List of Case Closed OVAs

List of Case Closed OVAs
The DVD cover shows a young boy with black hair and glasses, wearing a blue vest with a white dress shirt showing underneath, light blue shorts, and a bow-tie. The boy is pointing his finger outside the cover accusingly. Above him in big red bold letters are the words Shonen Sunday Original Collection, Secret File Vol. 1. To the right of the boy is a bullet hole with the kanji for Meitantei Conan and under it in white letters are the words Shogakukan Video.
The cover of the first DVD compilation for the Shōnen Sunday Original Animation of the Detective Conan series released by Shogakukan

The Case Closed anime, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン?, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, had spun off two original video animation series and two television special since its debut on January 8, 1996 on Nippon Television Network System (NNS) in Japan. The anime special features its own original plot with the general theme focused on Shinichi Kudo who was turned into a child by a poison called APTX 4869, but continues working as a detective under the alias Conan Edogawa.

The Shōnen Sunday is a Case Closed original video animation series which is released directly to VHS and DVD. The OVA was available to order for those who were subscribed to Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Shōnen Sunday has released a new OVA yearly since 2000 with nine animations released as of March 2010. Shogakukan later collected the nine animations and released them into four DVD compilations with the title Secret Files.[1]

The Magic Files is a second Case Closed original video animation series, which ís released directly to DVD. A new Magic File has been released every year in April since the first on April 11, 2007, which contained four previously aired Case Closed episodes.[2] Later Magic Files were released along with Case Closed films, containing an original plot with background ties to the theatrical Case Closed films. The fourth Magic File was released on April 17, 2010.[3]

The "Detective Conan Special" is the third original video animated series based on Magic Kaito were aired on NNS during Case Closed time slots.[4][5]



