1920 in film

1920 in film

The year 1920 in film involved some significant events.



* November 27 - "The Mark of Zorro", starring Douglas Fairbanks opens.

Top grossing films

# "Way Down East" - directed by D.W. Griffith
# "Over the Hill to the Poorhouse" - directed by Harry F. Millarde
# "Shipwrecked Among Cannibals"
# "Polyanna"
# "The Mark of Zorro"
#"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
# "The Round-Up"
# "Double Speed"
# "Excuse My Dust"

Films released in 1920

*"Algol", starring Emil Jannings
*"Anna Boleyn", directed by Ernst Lubitsch
*"The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", starring Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt and Lil Dagover.
*"Convict 13", a Buster Keaton short
*"The Common Sin", starring Rod La Rocque and Nita Naldi
*"The Girl in Number 29", directed by John Ford
*"" ("Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam"), starring and directed by Paul Wegener
*"Die Todeskarawane", starring Dora Gerson and Bela Lugosi
*"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", starring John Barrymore
*"Haunted Spooks", starring Harold Lloyd
*"Herr och fru Stockholm, starring Greta Garbo
*"High and Dizzy", starring Harold Lloyd
*"Huckleberry Finn"
*"The Last of the Mohicans", starring Wallace Beery
*"Love, Honor, and Behave", starring George O'Hara and Marie Prevost
*"The Mark of Zorro", starring Douglas Fairbanks
*"The $1,000,000 Reward"
*"Neighbors" a Buster Keaton short
*"One Week", a Buster Keaton short
*"Over the Hill to the Poorhouse"
*"The Penalty", starring Lon Chaney
*"Pollyanna", starring Mary Pickford -(film only mentioned in article)
*"The Saphead", starring Buster Keaton
*"The Scarecrow", a Buster Keaton short
*"Shipwrecked Among Cannibals" documentary film
*"Stolen Moments", starring Rudolph Valentino
*"Way Down East", starring Lillian Gish
*"Within Our Gates", directed by Oscar Micheaux, starring Evelyn Preer

hort film series

*"Harold Lloyd" (1913-1951)
*"Charlie Chaplin" (1914-1960s
*"Buster Keaton" (1917-1941)

Animated short film series

*"Felix the Cat" (1919-1930)
*"Koko the Clown" (1919-1934)


*January 20 - Federico Fellini, film director (d. 1993)
*January 20 - DeForest Kelley, actor (d. 1993)
*January 27 - John Box, production designer, four-time Oscar winner (d. 2005)
*January 30 - Delbert Mann, director
*February 11 - Billy Halop, actor (d. 1976)
*February 26 - Tony Randall, actor (d. 2004)
*March 16 - Leo McKern, actor (d. 2002)
*April 1 - Toshiro Mifune, actor (d. 1997)
*April 2 - Jack Webb, actor (d. 1982)
*May 11 - Denver Pyle, actor (d. 1997)
*May 16 - Martine Carol, actress (d. 1967)
*May 26 - Peggy Lee, singer, songwriter, actress (d. 2002)
*June 18 - Ian Carmichael, English stage, film and television actor
*June 29 - Ray Harryhausen, producer, visual effects artist
*August 6 - Ella Raines, actress (d. 1988)
*August 17 - Maureen O'Hara, actress
*August 18 - Shelley Winters, actress (d. 2006)
*August 22 - Ray Bradbury, writer
*September 18 - Jack Warden, actor (d. 2006)
*September 23 - Mickey Rooney, actor
*September 27 - William Conrad, actor (d. 1994)
*September 27 - Jayne Meadows, actress
*October 1 - Walter Matthau, actor (d. 2000)
*October 13 - Laraine Day, actress (d. 2008)
*October 17 - Montgomery Clift, actor (d. 1966)
*October 18 - Melina Mercouri, actress (d. 1994)
*October 21 - Hy Averback, actor (d. 1997)
*October 22 - Mitzi Green, actress (d. 1969)
*October 27 - Nanette Fabray, actress
*November 2 - Ann Rutherford, actress
*November 10 - Jennifer Holt, actress (d. 1997)
*November 19 - Gene Tierney, actress (d. 1991)
*November 25 - Ricardo Montalban, actor
*November 30 - Virginia Mayo, actress (d. 2005)
*December 29 - Viveca Lindfors, actress (d. 1995)
*December 30 - Jack Lord, actor (d. 1998)
*December 31Rex Allen, American cowboy actor, singer (d. 1999)

Film Debuts

* Humphrey Bogart
* Claude Rains
* Otis Skinner
* Cornelia Otis Skinner

Notable deaths

* February 4 Leo Delaney, 35, silent film actor

* February 11 Gaby Deslys 38, actress

* April 25 Clarine Seymour 21 American actress

* May 22 Hal Reid 59 American actor & director(father of Wallace)

* June 14 Gabrielle Rejane 64 stage & film actress

* August 2 Ormer Locklear 29 American stunt flier.

* September 5 Robert Harron 27 American actor

* September 10 Olive Thomas 25 American actress

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