue is a card that says the fifth ghost will kill them unless they repent their sins. Since the time that card was sent, the master installed a door that needs a pin code and fingerprint scan to access the top floor. The master, lady, and the installer of the door are friends who are hiding a secret about the sin. All the accidents happen on Butsumetsu day, the day Buddha dies and the unluckiest day on Earth. On that day the installer was found hanged on the balcony of the third floor. The master was not home so the door could not have been opened. 
416 "The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The Suspicion"
"Butsumetsu ni Deru Akuryou (Giwakuhen)" (仏滅に出る悪霊(疑惑編)) 
October 17, 2005
Afterwards, the master is found dead from a heart attack. Conan realizes he must've seen something that was impossible causing him that much of a fright. 
417 "The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day: The Solution"
"Butsumetsu ni Deru Akuryou (Kaiketsuhen)" (仏滅に出る悪霊(解決編)) 
October 24, 2005
They decide to investigate the four workers of the mansion along with the accident that took place thirteen years ago. Conan realizes that a twin who was supposed to be long dead was involved, and that was what scared the manager. It was revealed that on the wristwatch of the dying victim, was the location of where the boat accident happened. 
418 "Home of Beika's Grenier"
"Beikachō Gurunie no Ie" (米花町グルニエの家) 
October 31, 2005
A small three-story house is put up for rent in the neighbourhood and the Detective Boys decide to pass by it on the way home from school. Haibara tricks the real estate agent into giving them a tour of the inside and Conan notices that he could see Mouri's detective agency from the third floor window. The next day, they discover the house has been sold to an old couple and Conan finds them suspicious. He follows the old man to China town and into an antique shop. The old man is talking with an old Chinese man; Conan is discovered and flees from the scene. Later that day, Conan notices that the house has a camera directed towards the Mouri agency and deduces the old couples are people using a disguise. Conan takes a nap upon coming home and a man in black enters with a gun. The old woman rushes to the agency who Conan greets as his mother. The man in black is Agasa in disguise and was used to lure his mother there. Conan reveals that he became suspicious when his father, disguised as the old man, pushed himself up with his hand to stand; An old man would only do that during seclusion to give other people the sense of his health. Vivian reveals that she was curious about Conan's daily life and that she wanted more pictures of a young Shinichi. 
419 "Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 1)"
"Yamata Oorochi no Ken (Zenpen)" (八岐大蛇の剣(前編)) 
November 7, 2005
Conan, Ran, and Kogorou go to the mythical village of Izumo. there they meet Eiko Ezumi, an employee at the Grand Shrine, and learn that she is to marry a rotten businessman, Kouji Wanibuchi - founder and president of his own company. Later they meet her childhood friend, Ryousuke Fukuma and it comes to a rocky start when Kogorou yells at him. The next day, Eiko's fiancee is found dead with his Sword of the Eight-Headed Snake he was carrying goes missing. The police have 4 suspects, 2 of whom are Eiko and Ryousuke, and Takehiko Fujie and Kazuya Ishitobi. Eiko's and Ryousuke's alibis don't set right with Conan who takes Ran to investigate the alibis. 
420 "Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 2)"
"Yamata Oorochi no Ken (Kōhen)" (八岐大蛇の剣(後編)) 
November 14, 2005
Conan proves that Eiko and Ryou's alibis were to protect the other. Ryou finds Eikos pendant at the crime scene and thinks it was her and Eiko thought it was Ryou from his alibi that he was where she really was, the train station, but she didn't see him. Then it turns out that Ishitobi and Fujie went to Eiko's home to convince Wanibuchi to spare their businesses. Eiko realizes that her pendant vanished that same night. Ishitobi's alibi checks out when the police discover that he is charged with a D.U.I - Drinking Under the Influence. At the temple registry, Conan notices something that helps him figure who the culprit is. Conan tricks Fujie and Kogorou, by impersonating their voices to the other, to meet in front of Hinomisaki tower where Conan tranqs Kogorou and solves the case. Conan (as Kogorou) reveals that from Fujie's testimony that Wanibuchi was a snake, was a correlation to the myth of the Eight-Headed Serpent. He used Eiko to cover his tracks with her pendant, and arranged Wanibuchi & Eiko to meet at the cave around 1:00 and 1:30. His trick to cover the time difference was that he went to the castle twice. He falsified his registry time by putting an added time slot, replaced the pen with an erasable, and placed his name after the murder. To prove this all, Fujie put "Narisei City, Tokyo" as an address for a false name, and it turned out that Narisei isn't a part of Tokyo anymore and confesses. Afterwords, Kogorou tries to get his coin stuck in the Izumo Knot to "bring true his wish", only to make all the coins in the knot to fall on him. 