Shōnen Sunday Original animation

OVA no. Title Release date[1]
1 "Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba - The Decisive Battle over the Treasured Sword!"
"Conan tai Kiddo tai Yaiba Hōtō Soudatsu Daikessen" (コナンvsキッドvsヤイバ 宝刀争奪大決戦!!) 
Kaito Kid sends a message to the Yaiba family announcing his intention to steal the Treasure Sword. Kogoro Mouri is hired to prevent the burglary. While, Conan, there with Kogoro and others, notices strange things and finds out the Granny of the house has the alcohol that changes his body back to normal. After drinking a similar medicine containing the same ingridient Conan starts transforming. Rather than transforming back to normal his body changes in to Kogoro and then Heiji and everyone thinks him as disguised Kaito Kid. While Kid invades and steals the sword from the Yaiba family, he is blasted away by a cannon. Conan realizes that too many things are inconsistent and deduces that he is dreaming. Conan then awakens in the morning and realizes it was a dream caused by excess reading of the Yaiba manga series. 
2 "16 Suspects!?"
"Jūrokunin no Yōgisha!?" (16人の容疑者!?) 
Ninzaburo Shiratori's invited his close friends to his villa to celebrate completion of his villa. The main highlight was Shiratori's prized collection of expensive wine. However, just as Shiratori was about to share his most valued wine with his guests, he discovered that its bottle was smashed. Since Shiratori himself could have accidentally dropped the bottle, he is also a suspect together with his 15 guests. Upon investigation, Heiji Hattori reveals that a mouse caused the wine bottle to drop. Conan reveals that Kogoro is responsible for the smashed bottle and reveals that the smashed wine was a fake. Sonoko Suzuki had replaced Shiratori's prized wine with a cheaper variant with changed label as a prank. Shiratori's shares the prized wine with his guests and they drink away the night. Conan talks with Heiji and deduces that he was the one who broke the bottle when the mouse surprised him not Kogoro. 
3 "Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy"
"Conan to Heiji to Kieta Shōnen" (コナンと平次と消えた少年) 
Heiji invites Conan and Ran Mouri to Osaka again. Along with Kazuha, they show them Osaka's major sights. In the middle of the sightseeing they run into three kids named Mayumi, Kenta, and Mikihiko who are waiting for their friend Satoshi. Since Satoshi is late, they ask Heiji to help locate Satoshi. The kids say that Satoshi is at his secret base which is only revealed through Satoshi's riddle. The kids explain Satoshi found some jewels at his secret base and Heiji reveals Satoshi's secret base which is jewllery robbers new hiding place. After figuring out Satoshi's riddle, they are able to find Satoshi at his old house and arrest the robbers. 
4 "Conan and Kid and the Crystal Mother"
"Conan to Kiddo to Kurisutaru Mazā" (コナンとキッドとクリスタル·マザー) 
Kaito Kuroba accompanies his childhood friend, Aoko Nakamori and her father, Ginzo Nakamori to prevent Phantom Thief Kid's theft of a Crystal from the Queen. While Kaito searches on where the Crystal is hidden, he realizes it is in Ginzo's cup. Creating a blackout, Kaito puts on his disguise as Phantom Thief Kid and steals the crystal. Kaito escapes to the top of the train where he is met by Prince Phillip who demands the crystal from him. They are then interrupted by the famous assassin Jackal who wishes to murder Phantom Thief Kid. Holding Prince Phillip hostage, Jackal demands Kaito to surrender the crystal. Conan who happened to be coincidentally on the train apprehends Jackal's accomplice meanwhile Phantom Thief Kid defeats Jackal and returns the jewel back. 
