1916 in film

1916 in film

The year 1916 in film involved some significant events.



* October 17 - A Daughter of the Gods released - first US production with a million dollar budget also credited with first ever nude scene by a major star.
* November 19 - Samuel Goldfish (later renamed Samuel Goldwyn) and Edgar Selwyn establish Goldwyn Company (the company later became one of the most successful independent filmmakers).
* 11 mm, an amateur film gauge, appears on the market.

Top grossing films

# "Intolerance", directed by D.W. Griffith, starring Lillian Gish, Constance Talmadge
# "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(1916 film)"
# "The Innocent Lie"
# "Hulda From Holland"

Films released in 1916

* "A Daughter of the Gods", starring Annette Kellerman
* "The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring", directed by Francis Ford and Jacques Jaccard, starring Grace Cunard
* "Alsace"
* "The Americano"
* "The Battle of the Somme"
* "Behind the Screen", directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin
* "La Bohème", by Albert Capellani (see disambiguation)
* "Cenere"
* "Civilization", directed by Reginald Barker and Walter Edwards, starring Howard C. Hickman and Enid Markey
* "The Curse of Quon Gwon"
* "The Count", directed by and starring, Charlie Chaplin
* "Energetic Eva", starring Eva Tanguay
* "Hell's Hinges", directed by Charles Swickard and William S. Hart, starring William S. Hart
* "Hoodoo Ann", starring Mae Marsh and Robert Harron
* "Hulda From Holland", starring Mary Pickford
* "The Innocent Lie", starring Mary Pickford
* "Intolerance", directed by D.W. Griffith, starring Lillian Gish, Constance Talmadge
* "Judex", directed by Louis Feuillade, starring Musidora
* "A Life for a Life"
* "Lights of New York", directed by Van Dyke Brooke, starring Leah Baird and Walter McGrail
* "Oliver Twist", starring Marie Doro
* "One A.M.", directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin
* "The Phantom of the Opera"
* "Seventeen"
* "Ultus and the Grey Lady" by George Pearson
* "Where Are My Children?", directed by Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber, starring Tyrone Power, Sr. and Juan de la Cruz

hort film series

*"Broncho Billy Anderson" (1910–1916)
*"Harold Lloyd" (1913–1921)
*"Charlie Chaplin" (1914–1923)


*January 3 - Betty Furness, actress, consumer activist (d. 1994)
*January 3 - Maxene Andrews, singer, actress, member of Andrews Sisters (d. 1995)
*January 4 - Lionel Newman, composer (d. 1989)
*February 14 - Masaki Kobayashi, director (d. 1996)
*February 26 - Jackie Gleason, actor (d. 1987)
*February 29 - Dinah Shore, singer, actress, television presenter (d. 1994)
*March 17 - Mercedes McCambridge, actress (d. 2004)
*March 26 - Sterling Hayden, actor (d. 1986)
*April 5 - Gregory Peck, actor (d 2003)
*May 1 -Glenn Ford, actor (d. 2006)
*May 16 - Adriana Caselotti, singer, voice actress (d. 1997)
*June 12 - Irwin Allen, director, producer (d. 1991)
*June 14 - Dorothy McGuire, actress (d. 2001)
*June 23 - Irene Worth, actress (d. 2002)
*July 27 - Keenan Wynn, actor (d. 1986)
*July 1 - Olivia de Havilland, actress
*August 25 - Van Johnson, actor
*August 27 - Martha Raye, actress (d. 1994)
*September 13 - Dick Haymes, actor (d. 1980)
*September 15 - Margaret Lockwood, actress (d. 1990)
*September 18 - Rossano Brazzi, actor (d. 1994)
*November 20 - Evelyn Keyes, actress (d. 2008)
*December 9 - Kirk Douglas, actor
*December 18 - Betty Grable, actress (d. 1973)
*December 28 - Peter Finch, actor (d. 1977)


* January 17 - Arthur V. Johnson, screen actor
* September 17 - Arthur Hoops, stage & screen actor
* October 6 - Henry Woodruff, stage & screen actor

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