1912 in film

The year 1912 in film involved some significant events.



*Mack Sennett, who had previously worked as an actor and comedy director with D. W. Griffith, formed a new company with New York City entrepreneur Adam Kessel called Keystone Studios. It would play an important role in developing slapstick comedy as the home to the Keystone Kops, English actor Charlie Chaplin, and others.
*July 26 - Edison Studios releases "What Happened to Mary?", the first ever motion picture serial.
* October 31 - "The Musketeers of Pig Alley", directed by D.W. Griffith, debuts as the first gangster film.
* Edison introduces the Home Kinetoscope, a home film-projector which uses a 22 mm print consisting of three rows of frames.
* Pathe releases Pathe Kok, their first entry into the amateur market, with a gauge of 28 mm.
* Alexander F. Victor improves on the 17.5 mm format with his Duoscope, which uses two center perforations instead of the typical one.

Films released in 1912

*"All for a Girl"
*"At the Foot of the Ladder"
*"Aurora Floyd"
*"Baby Hands"
*"The Bandit of Tropico"
*"A Battle of Wits"
*"Beautiful Leukanida"
*"The Belle of Bar-Z Ranch"
*"A Business Buccaneer"
*"The Cameraman's Revenge"
*"Cleopatra (1912 film)"
*"Conductor 786"
*"The County Fair"
*"Conquest of the Pole"
*"The Deserter"
*"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
*"Frankfurters and Quail"
*"From the Manger to the Cross"
*"Geronimo's Last Raid"
*"The Half-Breed's Way"
*"How a Mosquito Operates"
*"In Nacht und Eis"
*"The Independence of Romania: The first Romanian feature film to last two hours.
*"It Happened Thus"
*"Keystone Comedy"
*"The Land Beyond the Sunset"
*"The Little Girl Next Door"
*"Mabel's Lovers"
*"Maud Muller"
*"Das Mirakel"
*"The Musketeers of Pig Alley"
*"A New Cure for Divorce"
*"The New York Hat"
*"The Old Actor"
*"Oliver Twist": The first American feature film to last over an hour.
*"Petticoat Camp"
*"Pilgrim's Progress"
*"Please Help the Pore"
*"The Power of Melody"
*"A Primitive Man's Career to Civilization"
*"Put Yourself in His Place"
*"Richard III"
*"Saved From the Titanic"
*"A Six Cylinder Elopement"
*"Standing Room Only"
*"The Street Singer"
*"The Tell-Tale Message"
*"The Thunderbolt"
*"An Unseen Enemy"
*"The Voice of Conscience"
*"What Happened to Mary?", starring Mary Fuller.
*"When the Fire Bells Rang"
*"With Our King and Queen Through India"
*"With the Mounted Police"
*"The Young Millionaire"


*February 3 - Mary Carlisle, actress
*February 19 - Saul Chaplin, film composer (d. 1997)
*February 21 - Arline Judge, actress (d. 1974)
*February 26 - Dane Clark, actor (d. 1998)
*March 22 - Karl Malden, actor
*April 8 - Sonja Henie, Olympic ice-skater, actress (d. 1969)
*April 18 - Wendy Barrie, actress (d. 1978)
*May 9 - Pedro Armendáriz, actor (d. 1963)
*May 18 - Perry Como, singer, actor (d. 2001)
*May 23 - Marius Goring, actor (d. 1998)
*May 23 - John Payne (I), actor (d. 1989)
*May 29 - Iris Adrian, actress (d. 1994)
*June 26 - Jay Silverheels, actor ("Tonto") (d. 1980)
*July 4 - Viviane Romance, actress (d. 1991)
*July 5 - Ilona Massey, actress (d. 1974)
*August 2 - Ann Dvorak, actress (d. 1979)
*August 15 - Wendy Hiller, actress (d. 2003)
*August 23 - Gene Kelly, actor (d. 1996)
*August 29 - Barry Sullivan, actor (d. 1974)
*September 5 - Kristina Söderbaum, actress (d. 2001)
*September 21 - Chuck Jones, animator (d. 2002)
*September 23 - Martha Scott, actress (d. 2003)
*September 29 - Michelangelo Antonioni, director (d. 2007)
*October 31 - Dale Evans, actress (d. 2001)
*November 21 - Eleanor Powell, dancer, actress (d. 1982)
*November 24 - Garson Kanin, writer (d. 1999)
*December 11 - Carlo Ponti, producer (d. 2007)

Film Debuts

* John Barrymore


* (unknown)

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