5 "The Target is Kogorō Mōri!! The Detective Boys' Secret Investigation"
"Hyōteki wa Mōri Kogorō!! Shōnen Tanteidan Maruhi Chōsa" (標的は毛利小五郎!!少年探偵団マル秘調査) 
The Detective Boys are given a project by their teacher to study a person in their line of work. They decide to study Kogoro as he perform his duties as a private detective. They secretly follow Kogoro as he investigates Masaya Murakami, the boyfriend of a daughter of a rich family. Masaya is later kidnapped by a gang due to having a friend borrow money from them. Conan finds it strange they kidnapped Masaya for the money and realizes they intend to blackmail Etsuke Yamo, Masaya's girlfriend, to pay for Masaya's life. Kogoro and Detective Boys secretly follows Etsuke which leads them to the gang's location where they are later apprehended by Kogoro with the help of Detective Boys. 
6 "Pursuit of the Vanished Diamond! Conan, Heiji vs Kid"
"Kieta Daiya o Oe! Konan, Heiji vs Kiddo" (消えたダイヤを追え!コナン·平次vsキッド) 
The Mouri agency receives a suspicious phone call. Conan realizes it was blackmail for a number similar to their own. He then calls Heiji who has the same voice as the blackmailer and together they dial certain numbers to identify the victim. After finding the victim, they discover he had bought back his diamond for 10% of its value, but they soon realize the diamond was a fake. They get a tape of Heiji's voice on TV, so the public can help locate the criminal. Conan realizes the background voice from the phone call was from a Youko Okino alarm clock. After narrowing the suspects, the culprit is caught and in a struggle, drops the diamond over the bridge. Phantom Thief Kid grabs the diamond, but returns it after the full moon. 
7 "A Written Challenge from Agasa! Agasa vs Conan & the Detective Boys"
"Agasa Kara no Chōsenjou! Agasa vs. Conan & Shōnen Tanteidan" (阿笠からの挑戦状!阿笠vsコナン&少年探偵団) 
Professor Agasa challenges the Detective Boys to a treasure hunt game. Agasa awaits at the location the final clue leads them to and witnesses a speeding truck crash into a pole. Agasa while watching the incident, he realizes the people in the truck are holding a woman hostage. The criminals then knock Agasa unconscious and takes him to an unknown location. Agasa contacts Conan through the detective badge and tells Conan to look for him near a pole where a person wearing blue is standing by. Conan realizing Agasa does not have his glasses deduces the blue clothed person is actually blue crow nets and is able to locate Agasa. The Detective Boys then apprehend the criminals and prevent the kidnapper from taking ransom money. 
8 "High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki's Case Files"
"Joshi Kōsein Tantei Suzuki Sonoko no Jikenbo" (女子高生探偵 鈴木園子の事件簿) 
Sonoko is writing a script for a play performed in a church. In her script, a murder case and high-school detective Suzuki Sonoko is there to help solve the case. Haibara finds flaws in the deduction section of the plot and Ran decides to call Shinichi for help with the script. Conan calls back as Shinichi suggesting the murder victim was holding his belt and pointing at a shadow of the 'E' in News, E being East, translates into Higashi which was the murderer's name. The purpose of the belt was to symbolize the belt on the murderer's watch which holds the fingerprints of the victim. On the day of the performance, Sonoko comes down with a cold, preventing her from playing the lead role and Ran plays the lead instead. 
9 "Stranger in 10 Years"
"10nen go no i Hōjin" (10年後の異邦人) 