421 "Gingko-Colored First Love (Part 1)"
"Ichou Iro no Hatsukoi (Zenpen)" (イチョウ色の初恋(前編)) 
November 21, 2005
The Detective Boys are at Agasa's house when they happen to find a letter from Agasa's first love. Apparently they are supposed to meet every decade but was unable to because Agasa could not solve the code from the letter. The Detective Boys set out to solve it and find the "memorable place" using the hint given in the letter. The clues lead them to the zoo where Agasa see's a brown hair women. 
422 "Gingko-Colored First Love (Part 2)"
"Ichou Iro no Hatsukoi (Kōhen)" (イチョウ色の初恋(後編)) 
November 28, 2005
The woman turns out to be another classmate, previously a male but now a female. After Conan re-examines the hint, he realizes that the sounds were animal noises pronounced by the English. After finding her, she leaves pretending not to know Agasa, believing the Detective Boys were his grandchildren and that she was intruding his happy family. Agasa reveals he knows it is her as she drives away. 
423 "Detective Boys and the Four Aomushi Brothers"
"Tantei-dan to Aomushi Yon-kyoudai" (探偵団と青虫4兄弟) 
December 5, 2005
424 "The Photograph Mail From a Clown"
"Piero kara no Shashin Meeru"  
December 19, 2005
Mouri, and Conan are checking out costumes for Mouri's one day of being a chief firemen. Later they meet people attending a costume party. While walking home, they find a police car in front of the house and meet the people from the costume shop earlier, realizing the host has been murdered. Conan realizes that the culprit must've interfered with the Rigor Mortis and finds the evidence to convict the culprit. The culprit reveals that the host was his controlling girlfriend. 
425 "Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out!2.5 hrs."
"Burakku Inpakuto! Soshiki no Te ga Todoku Shunkan" (ブラックインパクト! 組織の手が届く瞬間) 
January 9, 2006
Kogoro is asked to help News Reporter Rena Mizunashi who is experiencing persistent Knock, Knock, Ginger every Saturday for two months. Conan places a transmitter device outside the door and investigates. On Saturday, Conan reveals that the prankster is a young boy who was using the door bell to wake up Rena for her Saturday morning news report; Two months ago, Rena was moved to Sundays and the boy presumed she overslept. The boy reveals that Rena reminds him of his mother and Rena tells him he must be strong for his mother who recently died and to never see her again. While heading home, Conan forgets his device and returns to Rena's apartment to retrieve it. However the device stuck to Rena's shoe. Conan overhears Rena's conversation and realizes she is talking to Gin. Conan overhears that the Black Organization plan to assassinate a man named Yasuteru Domon, a candidate for Japan's Shuugi-In. Conan, with the help of Jodie Starling, manages to avert the assassination by setting off the sprinklers and thus forces the sniper to abandon their mission. While the Black Organization chases after Domon's car, the FBI manages to intercept Rena's vehicle and capture her. Meanwhile, Gin finds the transmitter on Rena's shoes and concludes that it belongs to Kogoro. As the Black Organization members, Korn and Chianti prepare to fire at Kogoro, they are interrupted by Shuichi Akai's sniper shots. The Organization flees and Gin concludes that it was a set-up by the FBI. Later that day, Conan tells Haibara that with Rena, they will have a lead on the Black Organization. 
426 "Love Letter to Ran"
"Ran heno Rabu Retaa" (蘭へのラブレター) 
January 16, 2006
Ran receives an anonymous "love" letter that has Conan worried. Ran isn't able to decide if she should go meet this person or not. Then Ran, Conan and Sonoko help a lady which then leads to saving a man's life. The man had once sent a love letter to this lady and thanked her for coming that day even though she had rejected him. From this Ran decides to go meet the person who sent the letter. 


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