Haibara reveals to Conan she has completed an antidote for the APTX 4869. Conan takes the pill and emerges as Shinichi. He notices things are strange when he could not find Haibara. Heading to school, Conan finds the Detective Boys as teenagers. He realizes that ten years has passed and that he is still known as Conan. Conan questions Haibara who reveals that ten years ago, Conan took the antidote too much and developed immunities to it. After five years he was unable to become Shinichi again. Conan realizes something is wrong with his memory and heads back to the Mouri agency. There he finds out from Sonoko that Ran was proposed to by Tomoaki Araide and she has yet to give an answer. He finds out Tomoaki proposed to two years ago but Ran delayed her answer, believing Shinichi would return. Sonoko reveals that Ran is waiting for Shinichi at their special place. Conan manages to find her at his house and reveals to Ran he is Shinichi. Ran does not believe him and reveals she declined Tomoaki's proposal and is willing to wait for Shinichi for another ten years. Conan suddenly wakes up and realizes he's back in the present. Haibara reveals the prototype antidote she made allowed him to stay as Shinichi for three hours and twenty minutes but he remained unconscious. Conan goes back to the Mouri agency and is glad he is still a young Conan. 
10 "Kid in Trap Island"   2010[14]
Phantom Thief Kid targets a diamonde called Artemis's Tear which is owned by Shinzou Nezu, the president of a luxurious hotel on a deserted island. After Kid manages to steal the gem and escape from Conan, the Detective Boys cause Kid to crash into the forest and consequently destroying his hanglider. In the forest, Kid undons his costume and tricks the Detective Boys into believing he is Shinichi and accompanies them on their hunt for Kid. Conan meanwhile notices that Nezu is suspiciously happy Kid escaped with his gem and follows him into the forest. In the forest, Kid notices that camera's are spying on them and realizes that the Artemis's Tear is a fake when Genta's breath condensates on the diamond. Kid explains the condensation from water disappears instantly on a real diamond but remained on the gem revealing it to be counterfeit. The group is then chased into a room in a cave by a wild boar where they discover the room where counterfeit gems and paintings are created. Nezu confronts the group and prepares to kill them only to be stopped by Conan. Conan reveals that Nezu was probably attempting to have Kid steal the fake gem in order to get money from the insurance company. After Kid examines the real Artemis's Tear in the moonlight, he returns the gem to Conan and leaves. That morning, Ran and the Detective Boys decide to search for Shinichi while elsewhere, Kid leaves the island by rowing his boat. 
11 "The Secret Order from London"
"Rondon Kara no hi Shirei" (ロンドンからの秘指令) 
While Agasa and Conan are on a trip to London, Haibara stays with Ayumi. The two go to a high-class supermarket in order to buy some ingredients for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and put on make-up before leaving due to Ayumi's insistence. Mitsuhiko receives a call of Conan urging him to prevent Haibara from going to Agasa's house. He then finds a picture of a child-actor from America with a strong resemblance to Haibara and assumes Conan's intent was to prevent her talent agents from finding her. He informs Genta and the two follow the girls, who are also followed by a man in a black suit, to the supermarket. Mitsuhiko's deductions go further, believing Haibara is an MI6 agent and the man in black is an American mafia. After confronting the man, he is revealed to be a talent agent scouting Haibara and Ayumi. Haibara goes to Agasa's house and discovers Agasa had been secretly importing peanut butter and jelly for himself. 

Magic File

Magic File no. Title Release date
1 "Detective Conan Magic File"
"Meitantei Conan Magic File" (名探偵コナン Magic File) 
April 11, 2007[2]
Consists of Detective Conan episodes 132, 133, 134 and 196. 
2 "Detective Conan Magic File 2 "Shinichi Kudo — The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Labrador""
"Meitantei Conan Magic File 2 ~Kudō Shinichi Nazo no Kabe to Kuro Rabu Jiken~" (名探偵コナンMagic File 2 ~工藤新一 謎の壁と黒ラブ事件~) 
April 19, 2008[16]
A man asks Shinichi if he could find a person to confirm his alibi. The man explains that on a Thursday morning his grandmother died and the police suspects that he killed her. The man explained at the time the murder occurred, a woman with a black lab saw him at the park. Shinichi learns from Ran that a woman with black labrador is always seen walking in the park every morning, but the problem is, the woman was passing behind the wall of the park. Yusaku helps Shinichi solve the case by handing him a violin. Shinichi realizes that the man really saw a woman walking with a black guitar case, which he misunderstood as a black labrador. After finding the woman and establishing the man's alibi, the real murderer is later caught. Ran, still angry with Shinichi, passes by a woman singing Amazing Grace and decides to forgive him. 
3 "Detective Conan Magic File 3 "Shinichi and Ran — The Memories from Mahjong pieces and Tanabata""
"Meitantei Conan Magic File 3 ~Shinichi to Ran・Maajan Pai to Tanabata no Omoide~" (名探偵コナン Magic File 3 ~新一と蘭・麻雀牌と七夕の思い出~) 
April 18, 2009[17]
While Kogoro plays Mahjong, Ran tells Conan about her Tanabata when she was young. In elementary school, Ran's class had to write a wish and hanged it on a bamboo. Ran wished for her mother's return while her classmate Daisuke insults Ran's family by calling them dysfunctional. Ran's mother returns to spend time with her during the Tanabata holidays to her delight and she receives a strange apology from Daisuke. Ran reveals to Conan that her mother returned after Shinichi and Daisuke showed her Ran's wish. During Kogoro's Mahjong game, a man leaves angrily exclaiming Kogoro is mocking him. Conan reveals that Kogoro's discard pile coincidentally states that the man's beautiful wife who is at a villa, is having an affair. Ran wonders why Daisuke helped Shinichi carry the bamboo to her mother. In the past, it is revealed that Shinichi bribed him with a picture of Ran whom he had a crush on. Later that day, the Detective Boys invite Conan to to hunt bugs with them, setting the event of Case Closed: The Raven Chaser into motion. 
4 "Detective Conan Magic File 4 "Osaka Okonomiyaki Odyssey""
"Meitantei Conan Magic File 4 ~Osaka Okonomiyaki Odessei~" (名探偵コナン Magic File 4 ~大阪お好み焼きオデッセイ~) 
April 17, 2010[3]
After the events of Case Closed: The Lost Ship in the Sky, Conan, Heiji, and Kazuha attempt to head to an okonomiyaki restaurant before Conan has to leave Osaka. After getting past a talkative neighbor, a group of students challenging Heiji's deduction abilities, and crossing a busy street, the three run into a woman who asks them to take care of her baby, Kaoru. After the women disappears for a long period of time, Heiji realizes that the baby wearing female clothing is actually a boy and deduces that the woman kidnapped the infant. The woman soon returns and explains she found her missing husband, Hikaru, and had to chase him down. Hikaru explains he left their home after learning he is not Kaoru's father. Conan and Heiji discerns the situation upon realizing the names Hikaru and Kaoru are also characters from the book The Tale of Genji. Heiji explains that the Hikaru must have overheard his wife say that in the book, Kaoru is not Hikaru Genji's son. After sorting out the misunderstanding, the three continue on their trip until Conan receives a phone call from Ran telling him they have to leave thirty minutes earlier than expected and thus forces Conan to leave without eating. 
5 "Detective Conan Magic File 2011 "The Niigata-Tokyo Souvenir Capriccio""
"Meitantei Conan Magic File 2011 ~Niigata ~ Tōkyō Omiyage Kapurichio~" (名探偵コナン Magic File 2011 ~新潟~東京 おみやげ狂騒曲~) 
April 16, 2011[18]
After returning home from their trip taking place in Case Closed: Quarter of Silence, the Detective Boys and Sonoko realize their gifts were switched. Heiji who is visiting Conan, goes over the returning trip in order to deduce when the switch occurred. After the retelling, Sonoko reveals she marked her box the moment she left the store and causes them to realize the souvenir shop owner mistakenly switched their gifts. As Heiji prepares to leave, he notices Kogoro and Ran's gift and exchanges the labels as a prank to Conan. 

Phantom Thief Kid specials

Title Original airdate
"Detective Conan Special: Secret of the Birth of Phantom Thief Kid"
"Meitantei Conan Supesharu 「Kaitō Kiddo Tanjou no Himitsu」" (名探偵コナンスペシャル 「怪盗キッド誕生の秘密」) 
April 24, 2010[4]
After being in remission for eight years, the Phantom Thief Kid suddenly makes a reappearance by robbing a jewelry store. The news about the theft spreads around the school of Kuroba Kaito, a prankster magician. When his friend Aoko Nakamori informs him that the Phantom Thief uses magic as well, Kaito decides to catch him, claiming that his tricks are the best. At home, Kaito finds a secret room which was timed to reveal itself on that day and discovers a room full of Phantom Thief Kid's equipments. Later that day, inspector Ginzo Nakamori, Aoko's father, learns that the Phantom Thief is targeting a jewel known as the Moon's Pupil and prepares an ambush at the jewel's location. Meanwhile, Kaito deduces that eight years ago is the same time, his father, Toichi Kuroba, died and suspects the original Phantom Thief was his father. To confirm that theory, he decides to don the Phantom Thief Kid costume to confront the current Kid. Kid manages to successfully steal the Moon's Pupil but is confronted by Kaito. The current Kid reveals that he is Jii Kounosuke, Toichi's servant who confirms that Toichi was the Phantom Thief Kid and also reveals that Touichi’s death eight years previous was the result of murder. Kaito decides to take over the role of Kid, and he and Jii escape from the police. Later the next day, as Kaito is admiring the Moon’s Pupil, Aoko comes and scares him with a fish which causes him to toss the Moon's Pupil into the air and fall into the fish's mouth. Consequently, Inspector Nakamori finds the jewel when he cooks the fish for dinner that night. 
"Detective Conan Special: Phantom Thief Kid's Summer Festival: Phantom Thief Kid's Busy Date"
"Meitantei Conan Natsu no Kaitō Kiddo Matsuri "Kaitō Kiddo no Isogashii Dēto"" (名探偵コナン 夏の怪盗キッド祭り 「怪盗キッドの忙しいデート」) 
August 6, 2011[5]
During Kaito's latest heist of the Angel Crown, a crown embedded with jewels, Nakamori sees his face and begins to suspect Kaito to be the Phantom Thief Kid. After failing to steal the crown, Kaito leaves behind a calling card announcing the time and date of his second attempt. Nakamori shares his suspicions with Aoko, who decides to take Kaito out on a date at Tropical Land on the day of Kid's heist to prove his innocence. Kaito, realizing Aoko's intentions, concludes he must use her to establish an alibi while also completing his heist to clear his name. While watching a movie, Kaito sneaks away and completes the heist while demonstrating his perfect disguise ability, throwing off Nakamori's suspicions. He returns to Aoko before she notices his disappearance who expresses relief Kaito was not Kid. 
"Detective Conan Special: Phantom Thief Kid's Summer Festival: The Magic the Princess-sama Loves"
"Meitantei Conan Natsu no Kaitō Kiddo Matsuri "Ōjo-sama wa Majikku ga o Suki"" (名探偵コナン 夏の怪盗キッド祭 「王女様はマジックがお好き」) 
August 13, 2011[5]
Princess Anne, a European princess, travels to Japan with Detective Delon. She announces she is hosting a party for magicians and publicly challenges Kid to steal her jeweled necklace, the Beaucoup de Soleil à Paris. Delon opts to capture Kid and removes Nakamori from the case. Nakamori, saddened by this, asks Kaito to help him enter the party so he could attempt to catch Kid before Delon does. After doing so, Kaito dons the disguise and uses Delon's inexperience to successfully enter the Princess' room. Anne reveals she is a big fan of the Phantom Thief and goes along with Kaito's plan allowing him to escape and gives Nakamori credit for foiling Kid's heist. 
"Phantom Thief Kid Special: The Witch That Sheds no Tears"
"Kaitō Kiddo Supesharu "Majo wa Namida o Kobosanai"" (怪盗キッドスペシャル  「魔女は涙をこぼさない」) 
September 24, 2011[19]
The witch Akako Koizumi, using her magic mirror, learns that the Phantom Thief Kid is the only male in the world immune to her charms. She transfers to Kaito's school and deduces his identity when she fails to charm him on Valentine's Day. Akako decides to confront Kid on his next heist and uses her magic to predict the time and location. Kaito escapes Akako's attempts at his life but is trapped by a magic circle atop Tokyo Tower. She demands Kaito into eating her chocolate which will enslave his will to her but is freed when the snow disrupts the magic circle. Nakamori, under the influence of Akako's magic, attempts to shoot Kid but hits a gas tank causing an explosion and knocking Akako off the tower. Kaito saves her, convincing her enslaving him through magic is wrong, and departs. 
"Phantom Thief Kid Special: The Fated Blue Birthday"
"Kaitō Kiddo Supesharu "Unmei no Burū Bāsudē"" (怪盗キッドスペシャル 「運命のブルーバースデー」) 
October 29, 2011[20]
After a successful heist, Kid receives a phone call from a payphone and is told to stop stealing gems. At school, Kaito promises Aoko he will attend her birthday party, which is on the same day as his heist for the gem known as the Blue Birthday. Kaito succeeds but is met by an organization and learns that they are the cause of his father's death. After seemingly killed, the organization steal the Blue Birthday and departs. Kaito follows them and learns the organization are searching for an immortality granting jewel known as Pandora which resides in a large gemstone and can only be found if shone in the moonlight. After determining the Blue Birthday is not the gem they are looking for, Kaito threatens to find and destroy Pandora before they can find it. Unable to make it to Aoko's birthday in time, Kaito rigs an apartment complex's lights to spell out Happy Birthday Aoko. Elsewhere, the organization contacts their boss who decides to hire the Magician known as Spider to counter Kid. 

Secret File releases

The Shōnen Sunday Original Animation series were released yearly since 2000 with nine animations released as of March 2010. Shogakukan later collected the nine animations and released them into four DVD compilations titled Secret Files.[1]

Shogakukan (Japan, Region 2 DVD)
Secret File Vol.# Episodes Release date Ref.
Volume 1 OVA 1–3 March 24, 2006 [21]
Volume 2 OVA 4–5 March 24, 2006 [22]
Volume 3 OVA 6–7 April 4, 2008 [23]
Volume 4 OVA 8–9 April 9, 2010 [24]


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